Laugh Clown, Laugh

chicago ghetto 2 chicago kids chicago-ghetto  bilde detroit_taking_some_pics_in_bad_neighborhood_then_desktop_1280x853_hd-wallpaper-490086 A012-BlightCourt001-1107y_11-12-2007_O7NEO0E.jpg   

The first three photos are Chicago, the second three Detroit.

The policies of this “President” have done nothing to improve life for the people of either city.  In fact, things seem to be getting worse.  HOW in the name of God can any politician with a personal connection to either of these places not be sickened by the conditions some of our citizens are living in?

Following is a photo of Barry with one of his long-time “buds” from Chicago, Penny Pritzker, who recently “misplaced” $80 million so it was never reported to the IRS.  She was just appointed Secretary of Commerce.  And they laughed, and laughed…

obama appointee


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