If I were a Pit Bull I’d be Embarrassed, too!

I really hate to admit when I am wrong, but I was definitely wrong.

I voted for John McCain.  The thing is I admire and respect the man for his service to our country, his years spent at the “Hanoi Hilton” and many of the things he has done in the Senate.  He is a true Patriot and no one can take that away from him.  What I don’t admire or respect is the way his campaign staff has handled the Presidential Election aftermath.  And, I really don’t understand why he hasn’t told them to shut the hell up!  Come on, Senator, let’s put an end to the agony.

My second mistake was trusting that he knew what he was doing when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.  I didn’t want to believe that she was a last grasp for some form of a brass ring when the carousel horses were clearly facing left.

I supported her, even thought she was funny…the first time.  Then it got old.  Real fast.  Now I just want her to muster up some degree of dignity and go buh-bye.

I still believe the media gave her a hard time because of her political affiliations.  I hate to see anyone go through that.  But, those views are based on compassion for another human being, not a political leaning.  I still believe that the media was on a mission to get Obama into office, not for any other reason than they tend to lean toward the left (and I am being kind in my understatement).

Sarah, hon, you need to STOP running for a higher office and pay attention to Alaska.  You need to ignore people like John Kerry (I mean, look at him, poor guy can’t get any attention unless he is bashing someone else), David Letterman and all of the others.  Grow up.  The more you attempt to rebut, the more they will attack.  You know, my Nana always told me if someone is screaming in your face, simply smile and walk away.

So, put on your lipstick, smile your prettiest smile and get over it.  My friend’s pit bull is really tired of having to go out incognito.