ADHD Moment…

Fair Warning: I am pissed off and, therefore, do not give a rat’s left testicle about hiding it. That being said, I am not going to waste my time cleverly disguising the “bad words” that pop up in my writing. If you don’t wish to read “bad words”, I suggest you do not read this post. God Bless America and my right to have a potty mouth if I so choose. 🙂

This is not another “excuse post” for why I haven’t written in so long. Hopefully, there are one or two readers left on my page. No explanation for the absence, really, except to say that I am overwhelmed with the level of stupidity going on in our country. (Yes, my MS black holes have been particularly annoying lately, but I bought enough asphalt to fill them in for a while.) It is so hard to concentrate on one thing when another rears its ugly head an hour later. After a nutritious breakfast of Gorton’s Fish Sticks™ and store brand Tater Tots, I now have my hip waders on and am ready to trudge through the muck.

I am so DAMNED tired of being lied to, having my intelligence insulted and being treated as an entity that only thinks with her uterus by our government and a majority of the Liberals currently running for office. Not all in government, nor all candidates, are guilty of this but most are.

Barry, ISIS (not ISIL, you jerk) calls itself the Islamic State. Because We the People have never been privy to your school records, I am going to assume that you did not do well in the reading comprehension department. Or is it that you so fear using terms like Islamic Extremists, Terrorists, Jihadists or Radical Islamists because that would blow the whole terrorists are on the run thing that you feel the need to deny the existence of Islamic beliefs in the minds of those scumbags running rampant across Iraq, Syria and who the hell knows where else. For your information, using the acronym ISIL is an insult to our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel. Levant, according to Princeton’s WordNet, is “the former name for the geographical area of the eastern Mediterranean that is now occupied by Lebanon, Syria and Israel”. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that research was not high on your list of “things I did well in school” either. Israel is not a part of this and would rather fight to the death than let one of those hooded murderers plant one of their flags on her soil. You would know that if you cared to actually get to know the Israelis instead of wasting your time trying to present anyone killing on behalf of Islam as warm, fuzzy and misunderstood – a deranged outcast who had no choice but to commit “workplace violence”. Last time I looked, a vacant desert in the middle of nowhere was not really considered a workplace – unless your work is beheading innocents.

Don’t think we haven’t been keeping track of all of the issues you have been suspiciously silent on of late, dear. I have been hip to your political manipulations since you began your campaign for President the first time. The heck with storing food and ammo. I am stockpiling aspirin and beer – oh, Yukon Jack, too – because I (like millions of others) are quite aware that we are going to get hit with a shit ton of Executive Orders and other potential violations of Constitutional Law after your party loses the majority in the Senate. Why, for instance, do we suddenly need thirty-four million blank work permits and green cards? Could it be that you are planning to give those poor MS13 members (oops, my bad – displaced children) and their adult supervisors amnesty after the mid-term elections? No, not YOU! That would cost Americans jobs and we all know how much you give a flying fuck about the American Middle Class! Still, if anyone asks you or your talking head Ernest about this, all we hear are crickets.

You should be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” because of all of the fancy footwork you have displayed dancing around the issue of diseases being brought into this country through our wide open southern border – not to mention the whole pesky Ebola thingy. I am not one to panic about such things. If it gets much worse I will consider it. In the meantime, a friend of mine and two of her children came down with D68. Thank God they are okay. Funny thing, though. They became ill after two busloads of kids from South America and Mexico were dumped 10 miles from their home and began attending the public schools there. Coincidence – I think not. She is now home schooling her children as are many others in her area. Why is it so hard to quarantine people who come into our country illegally, or from countries where there is a raging epidemic of a deadly virus?   That is not racist. It is Common Sensist! In case you haven’t noticed “Oh, look! A squirrel!” isn’t going to work anymore when it comes to the health of our children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. I believe you have finally stepped on the last nerve of the American Moms and Dads and there is no turning back.

So, how does it feel to be unloved? Well, you don’t care. Not really. You just pull out your spoiled bitch card and remind potential voters that no matter what the Democratic candidates say, they will turn around and vote your policies in once they are in office. Between you and me, Barry babe, WE ALL FUCKING HEARD YOU! Cat’s out of the bag, sweet cheeks! I wonder how many BHO voodoo dolls are hidden in the drawers of Liberal candidates across the country. If you were wondering why your golf game might be suffering more so than usual, you might want to ask the Secret Service to check out their offices. After all, it isn’t like they are busy guarding the White House or anything. 😉

I have some shocking news for you, Barry. You are not our first Black President. You are our first mixed race President. You of all people should be concerned for ALL Americans, not just those you feel will get you the most votes. Unless something unforeseen happens, this is your last hurrah and playing the race card 24/7 is a moot point now. In fact, you have screwed up things for minorities more than any other President in my memory. Okay, okay you probably sucked at History, too. Just to help you out a little, it was the Dixiecrats who suppressed the African Americans in the earlier days, not the Republicans. FYI, your “favorite President” was a Republican! Yessiree, Bob! Lincoln was a Republican! The first Democrat that I personally can recall who helped the cause of the African Americans in those sad, horrible days in our nation’s history was John F. Kennedy. Martin Luther King, Jr., though never a President, was apolitical (that means he belonged neither to the Democratic or Republican party – just so you don’t have to look it up) and believed in peaceful protests. What you and your BFF Holder are doing is so divergent to the teachings of Dr. King that it makes me want to puke. Ferguson, Missouri is, quite frankly, none of your business. It is a local situation that was a tragedy before you, Holder and Tawana Brawley’s very own Reverend Al turned it into a calamity. Not only did your involvement stir up the bees nest and cause both Black and White owned businesses to be destroyed by mobs out to get as much cash and free shit as they could over the dead body of an 18-year-old man and the reputation of a local police officer, but you all seem to have washed your hands of it and waded through the rubble that is left of that town as you hauled balls back to your respective cozy offices. Sadly this is a pattern we are all too familiar with. I, for one, am sick of it. Let the states take care of the states. Start paying attention to what you were hired for. When we need you, we know how to get hold of you. I am sure Valerie knows what golf course you are on at any given moment.

Please, please, PLEASE stop accusing the GOP of being in bed with the wealthy and big business. You know that old saying, “People in glass houses [yada, yada, yada]…” George Soros doesn’t look like he has missed many meals, nor has Warren Buffet or Bill and Melinda Gates, although neither of the Gates’ are “pudgy”. Mark Zuckerberg is pretty fit, yet I am certain he eats well. In my opinion, things go better with Koch anyway. Instead of finding ways to screw Americans out of energy jobs, they and others have worked to improve the safety and “environmental synchronicity with nature” of the industry so that more Americans CAN work.

There is no war on women in general. There is, however, a war on Conservative and right-leaning women AND African Americans. Go ahead, try to deny it. We (those with common sense) know that the whole “uterus” issue is just a fear tactic your party is using because you have nothing else. The constant liturgy of “Uncle Tom” accusations is evidence of that, too. Sad, really. If I didn’t think two more years of a Democratic Senate would be economically and legislatively dangerous for our country, I would almost feel sorry for y’all. Just joking – no I wouldn’t.

One last thing – leave our fucking guns alone. Chicago is not in the mess it’s in because of legal gun owners. Are there any? Oh, yeah, the ones guarding your other BFF Rahm. Gang members don’t go to gun safety classes and become licensed. Nor do they go on the waiting list in order to buy a handgun. They buy them illegally. I mean, really, you can’t be that stupid. No you just think we are.

Sorry, hon. Ivory towers and golf carts are not the best places from which to lead the greatest nation in the world. You actually need to be present and give a damn.

Captain America

I almost feel as though I am writing a plot outline for one of my “creepy little stories”, but no. A lot of thought has gone into a theory I have regarding the sudden, massive influx of illegals crossing our southern border. A theory as to why so many of them are children. A theory as to why so many of those children are either ill, or carriers of illness. Some may lump this in with the much over-used category of “conspiracy theories”. So be it. (If one recalls the plot of that movie, Mel Gibson’s character was proven right.)

Note the increase of military-style equipment being gifted to local Police Departments throughout the nation. Note the reports of violent gang activity are increasing in many of our most troubled cities. (How can our government give away so much equipment, yet can’t seem to find the funds to keep the military men and women they just fired? Hmmm.) Then, note the route map for drug trafficking by Mexican cartels from Mexico to those very cities where gang activity is high (see below). Also note that the National Guard has been called in to assist Chicago Police (complete with vehicles and specialized weaponry), yet the Mayor of Chicago has mentioned again and again that deaths from gang violence has decreased. Reporting may have increased, but the actual number of deaths has gone down – or so they say.

Where do the children fit into all of this, you ask? Well, knowing that even though Americans can feel the government stepping on our last nerve, we are a compassionate people. We empathize with the plight of young children thrust by their own parents into a world they do not know and cannot fathom placing a 3 or 4 year old on a plane, alone, without being sure that they will be reunited with family when they land in their home countries. And who’s to say they won’t be sent right back here again. So our Border Patrol becomes the Nanny Service for the Nanny State created by Barry and his hangers-on. While they are preoccupied with finding facilities to place the children, processing the 300 or so who cross the Rio Grande daily and tending to their basic needs, the cartels slither through with their drugs and/or guns to supply the gangs along their routes. See where I’m going with this? No? You will.

It has already been noted (through reports and photographs) that many of the 13 to 17 year olds who fall under the “unaccompanied minors” exception to our Border Law (yeah, like we enforce that law anyway) are either members or affiliates of MS13 and/or M18 – two of the most dangerous gangs in the world, if not THE most dangerous. It is said they are busy recruiting others while they wait to be transported out of the Texas holding facility. Now the gangs will become stronger because of the new blood being added to their crews. More gang activity, less order. More gang activity, more crime. Since the cartels will conceivably be able to move more drugs into our inner cities and small towns, fighting amongst gangs could cause turf wars – more chaos. They will fight for a bigger share of the revenue from drug sales.

Cities like Detroit are already struggling to provide fire, emergency medical and police protections. Add in young children with illnesses not seen in America since before I was born (1960, in case you care) who have nowhere to live, no money for food and the “right” to attend public schools and our already heavily burdened areas will have no funds to fight back against the gangs. You’re beginning to say “I kinda get it now!” aren’t you?

Welcome the new toys provided courtesy of Uncle Sam and the National Guard troops to fill the voids in personnel at many Police Departments. Perhaps curfews are enacted. Perhaps troops will patrol the streets 24/7. Let’s say that the gang wars get so bad that Marshall Law becomes “necessary”. Since the National Guard is so busy around the country putting out fires begun by our favorite little political arsonist, Barack, the cartels just keep sliding through.

This tactic may push the gangs into areas where the worst thing one had to worry about was stepping in a cow pie with your Sunday shoes on. Oh, I know, there are meth labs all over the country. However, the ones in deeply rural America are usually run by locals. Many towns don’t have enough people to start a game of poker, let alone a gang. Imagine what a migration of gang members to Where the Fuck Am I?, Nevada would do to those residents. So, does the American government then don its Captain America cloak and come to their rescue the way they might the inner cities? Perhaps.

Just as the scabies carried by the children crossing the border is highly contagious, so is the government’s lust for control over all it sees – or so it seems to me. Just sayin’…

cartels and drug routes

Fair Warning…

I apologize to those who follow my blog that nothing new has been added in 2 or 3 weeks.  I have been fighting with the MS that seems to want to screw with my hands and I absolutely dislike talking into a microphone while the computer prints my words.  This old broad doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, the anger towards the state our nation is in has been building – and I have been taking copious mental notes about the string of injustices that have occurred in the past month.  Today I plan to park my butt in front of my computer and write my little fingers off.

If I don’t post it today, it will definitely appear tomorrow.  My apologies to Cry and Howl for not being a good contributor.  I promise to do better in the future.


Worse than watching paint dry…

soccer sucksI have been a slacker lately due to the fact that I have been ill.  However, I still had to “voice” my opinion about soccer.  One of these things does not belong – patriotically dressed individuals waving the Gadsden Flag while drinking Guiness in a pub called the British Bulldog at 8 a.m. mountain time.  Actually, the whole scenario makes no sense, but neither does soccer… ~Katrina

Why We’ve Become so Jaded…

I originally posted this on Cry and Howl.

My first thought would be that the only way to quell the growing belief in conspiracies is to tell the truth, answer direct questions directly and to reveal the data you have to back up those answers before conspiracies are even allowed to form in the minds of rational, intelligent people.

The best way to perpetuate a conspiracy is to ignore questions, dismiss those who question as being “political” or “racist” or “hateful”, refuse to produce hard evidence to support your position and to treat rational, intelligent people as though they were uneducated buffoons – too beneath you to waste your time on.

I have lived through many Presidencies. The first President I remember is John F. Kennedy. Actually, the first thing I remember is his funeral. JFK, Jr. was the same age as me. I recall a litany of military records, school photos, diplomas, etc. paraded before the potential voters in order to present the various presidential candidates’ past and present lives so that we could see them as people, as well as candidates. The only thing we have from the current POTUS is a few carefully chosen photos, his words written in his autobiographies and little evidence to back up those words. The practice he has adopted of sealing everything and anything relating to his academic life (among other things) has led to distrust and much conjecture on the part of the people.

Remember when George W. Bush choked on a pretzel or the reports of the removal of potentially cancerous cells from his skin during a routine, presidential medical exam? How could you not – the MSM reported on those stories ad nauseum? I remember the release of any President’s medical results as an annual or semi-annual event year after year. Aside from the fact that Barry has been advised to quit smoking time and time again, what do we know of this man? Where is all of the frenzied reporting after every physical exam he is required to have as POTUS? I am not saying that he is keeping deep, dark secrets. However, silence is the perfect environment for speculation.

Suppressing facts that the American People have already surmised to be true is never good. Despite our declining education system, we did have Sesame Street and are quite sure that “2 and 2 are 4, 4 and 4 are 8, 8 and 8 are 16, 16 and 16 are 32…” We are also extremely protective over those who have truly served our nation with honor and distinction, and the families of those who gave their lives to protect us. This being said, trying to spin an obvious chain of events into something so unreasoned does nothing but create an air of distrust in the motives of our government. It angers people that the sacrifices made on September 11, 2012 appeared to be nothing more than a minor threat to the claims of the obliteration of Islamic Extremist organizations throughout the Mid-East. A fear that this “speed bump” might cost someone a win in the Presidential Election. Thus, the taint of conspiracy hovers over them once again.

Brian Terry died because of a poorly planned operation to identify and apprehend those who were smuggling guns into and drugs out of Mexico. Again, silence and a lack of documentation to show how things went so wrong have given rise to speculation (or thoughts of conspiracy, if you prefer). Yet, all we hear from the podium are sarcasm, belittlement and blame placed upon the shoulders of those who do not ally with the government’s spin. We are a forgiving people when given the truth and a heartfelt apology. We might not forget, but we can find a way to move on and make things better. If losing an election was the result of truth, so be it. At least the legacy left would have been that of an honorable man who is flawed as any human is.

What this nation does not need now is an ideological tit-for-tat between choices made in the past and mistakes made in the present. It does not need people who twist the facts of past actions, or the reasons those actions were taken, to glorify themselves. We have memories, too. No matter how many times you try to tell us the grass was purple and you singlehandedly made it green again only makes you look petty and malicious.

Speaking in angry tones and proselytizing about one’s outrage at yet another “misstep” made by the government, then swearing to solve the issue and get to the truth ring empty in the ears of Americans. Step one: Act angry; Step Two: Feign outrage; Step Three: Get on a plane and take a vacation/play golf/attend fundraisers; Step Four: Assume people have had enough time to forget what the issue was; Step Five; Turn sarcasm on high and dismiss those who seek to know the truth; Step Six; (refer to Step Three). If you only knew how tired we are of this dance.

We do not forget. The shiny things may divert the media, but they do not think nor speak for us. Our Veterans’ dying while waiting for care, the targeting of certain groups of Americans because of their political beliefs (and the subsequent destruction of proof that would either exonerate or condemn those responsible), Sgt. Tamhooressi waiting in a jail cell in Mexico for his “Commander in Chief” to negotiate his freedom, the true series of events that led to the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, failure to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq (when every other president has had the balls to get what they wanted), the porous borders that have allowed unaccompanied minors (with possible contagious diseases) to flow through without resistance, the delay in removing American personnel from yet another diplomatic facility in the Mid-East until it is almost too late, red lines made to be crossed and the threat of force against fellow citizens who have done nothing more than ring up a bill with the BLM are all the feedstuff from which thoughts of conspiracies are nourished.

So, don’t blame us for manufacturing crises. Last time I looked, you were in charge of the factory, not us.

The Seven Deadly States

Cry and Howl wrote a great post yesterday entitled Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. At the end of the post, he invited his readers to add in any issues he might have omitted. My comment concerned the fact that we have 57 states, according to the Anointed One.

Later on, my warped mind pondered exactly what those states could be and what they might represent. Here is what I came up with:

  1. The State of Apathy – Those who reside in this state have resigned themselves to the belief that the government is all-powerful and the sheeple are powerless to fight it. Popular terms used in this state are “whatever”, “may as well just comply…”, “life as we know it is over anyway, so why fight the system?” and “things will get better – Obama said so”. Most residents are locked into government programs that dictate their lives, bleeding dry their will or desire to succeed and leaving their ambition dead and bloated on the side of the road. This is a dangerous state. If you make a wrong turn and end up here, any will to maintain your individual rights and fight against the machine (if I may borrow a phrase from the 1960s) is drained from your soul.
  2. The State of Racist Americans – If you land in this state, anything and everything you say will be construed as racial hatred towards the Ego in Chief or Eric Holder. There is no justification, other than you are a racist, for disagreeing with policies produced by the administration. Logical thought or intellectual conversations are not permitted. It is preached that Black Conservatives are being used by the Republicans simply to hide the White Elites’ truly racist agenda. They are tools of deception. The preferred method of thought control in this state is to muzzle you and brand you a racist until you begin to believe it yourself.
  3. The State of Foreign Affairs – Within the borders of this state are various agencies of the government such as The Department of “I am Madder than Hell”, Bureau of Red Lines in the Sand, The Department of “What Difference does it Make?”, National Bureau of Regulating Free Speech through Snarky Dismissal of Opposing Thoughts, and The Department of “I Believe in American Exceptionalism” and will do anything I can to crush it. This is a state in which eloquent speeches are made, but the echo within the emptiness of their words can be deafening. It borders The State of Denial on one side and The State of Apoplexy on the other. It is a great place to vacation – offering top notch golf courses and the requirement that one does nothing but further one’s own agenda.
  4. The State of Denial – The motto of this state is “It is all George W. Bush’s fault.” There is currently a proposal to add a second motto “I was unaware of this situation until I saw it on TV or read it in the newspapers.” Common traits of those who reside in this state are to dismiss potential threats to our security as “regional issues that do not affect Americans”, deny that wars in oil rich countries will affect fuel prices at home, delaying measures that could make us energy independent for political purposes, ignoring warnings from those who are knowledgeable in intelligence, military and foreign policy issues because the administration knows better and releasing enemy combatants back into the fight because living on a tropical island with every amenity one could wish for is cruel and unusual punishment. They hold strong beliefs that W strengthened the Taliban by ousting Saddam Hussein. Convenient memory loss is common in this state as the residents seem to forget the thousands of bodies of men, women and children found in mass graves due to the acts of genocide practiced by Saddam.
  5. The State of Apoplexy – Be warned that entering this state could expose you to rabid, irrational thoughts and words. You might be subjected to residents with sledgehammers who thrive upon pounding inane thoughts into your brain. They are a war-torn state as they are currently defending the downtrodden in the War on Women, the War on the Middle Class, the War on Children, and the War on Immigration just to name a few. Excited, nonsensical utterances are frequent. Some people who reside in this state are Nancy Pelosi, Harry Greed and Debra Wasserman-Schultz. Minor players such as Sandra Fluke can be found there, as well.
  6. The State of “War, huh, good God. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Listen to me” (Edwinn Starr) – The Anointed One is a temporary resident of this state. His delusional philosophy that the world loves him and he can cure all of her ills by simply singing his siren song of peace has created a cult-like ambience within its borders. This “peaceful atmosphere” he declares to have created has resulted in Iraq being systematically invaded by the terrorists who were supposed to have been decimated or on the run, with the added bonus of control of large portions of Syria. There is no trust within the confines of this state. With each utterance comes a new crisis in the Middle East, Central Europe or Far East. Just as they accused some Americans of clinging to God and guns, the residents cling to every word that exits his mouth as though he were the brother of the Dahli Llama. However, there is a Kool Aid™ shortage and many are defecting to the State of Denial. Some have actually relocated to one of the original 50 states where common sense can still be found.
  7. The State of Control Over the Citizens Through Economic Suppression – The dogma followed in this state is that raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour will save them from poverty when, in fact, the opposite is true. The belief that higher payrolls mean less available jobs is a crime. If a resident is caught mentioning a potential increase in unemployment, increased prices for consumers and the likelihood that more citizens will need government aid to survive he/she may face jail time. In order to live in this state, you must believe that we are in a recovery, raising pay will increase jobs and government aid is a hand-up – not a path to the State of Apathy. One must also adhere to the philosophy that a national debt of $9 trillion is unpatriotic while ignoring our current debt of $17 trillion (which is completely patriotic and necessary).

Hey Liberals! Did You Forget Sgt. Tamooressi?

A “no holds barred” post by Cry and Howl.

Can You Hear Us NOW!?!?

Last night’s “upset” primary thumping of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) seems to have taken everyone by surprise. After all, he had been there for almost 15 years and he was a professional politician with a large bankroll to fund his campaign. He was defeated by a regular American citizen – a college Economics Professor named David Brat – who had only minimal funds and the words of our Founding Fathers in his campaign arsenal.

I am surprised that people are surprised! Is DC so insulated from the real world that they can claim complete ignorance of the growing discontent with business as usual? Is our Congress so arrogant that they feel entitled to be re-elected time-and-time again and that we would accept their ineptitude for eternity? Did they think that we could stand by while Congress rolls over and plays dead while Barry runs roughshod over them without consequence? Unfortunately, the answers are all “Yes”.

Do you think the GOP might have finally gotten the hint that We the People are tired of the infighting going on within the party, the back stabbing and smear campaigns against those who have actually listened to the majority of their constituents? I doubt it. Do you believe that our voices matter to the professional politicians? I don’t. Do you feel that the fear mongering will cease and those with Tea Party ideologies will no longer be classified as far, far Right Wing loons? Yeah, right.

However, the blame for the current state of affairs in Washington cannot be placed upon the shoulders of Congress alone. Part of the blame belongs to those who complain but do not vote. Some belongs to those who choose to remain ignorant and in Zombie-like fashion pull the lever of the most recognizable name on the ballot on Election Day because it is easier than thinking.

The definition of insanity, according to Albert Einstein is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I know this is an oft used quote, but it certainly applies to the actions of Congress and the laziness of a majority of the voting public.

David Brat did not campaign against Democratic ideals, nor did he technically campaign against Eric Cantor. David Brat campaigned for a reuniting of the American people with the values and philosophies held sacred by the Founding Fathers. Values such as following the rule of law, personal property rights and giving the People back control of their own lives with limited government interference. These are all non-partisan issues and I believe they resonated with people from all walks of life. We are so damned tired of DC doing nothing because stubbornly toeing the party line is so much more important than accomplishing the tasks they were sent to Washington by us to do.

Let us pray that the awareness of the people of Virginia is contagious and more candidates like David Brat will have a shot at bringing America back to being the great Republic she had been for generations.

Anti-Gun Nut Orgasms to Commence in 3…2…1

Tragically, yet another school shooting occurred today. Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon was the scene of the shooting. Since it happened within the past 2 to 3 hours, details are scarce. The only fact police will confirm is that the shooter is dead.

We know nothing about the person who made a conscious decision to go to this school with the intention of harming or killing someone, but it has been reported that Reynolds High School does not have armed security personnel within the building.  Although they do have two police officers on the school grounds, the officers are located outside not within the building where most school shootings occur.  If they hear the shots, the officers have to run to the building, determine where the sounds came from and waste time locating the shooter.  If armed security personnel were located within the building at various locations, their chances of ending an incident and preventing further tragedy would be much greater.

I believe that any town council or school board members who vote to declare our schools “Gun Free Zones” (You know, a building containing hundreds of children with an implied open invitation to “Come on in and harm our kids. We’ll wait for the police.”) should be charged as accessories to any crimes committed by an individual (or individuals) with a knife, firearm, bomb or other device.   Stationing armed, well-trained security personnel within our schools would not invite more incidents such as this. It would discourage them. If teachers were permitted to carry licensed firearms and receive proper training from either the FBI or local police agencies, it would discourage potential shooters from trying. However, that would make sense and we all know those who seek to eradicate personal firearms from the face of the earth don’t have any.

Another issue is that teachers and parents need to PAY A-FUCKING-TTENTION to their kids! Are they much more depressed than the average teenager? Are they angry all of the time? Do they isolate themselves from the family or other kids their age? Are their grades slipping? Do they express anxiety about going to school? A million clues can reveal themselves if you take the time to look. I personally believe that school shootings have very little to do with the gun, and a great deal to do with the mental state of the person holding it. One or two hours a week with a psychologist or psychiatrist could save ten or twenty lives in some cases.

We, as a society, need to understand that there are those who struggle tremendously to feel comfortable in social situations. They cannot relate to people and simple therapy sessions are not enough. Willowbrook is gone and the regulations for in-patient mental health care are much more stringent than even ten years ago. Inspections are more frequent and many times the families have an important role in the care regimen for their loved ones. Why, then, is it so difficult for a highly trained psychiatrist to place a patient in one of these facilities if they feel the patient is a danger to him/herself or others?

Banning firearms is not the answer. There have been several incidents of late in which the weapon has been a kitchen knife. Are we going to be required to register our cutlery next?

Calling it as I See it…

Okay, I am getting really tired of waking up every morning and hearing some reporter state that “The President signed an Executive Action for…” Just sayin’.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I have a question for you. Does anyone else see anything wrong with the Administration and various agencies in the government having video conferences with the deserter’s parents, but keeping Congress out of the loop because of fears information might be leaked? Anyone?

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), a charter member of the Barry Fan Club, seems to be as perplexed by this whole state of affairs as I am. Never in my life would I have thought that I would agree with her on anything whatsoever.

So, now the question must be raised about how much classified information the Bergdahls’ were privy to. Were they aware that five extremely dangerous prisoners would be traded for their son? Did they push for this? After all, Mr. Bergdahl seems quite at ease with communicating his desire to empty out Gitmo in this tweet (later removed from his account): stupidity

Was this tweet removed by him or our government for fear that it might tip off others about the Administration’s plans to make this treasonous trade? Yes, I said treasonous. Deal with it. The Ego in Chief essentially released five enemy combatants back into their stomping grounds, knowing full well (by his own admission) that they will most likely return to their previous positions in the Taliban during a time of war. This is not the “end of the war”, Barry. You have set that date for the end of 2016. This is 2014. We are currently still fighting a war, dumbass.

It can be argued that the physical combat in Afghanistan might end in 2016, but the Taliban, Haqqani network, Al Qaeda and all the other bottom feeders in the world will continue their jihad against America and her allies until the entire world is bowing to Mecca. Thus, we could be “at war” for eternity. Our fight has never been against the people of Iraq or Afghanistan, but terrorist entities who wish to control them and destroy us.

Barry, I believe I have finally figured out why four Americans died in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. You and the rest of our intelligence and military agencies were chatting with the Bergdahls and could not find the time to walk into the Situation Room and try to save our people! No, you were working on releasing more terrorists into the world while the ones running around loose were attacking the post in Benghazi. I know this is just conjecture on my part, but based upon recent developments I would not be surprised if this were the case.

By the way, you might have forgotten about Andrew Tahmooressi – USMC – being held in Mexico. Oh, wait. Silly me. You are probably conducting daily video conference calls with his mother and the authorities in Mexico to secure his release, aren’t you? Of course you are…