Remember the days when school was safe and motorcycles were dangerous?

There was another school shooting in Colorado today. A student walked into the building with a shotgun looking for the Librarian. A student confronted him and was shot in the head. He/she is now in critical condition. The Librarian was warned that there was a threat against him and he left the building. Why the students who were in the Library weren’t made to leave as well is beyond me.

Eventually, the gunboy (he was only 15 or 16) shot himself and is dead.

Where were the parents of this kid? Didn’t they notice he was obviously a troubled person? Did they even care? What about the adults at the school who had contact with him on a daily basis? No one noticed anything!?!?

Now the gun control advocates will be out in force again. They will try to get them banned – again. They will fail to listen to the logical argument that, had there been armed security personnel in the school, the student with the shotgun most likely would not have made it through the door. If there were better laws and treatments centered around the mentally and emotionally ill, two thousand students lives would not be forever changed.

And this child would be alive…
And the one he shot would not be in a hospital with his/her family praying at the bedside that their son or daughter makes it through the night…
And praying that their child will be the same if he/she survives…


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