Why We’ve Become so Jaded…

I originally posted this on Cry and Howl.

My first thought would be that the only way to quell the growing belief in conspiracies is to tell the truth, answer direct questions directly and to reveal the data you have to back up those answers before conspiracies are even allowed to form in the minds of rational, intelligent people.

The best way to perpetuate a conspiracy is to ignore questions, dismiss those who question as being “political” or “racist” or “hateful”, refuse to produce hard evidence to support your position and to treat rational, intelligent people as though they were uneducated buffoons – too beneath you to waste your time on.

I have lived through many Presidencies. The first President I remember is John F. Kennedy. Actually, the first thing I remember is his funeral. JFK, Jr. was the same age as me. I recall a litany of military records, school photos, diplomas, etc. paraded before the potential voters in order to present the various presidential candidates’ past and present lives so that we could see them as people, as well as candidates. The only thing we have from the current POTUS is a few carefully chosen photos, his words written in his autobiographies and little evidence to back up those words. The practice he has adopted of sealing everything and anything relating to his academic life (among other things) has led to distrust and much conjecture on the part of the people.

Remember when George W. Bush choked on a pretzel or the reports of the removal of potentially cancerous cells from his skin during a routine, presidential medical exam? How could you not – the MSM reported on those stories ad nauseum? I remember the release of any President’s medical results as an annual or semi-annual event year after year. Aside from the fact that Barry has been advised to quit smoking time and time again, what do we know of this man? Where is all of the frenzied reporting after every physical exam he is required to have as POTUS? I am not saying that he is keeping deep, dark secrets. However, silence is the perfect environment for speculation.

Suppressing facts that the American People have already surmised to be true is never good. Despite our declining education system, we did have Sesame Street and are quite sure that “2 and 2 are 4, 4 and 4 are 8, 8 and 8 are 16, 16 and 16 are 32…” We are also extremely protective over those who have truly served our nation with honor and distinction, and the families of those who gave their lives to protect us. This being said, trying to spin an obvious chain of events into something so unreasoned does nothing but create an air of distrust in the motives of our government. It angers people that the sacrifices made on September 11, 2012 appeared to be nothing more than a minor threat to the claims of the obliteration of Islamic Extremist organizations throughout the Mid-East. A fear that this “speed bump” might cost someone a win in the Presidential Election. Thus, the taint of conspiracy hovers over them once again.

Brian Terry died because of a poorly planned operation to identify and apprehend those who were smuggling guns into and drugs out of Mexico. Again, silence and a lack of documentation to show how things went so wrong have given rise to speculation (or thoughts of conspiracy, if you prefer). Yet, all we hear from the podium are sarcasm, belittlement and blame placed upon the shoulders of those who do not ally with the government’s spin. We are a forgiving people when given the truth and a heartfelt apology. We might not forget, but we can find a way to move on and make things better. If losing an election was the result of truth, so be it. At least the legacy left would have been that of an honorable man who is flawed as any human is.

What this nation does not need now is an ideological tit-for-tat between choices made in the past and mistakes made in the present. It does not need people who twist the facts of past actions, or the reasons those actions were taken, to glorify themselves. We have memories, too. No matter how many times you try to tell us the grass was purple and you singlehandedly made it green again only makes you look petty and malicious.

Speaking in angry tones and proselytizing about one’s outrage at yet another “misstep” made by the government, then swearing to solve the issue and get to the truth ring empty in the ears of Americans. Step one: Act angry; Step Two: Feign outrage; Step Three: Get on a plane and take a vacation/play golf/attend fundraisers; Step Four: Assume people have had enough time to forget what the issue was; Step Five; Turn sarcasm on high and dismiss those who seek to know the truth; Step Six; (refer to Step Three). If you only knew how tired we are of this dance.

We do not forget. The shiny things may divert the media, but they do not think nor speak for us. Our Veterans’ dying while waiting for care, the targeting of certain groups of Americans because of their political beliefs (and the subsequent destruction of proof that would either exonerate or condemn those responsible), Sgt. Tamhooressi waiting in a jail cell in Mexico for his “Commander in Chief” to negotiate his freedom, the true series of events that led to the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, failure to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq (when every other president has had the balls to get what they wanted), the porous borders that have allowed unaccompanied minors (with possible contagious diseases) to flow through without resistance, the delay in removing American personnel from yet another diplomatic facility in the Mid-East until it is almost too late, red lines made to be crossed and the threat of force against fellow citizens who have done nothing more than ring up a bill with the BLM are all the feedstuff from which thoughts of conspiracies are nourished.

So, don’t blame us for manufacturing crises. Last time I looked, you were in charge of the factory, not us.

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