Fleed, Flied, Flewed…

At the beginning of the NSA Whistleblower story, I supported Edward Snowden’s release of information regarding the government hoarding of gazillions of pieces of information from private citizens’ personal emails, cell phones, etc.  To that extent, I still support him.

Not only is the facility in Utah a gigantic waste of our taxpayer dollars, but it is creepy at a level far beyond anything Orwell ever imagined.  Add to that the drone program which will (paraphrasing) never, ever, ever be used against American citizens within our own borders and the creepiness reaches nearly incomprehensible levels.

I just want to know “Why Hong Kong?”  “Why Russia?”  If you believe in what you are doing with all your heart, and have the welfare of your fellow Americans first and foremost in your mind, why not follow regular channels under the protection of the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989.  Because, whether he was aware of it or not, he can’t.

“Generally, current employees, former employees, or applicants for employment to positions in the executive branch of government in both the competitive and the excepted service, as well as positions in the Senior Executive Service, are considered covered employees. However, those positions that are excepted from the competitive service because of their ‘confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating character,’ and any positions exempted by the President based on a determination that it is necessary and warranted by conditions of good administration, are not protected by the whistleblower statute. Moreover, the statute does not apply to federal workers employed by the Postal Service or the Postal Rate Commission, the Government Accountability Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, the National Security Agency, and any other executive entity that the President determines primarily conducts foreign intelligence or counter-intelligence activities” (WPA of 1989).

I do not know if Snowden is just naïve or doesn’t give a damn, but it seems as though he has no protection available to him under this Act.  Basically, he is “A Man without a Country”.   If he comes back to America, he will be charged with espionage (at the very least).  Putin seems not to care where he goes – as long as it isn’t Russia.  Although, I would not put it past Vlad to offer him up like a roast suckling pig in exchange for one or two of their spies currently being held in the US.  Who knows what China thinks.  I guess if they wanted him, he would be in Beijing right now – not an airport in Moscow.

There are a few little totalitarian nations who would love to have the “American Whistleblower” so they could parade him around and show the world how evil America is.  Snowden would be treated like a King…for about a minute and a half.   Then it would come down to a game of “Let’s Make a Deal” with the US either on the part of Snowden or the dictator of whatever inconsequential country he lands in.  Does Edward Snowden realize that he has about 45 seconds left of his 15 minutes of fame?  Unless he stole secrets that could blow the lid off of our intelligence-gathering network, he has nothing more to offer.

This is why I chose to wait and not give my opinion until the dust settled.  I was all warm and fuzzy towards the guy because this story vindicated President Bush to an extent, and exposed Barry as the kind of dude who talks out of both sides of his ass.  Not that we weren’t already aware of that charming trait.  “’The number of authorizations the Justice Department received to use these devices [pen register and tap & trace] on individuals’ email and network data increased 361% between 2009 and 2011,’ the ACLU said” (Breitbart.com).

Now I am a little more cold and prickly.  Edward Snowden managed to capture the hearts of many in the nation for revealing the extent to which government control over our lives under the Anointed One has spread.  Perhaps this was the “look over here – not over there” part of his plan.  I suspect his goal is to damage our trust in our own government (although they’ve done a good job of that themselves), weaken our stance in the eyes of the world (Barry beat him to it, though) and live in a country where he is considered a hero and not just an everyday schlub high school dropout in a semi-boring government job.  If my suspicions are true,  Eddie will soon find out that it is better to be a free schlub than a captive former hero who is of no value to those who will soon control his life.

Follow the RED Brick Road

Never being one to adhere to convention, when watching The Wizard of Oz as a child I always wondered where the Red Brick Road led.  I imagined that the horrors found on the Yellow path might have paled in comparison to those along the Red.

red brick road

As a “grown up in physical age only” (GUPAO), I find myself comparing the adventures of Dorothy and Toto on their mission to find the Wizard to the power of the current administration to deflect our attention from their true intentions.  Those she met along the way were either a) inherently evil; b) lacking empathy; c) unable to think without directions from a more “educated” or charismatic being; or d) fearful of speaking out against the abuses of power that grab at your gut and alert you to the dangers of usurping the true meaning of the Constitution.  The only good character spoke in riddles and did not reveal the knowledge she held until after they had been through hell and back.  Or Dorothy just chose not to listen to reason because she was awed by the pomp and circumstance, seduced by the Emerald City at the end of the road.

Of course, Dorothy did not begin her journey along the Yellow Brick Road without encouragement and testimonials from those gathered in the town square.  There was the Lollypop Guild (Union), The Lullaby League (an organization dedicated to lull her into a sense of security), various politicians, and the Main Stream Media (town crier).  All appeared to toe the party line.

What if Dorothy had decided that the information being fed to her in rapid fire confusion just did not sit right?  What if she chose her own path – the Red Brick Road?  Let’s suppose that a journey along that road began with a pocket Constitution and a print-out of the Declaration of Independence.  Of course, the villagers would walk away, shaking their heads in disgust.  Dorothy and Toto would be outcasts in a land of “group think”.

So, in choosing the path of free thought, freedom to worship whomever whenever you choose and the right to protect one’s self and his/her family, Dorothy set off with the belief that she was a free individual who could survive without government assistance or intervention.  This would prove to be more difficult than she imagined.


The first attempt by the “Yellow Brick Roaders” (YBRs) to dissuade her from continuing was to play upon her familial responsibilities.  If Dorothy remained on her current course, and others followed her lead, who would pay for Obamacare?  Oh, Secretary Sebelius was doing okay with her fundraising efforts, but the tax dollars earned from the family farm were necessary, too.  Dorothy could be condemning Auntie Em to a life without food stamps, Medicare, Social Security and responsible physicians to evaluate when care for Auntie Em was no longer fiscally viable.  How dare she!  But, Dorothy knew her aunt quite well and ignored the ploy to cajole her to turn back towards the road to dependence upon government.

Along the Red Brick Road, Dorothy noticed people working hard, communities that supported each other and an overriding belief that the Constitution is the law of the land.  The YBRs would have none of that.  They unleashed their most feared weapon upon Dorothy and the villagers – the IRS…

witch and flying monkey

Of course, though orchestrated by the Witch, the flying monkeys did the dirty work.  They messed up paperwork, requested information to which they were not entitled, hid documents in trees where no one could access them and caused delays in processing requests for 501(c) 3 and 4 entities for months – even years.  With the Constitution as their guide, the villagers began a long, arduous fight against the witch and her minions.  Once Dorothy was certain they had things under control, she and Toto continued down the road.

For a day or so, the duo enjoyed a leisurely stroll down the Red Brick Road taking in the scenery and thinking of those they left at home.  To her left, Dorothy saw the most beautiful field dotted with colorful flowers and chose to veer off the path.  Toto tried to warn her, but Dorothy wanted some of the flowers to bring home to Auntie Em.


As soon as she entered the field, Dorothy became extremely tired, lay down and fell into a deep sleep.  At first, the voice of the Anointed One sounded like that of an angel – soothing tones and logical rhetoric.  But, something changed.  His voice became more defensive and condescending.  “I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody”, “After a century of striving, after a year of debate, after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promise.  It is the law of the land.”, “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” – Barack Hussein Obama.  This new tone of voice jarred Dorothy out of her slumber and back to reality.  She now knew, if only for a moment, what it felt like to drink the Kool Aid™.  It was an empty, desperate feeling she hoped never to experience again.

“I know, Toto, I screwed up.”  Toto looked up at Dorothy and wagged his tail.  Lesson learned.  If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Not long after the “Poppy Incident”, they came across a group of individuals who seemed quite lost.  A lion, a scarecrow and a man made of tin.  After what seemed like hours of round about conversation, Dorothy finally understood the dilemma the three found themselves in.  The tin man had lost all empathy after being forced to assist in a cover-up of the murder of an American diplomat and three others in Libya.  The words he was ordered to repeat to the world over and over again became truth in his mind and heart.  He was having a hard time regaining his humanity.

The lion was fearful of losing his income, pension and standing in the YBR community if he did not support the views of the administration both publicly and in private.  He knew of attempts to bypass legal channels in order to step on the First Amendment Rights of journalists who resided within or on the fringes of the YBR and he did not want that kind of misery to befall him.

The scarecrow had been a political appointee of the Anointed One and had lost the ability to think for himself.  He parroted their talking points regarding the Embassy in Libya on several news shows and his brain had atrophied due to constant misuse.

dorothy and her friends

Fearing there was nothing she could do for them, Dorothy brought the trio to the villagers in hopes that their faith in what the RBR stood for might help her new found friends get on the road to recovery.

Dorothy and Toto were coming to the end of their journey.  She had learned much about the strength of communities and the importance of maintaining your individuality.  She was even stronger in her conviction that the Constitution was meant to protect individual citizens from their government, not give the government a tool to oppress the citizens.  It was not a “living, breathing document”, it was written in a way that it could be applied – as is – today just as it could over 200 years ago.

When they got to the end of  the road, a mountain range was visible in the background.  The sun was setting behind them.   An eagle soared over the largest American Flag Dorothy had ever seen.  “Toto”, she said, “we are finally home.”

Merry Christmas? NO!…Karl Marx? Well, of course!!!

The Obama Campaign symbol.  A tribute to one man’s ego-driven rise to the Presidency of the United States of America.  Even named his dog after himself.

In schools across the country children are not allowed to celebrate, mention or breathe the Christmas spirit.  The Pledge of Allegiance is “optional”.  But, have the Politically Correct Police gone too far this time?

History Channel has teamed up with far-Left author and college Professor Howard Zinn to produce a “documentary” intended to educate elementary and high school children about how evil our capitalist society truly is.  Before you read the article I have linked below, make sure you have Advil, Pepcid and your blood pressure medication at the ready.


An Open Letter to Michael Moore

Dear Michael,

I know where you came from.  I’ve lived there.  Have you been home lately?  I have.

Flint did not become what it is today because of Ronald Reagan, Capitalism or wealthy Americans.  It was destroyed by poor oversight of an out-of-control banking system (because people like Barney Frank decided stricter regulation was unnecessary), NAFTA (which essentially destroyed many United States industries) and unscrupulous mortgage companies who talked people into taking “No Income Verification, No Credit Check” loans when they had no business doing so.  Flint failed because of the abuse of Capitalism, not Capitalism itself.

As you know, anything taken to extremes ends badly.

In a Capitalist society, you get what you work for.  In a Socialist society, you get what your neighbor works for.  Is that what you really want?  Would you be willing to give up your wealth and share it with me?  I highly doubt it.

Would you be willing to give up your right to make movies?  In Cuba (a nation whose Health Care System you love) making films such as yours would most likely land you in prison.  But, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.  After all, you would probably be given the position of Propaganda Czar in a New America.

Have you noticed that the government programs that have been, historically, abject failures are the ones based upon the Socialist principles you embrace? Social Security.  Medicare.  Medicaid.  Shall I go on?

Union members have suffered quite possibly more than any other members of the American work force.  And not through any fault of the members themselves, but because of the abuse of power by Union Leaders.  Kind of like Fidel Castro living in luxury while his “fellow citizens” are poverty-stricken.  The idea of a Union was to give equal pay for equal work, protect its members and have no one member be more important than any other.  A traditionally Socialist principle.

If the country in which you became a wealthy, fat, happy product of the very Capitalism you abhor makes you that ill, I invite you to denounce your citizenship and go live in Cuba or Venezuela.  Why should you suffer so when the solution is really that simple?