Get on the Bus OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!

Side note – The bus marquee needs to be edited to include health care, TARP, cap & tax and any other major piece of legislation recently passed or presented to Congress.   As Rahm said (and I am paraphrasing here) – “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste!”  I guess he should have included “If you can’t find a good crisis, just create one.”

A Lee-surely Town Hall Meeting in Texas?

At a town hall meeting in Texas, Congresswoman Jackson-Lee decided it was far more important to take a call on her cell phone than listen to the question being posed to her by a cancer patient.  No big deal, you say?

Imagine this.  An EMT arrives at your home in response to a medical emergency.  A family member has suffered cardiac arrest.  As he is preparing to apply the defibrillator paddles to your loved one’s chest, his cell phone rings.  “Oops, gotta take this…Hi!…Yes, Daddy’s working….You did what?  Good girl!”  Covering the mouthpiece with his hand, he states “My daughter just pooped in the toilet for the first time!”  “Sure, honey, Daddy is listening…”

Or this.  You are anxiously awaiting the results of a biopsy you had done on a lump found in your breast.  You have had many sleepless nights wondering if you will have to undergo Chemo, have a radical mastectomy.  Each night you pray that it will come back negative for cancer.  Sitting in the Oncologist’s office waiting for the doctor is torture.  She walks in with your test results and lays them on her desk.  You feel like you are going to burst!  Then, her cell phone rings.  “Hold on, I have to take this call…Hey…Yes I had great time last night…Me, too…mmm hmm…The food was delicious.  Oh, and so were you, Doug…”

Extreme, you say?  Not at all the same as a Congresswoman taking a call during a meeting?  How about when that Congresswoman holds the future of your health care in her hands?  If this is an example of the lack of concern our elected officials have for something as important as our health, I am more afraid than I was before.  (And, Congresswoman Jackson-Lee, let me say this to you.  Honey, you can call it “multi-tasking” all you want.  I call it downright rude.)

None of it matters anyway.  The Health Care Reform bill will pass…without a vote by the citizens whose lives will be affected…just like the Stimulus bill, Cap & Trade and every other piece of crap Obama has thrown at Congress in the middle of the night.  It will go unread.  Oh, they may change a word or two to make it sound less ominous. But, it will pass.

Obama wants this, Pelosi wants this and the Democrats want this.  Like the song says “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…”

Air Sickness Bags are Located in the Seat Back in Front of You…

Have you noticed that things are pushed through Congress so fast that the G-forces are messing with your stomach?

You know, Barack, why don’t you just get it over with?   Why don’t you cram all your wishes, hopes and dreams (along with those of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) into one HUGE, “America, bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your a** good-bye” piece of legislation.  Stop the slow trickle of agony you are putting us through.

To stand there in the Rose Garden and say “THIS WILL HAPPEN!” like some little child throwing a temper tantrum was quite unbecoming.  Why is anybody bothering to debate any bill his administration puts before Congress?   Barack says “This will happen!”

Now our benevolent government has added Landlord to their list of gifts to the unwashed.  Okay, we are taking your house away from you because unemployment in your state is through the roof and many of the jobs you can do just to get by are taken by illegal immigrants, BUT we will let you live in your house for 5 years.  Oh, gee, thanks…I think.

I think I have administration overload.  I am simply watching all of this crap being wheeled in at the last minute, unread, and voted on in 2 or 3 days.  Then I see the unemployment numbers rise, the deficit grows larger by the second, businesses closing and I wonder why?  I will ask the same question I have been asking for months…

Why are the American people not allowed to vote on our own future?


Computer Blues

I have downloaded the Cap & Trade bill, Health Care Reform proposal and Stimulus Bill.  My laptop sent me an email yesterday that reads as follows:

“I feel that you don’t appreciate me anymore.  You expect me to do all of the work, yet I feel that I am unappreciated.  I thought we were a team.  Now, you can’t even remember my “Back-up Files” anniversary and my “Spyware Renewal” date went by unnoticed.  What does a Compaq have to do to get your attention?  If you keep piling more on my hard drive without so much as a passing scan, I feel I will not be able to continue this relationship much longer…”

My reply was as follows:

“I am sorry you feel unappreciated.  Without you I am lost.  However, Compaq darling, since no one in Congress seems inclined to read anything other than the Net Income on their paychecks, “We the People” are left to do it alone.  Hang in there and I promise there is a full defrag, scan and back-up in our future…”


“I’ll give you one more chance. But, if the government sneaks in another bill and you download it, I’M GOING HOME TO HEWLETT PACKARD!!!!”

When a computer can’t take it anymore, you know the government has crossed the line.

What is that Website Number?

The address is , Joe.

The following is the main page “overview” of what the Recovery and Reinvestment Act is supposed to accomplish:

“The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has made it clear that every taxpayer dollar spent on our economic recovery must be subject to unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability (Hmmm…What happened here, Joe?!?!). Five crucial objectives for Federal agencies, have been indentified (spellcheck is obviously not on our government’s computers) to ensure that:

  • Recovery funds are awarded and distributed in a prompt, fair (to whom?), and reasonable manner;
  • The recipients and uses of all recovery funds are transparent to the public, and that the public benefits of these funds are reported clearly (Go to the website.  If you don’t need to take Advil and beat your head against a brick wall after searching for clarity, you qualify for a government job.), accurately, and in a timely manner; (please define “timely manner”…one week, one year?)
  • Recovery funds are used for authorized purposes and every step is taken to prevent instances of fraud (Acorn?), waste (Acorn?), error (Acorn?), and abuse (Acorn?!?!);
  • Projects funded under the recovery legislation avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns (Seriously?); and,
  • Programs meet specific goals and targets (Whose goals, whose targets? We didn’t get to vote on this.), and contribute to improved performance on broad economic indicators.”

I can understand the desire to “create and/or save jobs”, but what about all of those “Shovel Ready” projects the government insisted we needed to fund right now!!! I had visions of people in reflective safety vests leaning on shovels behind orange cones up and down I-95 just waiting for the green light.  The only “Shovel Ready” job I know of that is currently being done is one that requires hip waders and the back end of a cow.

Guess it is all because the government’s website just wasn’t clear enough.  They had to hire a private company to revamp the thing so that we will be visually excited about how we are being raked over the coals.  Here is a portion of the press release:

“WASHINGTON—In a major step toward developing a state-of-the-art website, a contract was awarded this week to Smartronix, Inc., a Maryland information technology firm. The company will build the new website for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, an independent agency that manages and monitors spending under the $787 billion Recovery program.

The initial outlay, $9,516,324, covers many facets: redesign and construction of a new website; installation of hardware and software infrastructure; hosting and operations for the website; more robust data storage; an enhanced content-management system; and contract labor support and other features. If the Recovery Board exercises options under the contract, the cost could total $17,948,518 over a period ending in January 2014…”

This may seem like a trivial expenditure, but it is just another unnecessary straw added to the backs of the taxpayers.