Burning Down The House

ground hornetsA friend had a ground hornet nest in the garden along the front of the house.  His wife was worried that the kids might get stung when going in or out of the front door.  Our friend had heard that if you pour gasoline on a hornets’ nest, the inhabitants will die and the nest can be safely removed.  (My ex and I did try to talk him out of his plan, recommending he hire an exterminator.) Things he did not consider:

  1. This is supposed to be done at night when the hornets are not active.
  2. Do not use gasoline when the nest is only 12” from the foundation of your home.
  3. Under no circumstances should you set the nest on fire until you have removed it from the hole and placed it a safe distance from any structures on your property.
  4. If there is an entrance hole, always assume there is at least one exit hole.

He poured the gasoline into the hole causing the now extremely agitated hornets to stream out of the exit holes.  His wife opened the front door to see how things were going and was stung several times.  He then attempted to burn the nest while it was underground by lighting fireplace matches and shoving them in the hole.  It eventually caught fire, sending flames out of the exit holes and, in turn, melting a few rows of the brand new vinyl siding on the front of his home before we could get the hose from the back yard and put the fire out.

Somehow, I think Obama is related to this guy.  He just seems to enjoy pouring gasoline on every hornets’ nest in the Middle East without having the foresight to grasp the consequences of his words or actions (well, mostly words).  And, the consequences always seem to bode badly for America and our allies.

If Congress votes “No” to Barry’s proposed actions in Syria, you know darned well he is going to do it anyway.  Personally, I believe the only reason he is waiting for Congress is to have someone else to blame when the hornets swarm and our house starts to melt. 


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