You’re Invited!

I read many, many blogs.  Liberal, Moderate, Conservative…doesn’t matter.  (Yeah, “get a life”…I know)   Anyway, one common thread running throughout the Liberal blogs is the personal attacks on Conservative commentators.  There are a couple of Conservative Bloggers who suffer from the same affliction, but nowhere near as many as the Liberal Bloggers.  Why?

I am inviting anyone who reads my blog to tell me why people like Glenn Beck, Michele Malkin, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity are wrong based solely on facts.

This is an invitation to an open, adult discussion.  I am seriously interested in knowing whether Glenn Beck’s statements are true.  If anyone can prove to me that Van Jones is/was NOT affiliated with Acorn, TIDES or SEIU please do so.  If anyone can prove that many of the Czars Obama has in his administration are not presently (and have not been in the past) connected with the organizations he outlines on his broadcast, SHOW ME.

Dick Morris was a member of the Friends of Bill.  I have read his newest book.  Mr. Morris cites many sources and presents his opinions in a factual manner.  Not once does he lower himself to personally attacking anyone in the Obama administration.  Can someone show me where Mr. Morris is wrong using facts alone?

I will not delete your comments or personally attack you for your ideas. However, I trust that your comments won’t contain extreme profanity or threats against any individual.  The only way anyone can hold an intelligent conversation on a subject is to study both sides of the issue.  I can’t study both sides if the only information I get from the Left is failed attempts to assassinate someone’s character.

Let’s talk…

What I Learned from Barack Hussein Obama

After watching some of the Obama-thon on MSM channels, this is what I learned from him:

1.  The dictionary is open to interpretation.  Definitions are subjective.  Take the word “tax”, for instance.  Merriam-Webster online defines the word as:

  • Main Entry: 2tax
  • Function: noun
  • Usage: often attributive
  • Date: 14th century

1 a : a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes b : a sum levied on members of an organization to defray expenses
2 : a heavy demand

Obama has redefined the word to suit his own agenda.  What a freakin’ surprise.  So, the money we will be forced to pay to cover his health care plan (that the majority of us don’t want) is not actually a tax.  Not sure what it is, but it is definitely not a tax.

2.  Acorn no longer interests him.  Hmmm.  Wasn’t even aware of the controversy until very recently?  Isn’t that reassuring.  One of the main reasons he got elected was his “support” from Acorn.  Oh, and all of the Federal funds they have been receiving over the years is news to him as well?  Really?  Gee, Barack, much of this funding was approved when you were a Senator.  You know, those few months between being a Community Organizer and a Presidential candidate?

3.  Our National Security is screwed.  Side note to the CIA agents who had the testicular fortitude to face down the bastards responsible for the deaths of nearly 3,000 innocent people – I will be forever grateful that you did whatever you had to in order to extract vital information from the scum at Gitmo.   You should be considered heroes, not criminals.  I am sorry that the Government has suffered collective early-onset Alzheimer’s and cannot remember what we went through as a Nation on and after 9/11.  I do.  Thank you.

4.  Our National Security is screwed – Part Deux (figured I better practice my French cuz we are slowly becoming sooo much like them).  Missile defense systems are there for, well, DEFENSE.  You know, kinda like those helmets and knee pads your girls wear when riding their bicycles, Barack.  Preventive measures.  I will repeat a statement I have made several times in the past.  We have psychotic dictators “running with scissors” throughout the world.  This is not the time to eliminate a defensive shield.

5.  It is much easier to turn a deaf ear to those who are legitimately concerned about the future of our Nation than it is to talk to them in a reasonable, adult manner.  It is much simpler to make light of those concerns and belittle someone for having an opposing point-of-view.  It is less stressful to step over the wounded party than it is to stop and heal their wounds.

Mr. Obama, I do not agree with you.  I do not like the way you deal with the issues that concern us both individually and as a Nation.  This does not make me a stupid person.  What you need to realize is that you are OUR President.  Not only for Liberals or Acorn or Democrats – ALL OF US.  And, when you dismiss the thoughts and concerns of a large part of this Nation, you show disrespect to the ENTIRE NATION.

If I were Paranoid (hey!…stop looking at me!)…

An old Beatles’ song keeps running through my mind.  “I heard the news today.  Oh, boy.”  Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.  Consider this:

  • The federal government is considering taking over control of school loans.  Banks would no longer be able to provide financing for college-bound students and their families.  So, will they require that each student serve the “Obamanation” for a couple of years after graduation?  Will you have the freedom to choose your major or which institution of higher learning you attend?  If you accept money from the government for your child’s education, can you be certain that they will be able to receive an unbiased education by both Liberal and Conservative professors?   Will you have to pay a penalty if you choose to home-school your child?  After all, the teacher’s union gets less money when there are fewer students to teach.
  • The Acorn Tapes – it frightens me to death that the mainstream media seem far more concerned about the possibility of “illegally recorded conversations” than they are about the relaxed attitude Acorn employees had toward the potential trafficking of minors for the purpose of prostitution.  “Hello, MSNBC.  My name is Common Decency.  I know we haven’t met, but you might find it beneficial to your future to begin at least a casual relationship.”
  • Let’s piss off China!  Why not!  We only owe them gazillions of dollars.  So, the logical thing is to enact a tariff on imported tires to appease the unions.  So, uhm, what do we do when they call in the loan?  Brilliance, sheer BRILLIANCE!
  • Gibbs-bot Model 2009 – Poor guy.  I wonder what his aspirin bill is every month.  He tried so hard to seem dismissive of the Representatives who called for the vetting of Obama’s Czars.  Even towed the party line by comparing W’s Czars to Barack’s.  Nice try, babe.  This is all a futile attempt by the Republicans, though.  They are out-numbered and any Democrat wishing to remain in the “Anointed One’s” good graces will never agree to their proposal.
  • Here’s one that will probably get me in trouble – The difference between Liberal-leftists and the rest of us is that we already assume everyone is equal!!!  This is a concept the Left cannot seem to grasp.  I believe that a person should be judged on his/her own merits.  I believe you are born on equal footing with the rest of the world and whatever path you take is your own damned choice.  I do not feel that anyone deserves to have “special treatment” for any reason other than making facilities accessible to those with obvious physical disabilities.  Being one of those people, I would be insulted if someone condescended to me simply because I walk with an obvious lack of grace, or drop things at the most inopportune moment.  My mind still works.  The Left cannot get it through their heads that they are the ones who obsess over the differences between us and not the other way around.
  • Dropping our defenses – Pretty smart idea there, Barack.  Let’s can our missile defense system because Putin whined.  I hope Ronald Reagan’s ghost is kicking your ass around the Oval Office.
  • Paranoia – My thoughts and feelings don’t matter.  Not really.  We The People are simply spectators.  We will not be allowed to vote on any of the most important issues facing our country today.  Our calls, letters and emails fall on the ears of elected officials who are more concerned with their own futures than those of their constituents.  Much damage will be done in the coming months by people who are quite aware that their days in office are numbered.  The only recourse they have is to push their agendas through before OUR voices can finally be heard.  We can only sit back and shake our heads.  The hardest task before us will be spending years undoing the damage done in only a few months by a handful of OUR EMPLOYEES.

As the old saying goes, “The only thing that is truly eternal is a government program.”