A Day in the Life of Rip van Winkel

I am really, really, really confused.  I took a nap yesterday and when I woke up I was in the “Socialist States of America”!  WTF?!?!

  • The Democrats don’t see a need for publishing the Revised, Revised, Revised Health Care Reform bill.  Did I hear that correctly?  Even 72 hours prior to a vote?  Doesn’t matter which side of this issue you are on.  You have to admit that this is fundamentally wrong.
  • AARP – oh, boy…I just came across their September 2009 issue of AARP Bulletin. The main story entitled “The Hype, The Lies, THE FACTS cites FactCheck.org and a Harvard (you know, the Alma Mater of Barack Obama) Professor as two of their primary sources of “THE FACTS”.  Just to give you an idea of the bent of this article, here are some excerpts:
    • “…Could the rumor mongering affect the outcome?  Recent violent interruptions at lawmakers’ town hall meetings suggest it might…”

    Violent interruptions?  Oh, yeah…the tear gas, dogs, police batons…I remember that.  NOT!!!!!!

    • “…Q. Will the government take over health care so we end up with socialized medicine?  No.  Neither the president nor the congressional committees have suggested anything remotely resembling government takeover of health care…”

    Okay, okay…here’s the really funny part.

    • “…Obama has specifically rejected the idea of a ‘single payer’ system, like Canada’s, in which the government insures all citizens…”

    Oh Goddess!  That’s rich!

    • “…Q. Will the government ration care?  No.  But the specter of ‘rationing’ is the battle cry of reform opponents…”

    What AARP fails to mention is that, although it may not be the intent of this Administration to ration care, the cost of a program as large as this may force their hand.  We may not see it in our lifetime, but our children may be faced with it down the road.

  • Why is AARP permitted to issue an article such as this (filled with opinion and interpretation, as well as some facts), yet Humana has been told to shut up?  Isn’t AARP in effect an insurance company?  They advertise AARP Health Care Options with a disclaimer that they are not the insurer.  However, they are paid a fee by United HealthCare Insurance Company for the use of their trademark and other services.  Same difference as far as I am concerned.  When will they be told to shut up?
  • I want to know why it is sooo important to pass some form of Health Care Reform Bill prior to the Columbus Day recess.  What is Congress afraid of?  Oooh, Oooh!!!  Pick me!  Pick me!  I know the answer!  Because their sorry butts will most likely be out of office come 2010!!!!! They want their names on this piece of crap so their grandchildren know who screwed up America.

A Lee-surely Town Hall Meeting in Texas?

At a town hall meeting in Texas, Congresswoman Jackson-Lee decided it was far more important to take a call on her cell phone than listen to the question being posed to her by a cancer patient.  No big deal, you say?

Imagine this.  An EMT arrives at your home in response to a medical emergency.  A family member has suffered cardiac arrest.  As he is preparing to apply the defibrillator paddles to your loved one’s chest, his cell phone rings.  “Oops, gotta take this…Hi!…Yes, Daddy’s working….You did what?  Good girl!”  Covering the mouthpiece with his hand, he states “My daughter just pooped in the toilet for the first time!”  “Sure, honey, Daddy is listening…”

Or this.  You are anxiously awaiting the results of a biopsy you had done on a lump found in your breast.  You have had many sleepless nights wondering if you will have to undergo Chemo, have a radical mastectomy.  Each night you pray that it will come back negative for cancer.  Sitting in the Oncologist’s office waiting for the doctor is torture.  She walks in with your test results and lays them on her desk.  You feel like you are going to burst!  Then, her cell phone rings.  “Hold on, I have to take this call…Hey…Yes I had great time last night…Me, too…mmm hmm…The food was delicious.  Oh, and so were you, Doug…”

Extreme, you say?  Not at all the same as a Congresswoman taking a call during a meeting?  How about when that Congresswoman holds the future of your health care in her hands?  If this is an example of the lack of concern our elected officials have for something as important as our health, I am more afraid than I was before.  (And, Congresswoman Jackson-Lee, let me say this to you.  Honey, you can call it “multi-tasking” all you want.  I call it downright rude.)

None of it matters anyway.  The Health Care Reform bill will pass…without a vote by the citizens whose lives will be affected…just like the Stimulus bill, Cap & Trade and every other piece of crap Obama has thrown at Congress in the middle of the night.  It will go unread.  Oh, they may change a word or two to make it sound less ominous. But, it will pass.

Obama wants this, Pelosi wants this and the Democrats want this.  Like the song says “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…”

Move over “Slick Willy”…here comes “Slippery Specter”

I am watching a town hall meeting streaming live from Pennsylvania.  Arlen Specter (D-PA) is taking questions from the “Organized Mob” of “un-American” “Astro-turf” radicals.  Not to mention that they are only there because they hate that a black man is President.  What a brave soul.

His sound guy (who looks as though he could take on the entire defense of the New York Giants) has been vigilantly controlling the microphone, protecting the defenseless Senator from this room full of crazed individuals.  What a guy!

One of the questions pertained to medical coverage for illegal immigrants.  Arlen stated that he would not vote for a bill that included health care benefits for illegals.  This drew applause from some in the audience.  Ahem, uh, this is technically true.  You see, Specter and his cronies are in favor of legislation that would give amnesty to illegals.  So, technically, there would be no illegal immigrants because they would all be given a free pass to citizenship if many members of Congress have their way.

Not that they don’t already have more rights and opportunities than some true American citizens.

A very calm, collected woman asked Arlen about Section 1233 and the possibility that end-of-life counseling would include euthanasia.  Specter pointed his finger as though berating a child for drawing on the living room wall, raised his voice and said (I am paraphrasing here) “There is no such provision in this bill.  That is a lie!  People are spreading rumors!!!”…blah, blah, BLAH.  Kudos, Arlen.  You turned the tables on those damned radicals and you told them! Didn’tcha.

This being said, I have now dubbed the Senator from Pennsylvania “Slippery Specter”.