Mount Stupid

I do not particularly care about Bowe Bergdahl, his parents or what happened to him when he was playing in the Taliban’s sandbox. He is, at this point in time, totally inconsequential to me. Plenty of time to ponder his fate at a later date because this story is going to go on for-e-ver.

What bothers me is that Barry used his “mighty pen” and signed away the soul of our nation to the devil. Oh, he had the opportunity to retrieve Mr. Bergdahl three years ago by simply paying a ransom for his release. He refused. Why? Because he was determined to use the release of the defector as a way to empty Gitmo, thus keeping one of the million or so campaign promises he made in 2008 and 2012. Regardless of what our government is telling us, I am certain money changed hands. The “captors” are a mercenary group and getting their buddies back was just a small bonus to them.

Funny how he kept quiet about the ransom request, but tried like hell to get Congress to agree to a prisoner exchange with no success. I would not doubt that he made it appear the Haqqani network was insisting on the release of the five most dangerous detainees. That is why he bypassed Congress this time and broke the law. Although, he did advise Harry Greed. Wait. I thought Boehner was third in line for the Presidency. Shouldn’t he have been briefed instead of Harry?

It absolutely infuriates me that Barry is currently speaking at the D-Day remembrance ceremony about our troops, the sacrifices they have made and the selfless way that they volunteered to put their lives on the line to combat terrorism. Meantime, back at Obama Central, his sheeple are doing all they can to discredit the soldiers who served with the defector.   They are being accused of “swift boating” him and being ignorant of the facts surrounding the defector’s little midnight stroll. Barry’s peeps should re-visit the anti-military diatribe Kerry spewed in front of a Congressional Committee when he returned to the U.S. after his time in-country. Perhaps they could watch the many, many interviews given by those who were forced to tolerate his arrogant ass, proving that he flat out lied. To me, “swift boating” means vehemently throwing the truth in the face of those who choose to lie until the façade they have built is reduced to rubble.

I am enraged that those service members who lost their lives, were injured or fought like hell to capture the five vermin seem to be completely forgotten by this administration. Either that or they consider those who actually did serve with honor and distinction to be worth no more than a pimple on a flea’s ass. The same attitude applies to those who were killed searching for a man who made a conscious choice to walk away from his comrades and his country. The Ego in Chief has no concept of the consequences of one’s actions and most likely does not care about the stunning recidivism rate for those detainees released from Gitmo. I suspect this lack of empathy will extend to the families of those who might lose their lives or become severely injured in future attacks planned by the former detainees.  FYI, this is a charming photo I found of Mohammed Fazi.  He is one of the poor, tortured detainees released in trade for the deserter.  He’s the one who still has his head attached to his body:

mohammed fazi

Those who say many of us are making too much of this need to realize that most of us sincerely don’t give a flying you-know-what about the defector at this time. Most of us are just in awe of the mountain of stupidity that exists between the massive ears of our Dear Leader. Be it Karma or luck, I have to say that it delights me to no end that what Barry thought would be a public relations win has turned on him like a rabid raccoon. Poor Barry…

10 thoughts on “Mount Stupid

  1. Again – excellent, excellent piece, every word what we are thinking – every anger how we feel. But Katrina, I believe this is the old slight of hand. Watch my left (Bergdahl & terrorists) hand, ignore what is in my right hand behind my back.

    In the right hand – squashing the very ugly VA story – AND – the children coming in from the southern borders with all the problems associated with illegals but in particular – these children are bringing in diseases!!!! What better way to get this country in a health emergency, shut it down via marshal law and who knows what from there. The CDC is READY for health emergencies, they have been in hot preparation since before September of last year. Does it seem odd to you that they do not seem to be on the scene? Or that they are not stopping the transfers from state to state spreading these known diseases and who knows what else far and wide?

    “Most of us are just in awe of the mountain of stupidity that exists between the massive ears of our Dear Leader.”
    I’m not. It is cold, calculated, evilness. Until we GET that – that he is EVIL – we will simply look at him as inept, stupid, narcissistic when it is much, much worse.

    • Lady Raven – I would call Hussein a wanna-be Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, etc. That is why he is turning his attention to laws restricting the citizens of America, and giving military “gifts” to police agencies across the country.
      I want to know how these children managed to get through the most hellish border Mexico has, traipsed through that country unharmed and ended up dancing through our border unattended. Gee, think Barry had anything to do with it? Of course he did. Using children or animals is the lowest of the low, but it doesn’t matter to him as long as it accomplishes what he set out to do.
      I did not consider the CDC angle, but you could be right. It makes sense, that is certain. Shades of Randall Flagg and Captain Trips perhaps? (Sorry, my Stephen King fan is showing 🙂 )
      And, I agree with you that the whole Bergdahl thing is another “Oooh, look at the shiny thing!” moment – too many of which this administration has used to attempt to divert attention from their true goals… ~Katrina

  2. OH well, posted the note I was to have put on Steve’s reblog. You can delete second one above. 🙂

  3. No need to delete. Good to read article and comment over and over. We the ones who will ‘bell the cat.’

    • Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment, Unit. I was under the weather and my husband came home sick, so kind of a “minimal computer” day. I think we belled the cat a while ago, but some Americans are choosing to wear ear plugs. Oh, well. They will be the losers in the end, you think?

      • Never any hurry for me. In retirement, I sometimes forget what day it is. Usually it doesn’t mad hatter. 🙂

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