Hospitals Suck

Just  a quick note to let you know I am still here.  Was in the hospital for a week – 2 surgeries in 2 days – gall bladder.  Anyway, do not have my blogging legs back yet, but will see y’all soon.  ~Katrina

9 thoughts on “Hospitals Suck

  1. And your “brother” has shown back up…..good to see you still writing away…I on the other hand am terminal (cancer…..again) and have decided to tale a mellow route out….Look forward to reading more….Nice to see you Heal quick

    • I was worried. Thank you for letting your “sis” know you are still fighting. Missed you a lot. Just let me know every once in a while that you are here, if you feel up to it. Otherwise, I will know when you are my Angel. ~Katrina

      • Oh you’ll hear from me.., I’m not done yet…just done fighting battles and now its my time….but I will still visit

    • Looking forward to it 🙂 Just waiting ’til I can walk up and down the stairs again…this couch is inching closer to the wood stove ever day…

  2. Well just get the hell over it and get back here! You disappear for a few years, come back with a tease and then let a little thing like a gall bladder take you away again??? (Kidding, get better . . . )

    • Moe, I know, this is killing me! I am usually not one to give in to dumb shit, but 22 years of gall stones, a totally blocked common duct and pancreatitis got to me for a bit. The anesthesia caused an exacerbation with the MS and my fingers are not speaking to me 😦 I planned to work on something to post today…lots for Libertarians like me to get pissy about 😉 We’ll see how this works out later. Miss all of you, too!!! Hope all is well in your neck of the world…~Katrina

      • Well if anyone can get past it, you can! I think there’s a golden age for libertarians headed our way, so it’s going to get interesting.

      • I think you are right. Although, anymore “interesting” and I think half of us are going to stroke out…lol 🙂

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