About me?

About me…hmm.  I hate writing these because it seems like such a narcissistic thing to do.

I am a life-long Republican, yet not exactly the dictionary definition of a Conservative by any means.  However, I am seriously considering ending my 30 year affiliation with the Republican party and becoming a registered Libertarian.  I like what they stand for.

I was a tattoo artist for many years, but retired after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I now have more reasons to laugh at myself than I did before 🙂  “Hire the Handicapped…I’m fun to watch”

I have a voice, and the right to use it (at least, for the time being).  Agree or disagree, you have the same right.  I feel that if you don’t listen to opposing viewpoints and close yourself in with only like-minded people, you are never going to have an educated discussion with anyone.

I have only a High School education.  I chose not to go to college and instead attended the University that is Life.  I believe “horse sense” will get you farther than “book sense” (unless your ultimate goal is to do nothing but solve the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle in record time).

I cry when the Star Spangled Banner is played at the beginning of a NASCAR race, when one of our brave military men or women lose their life protecting me, when I see Veterans marching in a parade and at videos of troops being reunited with their families after serving overseas.  They are not tears of sadness, but those of overwhelming pride in my country.

My sadness comes when I realize the beautiful nation in which I was born is at risk of being consumed by Socialism.  My sadness comes when I realize the Constitution has been pushed by the wayside.  And, I wonder, does anyone else feel the same way?


Since I first wrote this, some things have changed.  Not much, but enough.

Officially a Libertarian now.  Just got so tired of the D & R bullshit.  Finally broke down and decided to go to college.  So, that ought to make those who had negative comments about my personal decision not to go to college when I was younger a little less apoplectic.

It is still my belief that, should the situation present itself, an abundance of horse sense will save your ass before the book sense gets a chance to kick in.

Don’t let schooling interfere with your education. ~ Mark Twain

Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.

Mark Twain

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/marktwain141715.html#C0Aiyt0D1JW1jB1C.99

Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.

Mark Twain

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/marktwain141715.html#XkZGpYiEerIcpOOD.99

Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.

Mark Twain

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/marktwain141715.html#XkZGpYiEerIcpOOD.99

Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.

Mark Twain

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/marktwain141715.html#XkZGpYiEerIcpOOD.99

We moved from a cattle ranch on the plains to 9,000 ft above sea level in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Best decision we ever made.  I am allowed to be a cranky old hermit now 🙂  I take advantage of that luxury every chance I get.  We have three rescued puppy kids (two heelers and our old, deaf jerk russell terrorist) and a rescued kitty kid (a black, long-haired Hemingway cat).  We lost Little Dog to cancer two years ago and I will forever have a place in my heart that belongs only to her.

All of my short stories (more to come, I hope) have been moved to my second blog – The Things I Thinks.  If you are at all interested, look on my blogroll and you will find the link.

I distrust the government now more than ever before.  Nostradamus was a hack compared to George Orwell.  I wonder what he would think of our country were he alive today.

To quote one of my favorite commentators, Sean Hannity,  “Let not your heart be troubled.”  I am still a bitch…that will never change.

91 thoughts on “About me?

  1. No, I feel sad that you chose to keep yourself limited to “horse sense” and the provacative “conservative” radio broadcasters and not open your mind to the wonderful world of books, and ideas, and openness, and the goodness of all people. Don’t limit yourself so much you actually write and express yourself rather well. You are just limited in your perspective.

    • I’m sorry you are sad…here’s a tissue. Anyway, you really need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. Did you not read the paragraph concerning not being able to have an educated argument without reading all sides of the story. Oh, I’m sorry, you must have had your mind made up before you even began reading and felt it unnecessary to actually pay attention. I DON’T listen to conservative radio…I actually had a subscription to “Flush Rush” in the 90’s. My “perspective” has been developing for 48 years through much reading, watching and LIVING.

      But, again, thank you for a good verbal volleyball match. Just, read all of my posts before you rush to judgment.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments and I think you might be right, maybe ‘Mom’ had a son 12 years before you that you never knew about…

  3. Excellent. I’m glad you discovered my site so I could discover yours. I LIKE your writing, and your general attitude. Good to know there’s more of us. 8)

    • You know, how come the government doesn’t pay attention to us? If they took the time, they would realize how bad they are screwing up.

  4. Have you logged into wordpress today? Some idiot has taken what may have need a tweek here or there and made id a useless site, at least usless to me.

    • i was wondering about the “new” sign on page. No categories, everything is gone! Just a couple of blogs in boxes. What’s up with that?

    • Thank you for showing that you are skilled in basic reading comprehension. However, you obviously did not read the entire post. I am Moderate with a tilt to the right. Although, I am certain I am wrong…I mean having chosen not to go to college, and all. Join in the discussion and exercise all that “research muscle” you developed in college. Show me how analytical you can be.

      • I had to smile. You made me think of a dear dear friend, Nikki, who…last I knew, was shipped back off to Dublin. He’s a real sweet heart. CUTE too
        However, he is a walking encyclopedia! As another mutual friend said “he’s full of useless information”. There really was nothingI touched on that he did not know all about. It was mind bblowing. BUT he doesn’t have a job, a home…nothing. He hops trains & boats and sponges off anyone he meets. He weasels his way into , usually girls, lives and lives off others. Leaving a few messes in his tracks (where people are legally after him for a lot of money in different countries). Wow…what knowledge!

  5. Hi again

    Again means this is the second one today. The other one is in your Blog on
    Quotes. Do read that first if you have not done so yet please because it explains.

    I am pleased that I found you and will dedicate my next Blog to you. It will be called something like “Rest Areas on Life’s Journey” and I hope to get it in within the next few days. It has been on my mind for quite a while but I am pondering a little because I want it to be good.

    I see you tangled, should rather say someone else tried to tangle with you, but that you coped well and Dan rushed to your aid. Good for you and him. I like what you do here; it’s nice and homely [the sort of place one enjoys and needs on the Journey of Life] and indeed a “Rest Area” too.

    Do keep well.

    • Thank you for dropping in. I hope that you do so more often. towp is a person to be respected. I, like you, only know him through blogging but would welcome he and his wife over for dinner any time. I am slightly amused that you consider my blog to be a “Rest Area”. Not many people have ever classified an encounter with me to be restful 🙂 . So, thank you for that as well.

      • Hi

        Am I pleased that my comments made it?

        But now that I know how it works I shall work on Rest Areas on Life’s Journey and let you know in this Blog when I have posted it, with the link etc.

        It’s about Rest Areas in the mind, based on the actual ones on the Interstate sometimes but mainly on those little places in the mountains or on a hillside with just enough parking for two auto’s or one RV and a little brook or stream with running water, sitting on a rock with your feet in the water and watching night falling.

        You can do it at home too, depending on how much freedom you want to allow your mind. Now I must go before I give the entire plan away.

      • I used to drive the Palisades Interstate Parkway every day when I commuted to NYC. I remember stopping at the Scenic Overlooks after a stressful day at work and enjoying the view…in with the good air, out with the bad…

      • Have you ever travelled in NC in the area around Cherokee and Waynesville? If you have or if you are likely to do it next summer let me know and I shall give the pointers to the scenic route over the mountain. It’s spectacular driving!

      • I have been to Ashville a time or two. Been to Hilton Head in SC many, many times. However, we lived in NY and took the I-95 boredom express. I would love to go through the mountains there at least once. I live in Colorado in the foothills and we make frequent trips “up the hill”. My husband is a tow truck driver and gets to see places the tourists wouldn’t dare go to, then we take a road trip on his day off so I can see them.

      • Hi Storm – and now another thing we have in common. You commuted to NYC every day and so did I. Mostly in the 80’s. Trained from Fairfield, but drove every now and again. Palisades – that’s where Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton. History all around us. And those of us who grew up in the Northeast were really surrounded with it.

      • In the mid/late 70s I was living in Rockland County, NY and commuted from there. 3 hours each way most times. What a Bitch! 🙂 However, I read a lot more then than now. Did the NYT Crossword every day. Moved to Manhattan (83rd btw Park & Lex), then Queens (by the SAS building off the Van Wyck) then Staten Island. My favorite was the Staten Island Ferry. 25 cents round trip and I got to see the Statue of Liberty and the NYC skyline every day! I really miss it sometimes.

      • NYT crossword on the train, check. Loved the SI Ferry, check. Lived on the upper east side, check. (I didn’t like that neighborhood much). Queens? Check, I was born there. NYC skyline, check. Loved it and miss those two wonderful buildings on the south end. I think perhaps (not counting our politics) we were actually separated at birth!

      • I was born at Kew Gardens Memorial Hospital in Queens on July 30, 1960 during Hurricane Diana (figures). Is it possible they separated us then? By the way, if we are sisters, you are related to towp – which is a wonderful thing. Re: opposing political views…my mother and sister are liberals, so I can handle it.

      • Since you were born the year I graduated from high school, we are truly miracle twins. Oh, and Jackson Heights for me. Born Physicians Hospital on 34th Street. Went to St. Joan of Arc school before we moved to CT.

      • Honey, I could be your mummy. Honest. You, on the other hand, do NOT look like anyone approaching 40. More twin-ness.

      • uh…i’ll be 50 next year, but thanks 🙂 will post a non-professional photo later. my sister is a photographer and no one in our family is safe.

      • This is becoming quite a chat show and I like that. Moe is nice too.

        You were then born smack in the middle of the start of the Cycle that I call the Change of Winds Cycle in World Affairs and you will reach the magic [or idealistically speaking] “halfway” mark next year. I am going for three score and ten on August 3rd but hope for a little more to see my Cycle out and the new one properly on its way.

        Do keep this Blog going.

      • Nah, dear Katrina.

        All ‘hem lions in our clan are just little pussycats when it comes to roaring. The World has nothing to fear from us.

  6. [PS: Well, you are now getting the first one here too because the Quotes Blog won’t take it. I hope it works].

    Had I known about your Blog I would have dropped by sooner but I happened to stumble into it only yesterday while busy with Google and here I am. I did look for a Blog name after your comment but was probably too busy to look properly. That is one of the main problems of modern life, being too busy with what we think is important and missing out on the treasures around our feet.

    And now, on my first visit I want to be what I am and ask for your permission to say hello to towp who also commented here. “Hi towp, it warmed my heart to find you here too. You are a good sort. Give my regards to the missus and the others.”

    That’s it. If you go to the same Blog where we first met you will find towp there just before you dropped in. Those words of him are worth more than any other quote. I bump into him in another Blog from time to time and though I don’t know him otherwise and have never met in person, I know towp and his missus are contented people, the salt of the earth kind. He is the sort of guy that you wish he were your neighbor or your brother. Well, that’s how I always feel when I meet him in the Blog.

    I shall leave another comment for you under “About Me” [that means you} and stay in contact.

  7. Nice site you have here. Is amazing how condescending leftists can be. Especially those that like to throw the old education card in your face. Have all kinds of that in my family. Phd, Masters, etc…Me? I quit college when I realized the profs only wanted you to hear their side of anything and sneered down their nose you if you dared question them. And anyone whom says they do not, are liars. I’ll take good hardworking people whom, work hard pray hard and live life over any edjeekated jackass whom tries to expouse their sainted views upon how the world should be.
    I’ll be back!

    • I look forward to your visits! Thanks for defending my educational choice. I’m thinking I would rather have someone around who knows how to hunt, pitch a tent, etc. and has good old-fashioned common sense if I were stranded in the woods than someone who would argue about whether or not the campfire is causing global warming and enlarging our carbon footprint 😉

    • if you go to “appearances” then “extras”, there is a box for making snow fall on your blog. I think it will only snow until mid-January. It’s a new WordPress thing.

      • Geeze! And here I thought I was seeing “spots” before my eyes and went and laid down worried I was sick or something!!!!!!

    • sorry I didn’t reply sooner. My daughter was visiting from NJ. I heard about this but am not eligible due to Factor V Liden (blood disorder) and breathing issues due to MS. So I will do what I always do and ignore the damned disease and get on with my life 🙂 Thanx for thinking of me, tho.

  8. Horses are domesticated animals, trained to do what people want. “Horse sense” is like saying you’re proud that your stupidity keeps you contained. and it does keep you contained. without a college degree or at least a cursory knowledge of economics, you’ll probably continue to vote against your economic interest.

    • Speaking of closed-minded…your comment illustrates your point beautifully. It boggles the mind that the only comment you could come up with is a personal attack. Have you nothing constructive to say?

    • Boy talk about liberal assinine comments! I also do not have a college degree yet teach over 2000 students a year figure that one out bubba!
      It is not hard to get a “cursory” knowledge of economics. Can you balance your checkbook and realize x amount comes in and x goes out and the Government does not realize that?
      I know many people with college degrees and they are all dumber then the dirt they stand on when it comes to life. As I suspect you are!

      • Madd – he is obviously a one hit wonder. Notice how some people just can’t argue a point, an ideology, a theory or a freakin’ grocery list without resorting to personal attacks or snarky inuendo? I absolutely welcome opposing points-of-view when they are presented in a grown-up fashion sans the Keith Olbermann-style tactics.

    • Hey, Bro! Sorry about that. Been doing a lot of reading (quite a bit on Constitutional Law, George Washington, etc.) and my warped little mind is working overtime 🙂 HIGHLY recommend The Real George Washington by Parry, Allison & Skousen for any other geeks out there with no life (like me!). Hope the rest of the family is doing well. Take care.

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  10. Now this comment is the most shameless plug that you have ever seen but I am having the blues and need cheering up.

    I posted this:


    It included a pingback to you and I can see it in your Post but it seems that you have not noticed it, or maybe you have been busy.

    It was first done quite a while ago when I felt that way but I dusted it off and posted it especially for you and the other names at the end because I felt the blues coming.

    If I have ever needed a comment from you this is the one.

  11. Towp: Adding another voice here – Katrina, where are you? I hope you’re too busy to waste time here. I also hope you’re okay. And when you come back, add a ‘subscibe’ widget!

  12. Hey Katrina! Jesus, Joseph, and Mary Lou! Where the heck are you little lady? Been missing the heck outta you!

    • hey, kiddo! been busy with school…going to college at the young age of almost 50. i haven’t even had time to check my emails for 2 weeks. hope all is well with you. i have a lot of things to write about, but i need to light a fire under my butt 🙂


  13. Hey sis next time your going to leave for a while leave a note on the door will ya please, jeez need all the family I can get….good to see you back…

      • Ike! So glad to hear from you! I missed all of you, too. Can’t wait to heat up my keyboard again 🙂 Hope all is well with you and yours. Katrina

  14. Do ‘heat it up’ Katrina – It would be lovely to see you back. But most importantly, stay well. You have lots of friends out here.

    • Moe!

      I am so glad to hear from you. I see that the photo I had added for you a while back disappeared. Weird, because it was taken by my sister and I definitely had permission to use it. Oh, well… Really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone. Just had so much going on…you know how that goes. We’re women – we always have a lot on our plates 🙂 Thank you for getting in touch. So happy!


  15. Hey Katrina! This is ol’ Stevex09.
    Moe informed me you were back and gave me the link to your site. I’ll be checking on you and adding you to my blog roll. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hey, Steve!
      I was sad when I clicked on your link on my blogroll and your page wasn’t there. I am grateful to Moe for letting you know I have resurfaced. I enjoyed our conversations and look forward to many more. I will add your page to my blogroll.

  16. pretty much agreed to it all. Except i don’t belong to any party! For same reasons. I went to college, I loved it. However, its evident how much more we are in need of common sense!
    I hope….I have to. For my kids and grandkids sake. Besides, I believe. ♥ You’re right on regarding free speech. Tolerance goes both ways.
    I’m so burned out on all the over sensitive asses, over political correctness, victims….no wait… suspects rights, legalities, whiners/protesters, lack of a voice & protection for our precious children & animals and the distancing from God → that I escape into my drug of choice → FISHING. Along with FOOD & loving my family. #Hope
    Check this out→

      • Please accept the same that you wish me to you and your loved ones, dearest One.

        I am not much into Blogging lately with Internet Connectivity problems and what. The worst part is the one remaining eye that is also packing up.

        I so much worried after seeing the recent comments that it was just from your old visitors and your own to me has made my day now.

        I must rest the eye as much as I can but promise to write in soon again.

        OH yeah, I enjoyed the photos a second time round.


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