Talk about Yer “Fishy Disinformation”

Worth more than a child's future?

Worth more than a child's future?

I was very moved by a special report Sean Hannity did on Fox last night.  The government has determined that the fish pictured at the left are more important than one human life.

Are you sick yet?

And, this is not a right or left issue.  Paul Rodriguez (famous comedian) voted for Obama.  If memory serves me correctly, he campaigned for Obama.  Even though Mr. Rodriguez has respect for the office Obama holds, his disillusionment with the current state of affairs in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley of California was obvious.

If you have not yet heard this story, Pelosi and Miller supported a measure to turn off the water supply to hundreds of farms in California in order to re-route the Delta Smelt.  In case you didn’t hear me, they supported a measure to turn off the water supply to hundreds of farms!!!!! The Delta Smelt has been put on the Endangered Species List, which allows Federal Government interference in local politics.  FYI, the smelt are a source of food for the Pacific Salmon.  This was done to appease the Salmon fishing industry.  I guess the Salmon Fishermen are stronger supporters of the Democrats than the farmers in Southern California.

Many farms have gone belly-up, many more are on the brink.  People who have supplied much of our fresh fruits,vegetables and nuts (90% of the Almonds grown in the United States come from the San Joaquin Valley) for generations are now standing on line to receive food stamps.  The migrant workers hired by the San Joaquin farmers have found themselves jobless.  I thought the Left loved their migrant workers.  Obviously not so much.

What I want to know is why this story is only now coming to the forefront.  Why have these people suffered unnoticed for months?  How is the government able to use the Endangered Species Act time and time and time again to suit their personal agendas?   How can we allow this kind of abuse of power to go on?

Who’s next?  Will I turn on my faucet tomorrow and find that I have no water because the cows raised on this ranch fart too much?  I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it may come down to that.  We did have a passing issue with the local government over some jumping mouse that I have never seen.  Thankfully, clearer heads prevailed.

How dare Nancy Pelosi go on television and CRY because people are talking smack to each other over Health Care Reform, yet keep a dry eye and a smile on her face when thousands of her constituents have been left destitute!  How does this woman sleep at night?  Where is the support for these farmers?  I don’t see the kind of rage being displayed by the Left that was shown for the GM workers.  I don’t hear Obama calling Pelosi a “jackass” for allowing this to happen.  Hmmm, if the farmers and laborers made a catchy video and put it on VH1 do you think we might get him to pay attention?

Are you sick YET!?!?

Picky, picky, picky…

Correct me if I’m wrong (oh, silly me.  I know you will!), but didn’t we just go through a whole “Minutemen are evil, rotten vigilantes with too much time on their hands and too much hate in their hearts” thingy?  I mean, the poor illegal immigrants just wanted a place to live and a steady income to support their families back in Mexico, right?  Besides, we Americans were just too fat and lazy to do the jobs they are willing to do.  Heck, we felt SO bad that we even let them have a couple of GM plants to help their economy.  Besides, the border violence is our own damned fault because our gun laws are too liberal.

Well…how come the government is now asking for volunteers from the National Guard to patrol the border between Mexico and the U.S.?  Hello?  Is there anyone in Washington, DC who can explain this?  Why – if the borders aren’t as bad as we thought and, well, the illegals are just fun loving family guys – do we need a volunteer Border Patrol?  And an unarmed one at that?  What good are they gonna do?  I can see it now… “Hey, dude.  I wouldn’t climb that fence if I were you.  Yo, hey DUDE!!!  You know, that’s just not right, man.  I’m tellin’ ”

Come ON, people.  This borders (no pun intended) on the ridiculous!  I can see soooo many Saturday Night Live routines coming from this one.

By the way, congrats to the Senate Democrats on achieving their filibuster-proof majority.  But, dude, Al Franken? Seriously?

Pssst…Hey, Honey…Wanna Hummer?

Do you feel rich this morning?  Did you reach into the pocket of your second-hand jeans and pull out a wad of cash?  Funny, neither did I…

We should, considering that we are now the proud majority owners of the largest manufacturing entity in the world! Or are we? Who is really benefitting from the “purchase” of Government Motors?  Hold on…I know this one…just a sec…Uhm, is it the Obama Administration and the GM Executives?!?!?  Give the lady a CEE-GAR!!!

Obama benefits by getting one step closer to “Socializing” America and the GM Execs get to skate out of a pretty dicey situation none the worse for wear.  Betcha Obama is a tad pissy this morning cuz he didn’t score a triple play…Ford has chosen to stand on its own two feet.  However, Ford better have eyes built into the back of their F150’s because the competition will be coming at them with an advertising budget (and a spokesperson) the likes of which they have never seen.  Oh, wait…the competition will be driving hybrid 4-bangers.  Maybe Ford has nothing to worry about after all…

I have a few questions for the “brain trust” who engineered this debacle:

  1. If the American taxpayers are the majority owners of GM, why are we not privy to the details of the potential sales of Hummer, SAAB and Saturn?  What is this “undisclosed buyer” crap?
  2. My husband is a tow truck driver, not a tow compact hybrid vehicle driver.  Chevy is probably the Number One manufacturer of medium-duty trucks in the world.  Are you going to kill that, too?
  3. Barack, remember that little promise you made during the campaign about saving or creating 500,000 American jobs during your administration?  Huh?  I do.
  4. You’re not going to screw with NASCAR, are you?

Waving “Good-bye” to Hope…

It’s done.  As of  0804 est General Motors is in Chapter 11.

I would like to put a personal face on this debacle.  My husband started working for GM in 1978.  He worked in the same plant (Grand Blanc Metal Fab on Dort Highway) for 25 years.  In 2003 he took a “voluntary quit” so that he could protect his pension.  You see, things have been going down hill for General Motors for much longer than people realize.

I have bitten my tongue for about a year now (no, seriously, I can be quiet when I want to) as the media has lambasted the Union Members.  I have listened to ridiculous claims that they were being paid anywhere between $75 and $125 an hour versus $40/hour for Toyota employees.  Really?  Show me.

Show his cousin (who put in 30 years) the huge bank account he is supposed to have.  Show his Aunt the hidden funds that will save her house from foreclosure.  How about another cousin who saw the value of his home go from $125,000 to about $40,000 in 12 months because Flint has become a freakin’ ghost town.  How about the next door neighbor who lost his job, then his home and watched as his property was offered to the owners of the adjoining properties for less than $100.

A lot of the things reported on the news are just slightly accurate.  I am not up on the precise details of the property owned by the UAW (you know, the country club-style oasis that everyone seems to be getting their panties in a bunch over).  All I know is that it was presented to the members as a place that union members and their families could go to on vacations to camp, fish, relax, etc.  It was then changed to a place where union members could go to attend seminars, etc.  Finally, it became the exclusive playground of the UAW elite.  Regular dues-paying members were not invited.

I could go on and on about some of the things GM Management has done to get around contractual agreements with the men and women who worked like dogs for them.  These things were done well within the letter of the law, mind you…but I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I had pulled some of the crap they did.  One instance I can recall was when my husband submitted a “suggestion” to save GM money.  “Suggestions” were taken into consideration by the plant management and GM Corporate.  If an employee’s “suggestion” was used, the employee could be entitled to a percentage of the money GM saved, up to (if I recall correctly) about $20,000.  Well, his “suggestion” was rejected and he was given a $25.00 check for taking the time to submit it.  Okay.  Well, 3 months later he watched as they used his “suggestion” exactly as he had laid it out to them.  It ended up saving the plant a couple-hundred thousand dollars.  When he approached them with his complaint he was told that since he accepted the $25.00 thank-you check, that was to be considered payment and that he could make no further claim for monies.

I am so tired of hearing how the event that took place this morning is mainly the fault of the UAW members.  No it isn’t.  It is mainly the fault of the UAW elite and GM’s higher-ups.