Photos…in case you’re REALLY bored.

I must have peed on some God’s Wheaties in a previous life!

Easter 1962 – Mom & me – gotta love the hat

Sshock and our jerk russell terrorist, Bosley

me without make-up and good lighting – May 2009

6 thoughts on “Photos…in case you’re REALLY bored.

  1. Jerk Russell Terrorist!!! We have one of them also they are demons!!! Ours was purchased by our sons after we lost our beloved schnauzer!! Swore I would never get another until we moved to the country…boys wore me out. Now we have this wire haired Jerk Russell Terrorist that is the biggest damn Jerk Russell I have ever seen!!

    • I will say one thing about them…they are very smart! Ours was born deaf. The AKC told the breeder he should be destroyed so as not to “muddy” the lineage. So, we rescued him and taught him our own “puppy sign language”. However, he knows that if he does not look at you, he doesn’t have to listen to you. Very frustrating sometimes…okay, most of the time 😉

  2. you make me curious about your name. Because of a memory i have of a little girl I met in the 70’s named Stormy. I had wished I could protect her more. I did once, at her bus stop, bcuz her mother ask me to. Due to her violent abusive father being at her house. I had to keep her from going home & take her into my house instead. It was on Lucas & Vassar Rd. #memories

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