Pure, unadulterated disgust…that is EXACTLY how I feel right now.  I will not edit my comments (except some cuss words – and TRUST ME there are some real doozies floating around in my head right now!).

First of all, I believe that the few idiots (the protesters) who called out racial epithets should have been unceremoniously removed from the grounds.   It made me sick to see grown people act in such a racist way in this day and age.  All they did was validate people like Janeane Garofalo.

HOWEVER…when the Bitch of the House (warned you…I’m pissed) gathered her minions around her for a photo op, she only exacerbated the situation.  Gave credence to the idiots.   Nancy, sweetheart, this is NOT  Selma.

I am not the kind of person who takes charity easily.  I have lived my life as a self-sufficient individual through some very hard times.   Many of my readers do not know EVERYTHING about me.  I never felt it was necessary.  I have survived poverty, molestation, Multiple Sclerosis, domestic violence at the hands of a coward, sub-standard medical treatment during the birth of my daughter (they left medical equipment in me)  and stood tall.  After all of that, believe it or not, THIS HEALTH CARE BILL scares me.

And don’t you DARE tell me if I read the bill I will like it.  Bullshit.  I HAVE read everything that has been posted on the internet.  I may not have a college degree…yet…but I do have an IQ of 146.  Reading comprehension was never a problem.  Legalese was just another language I taught myself.  I KNOW that when the Government runs out of money to fund the monster they have just created, I will not be a priority.  Will I live to see my daughter have her first child?   Will I be important enough to spend money on?  If I have to go on Medicaid, will I be worth an MRI, a wheelchair?  After all, I am almost 50 and disabled.

All I can say is FUCK YOU BARACK OBAMA.  I hope you sleep well tonight.


As an addendum to this post, I spent 7 years trying to get Social Security (my money) and finally won my case.  I now receive $710 per month, can have tangible assets no greater than a cumulative total of $2,000 or they will take it away.  I just had to advise my Neurologist that I can no longer see him because I cannot afford an MRI.  Medicaid pays $530 – an MRI costs $2,500.  Obamacare’s medical implements “fees” have kicked in and this is just the beginning, folks!   Katrina – May 27, 2013

7 thoughts on “Sstorm’s-a-Ragin’

  1. I had a commentor say this morning that he just cannot contain his ‘glee’.
    What a freak! These left-wing good for nothing piss-ants acutually think they are getting something and the rich insurance companies are getting what’s coming to them. Gawd, they are the stupidest people on the planet.

    • Steve, our only recourse will be to carefully and methodically research and evaluate EACH AND EVERY Congressional candidate. Then, keep our fingers crossed that the bad seeds get voted out. My laptop already hates me because I have been researching my sizable buttocks off since 5 am. I cannot wait to see the look on Botox Barbie’s (Pelosi) face when she is removed as Speaker in 2011.

      I think my biggest disappointment is Stupak. Even tho I am pro-choice, I would have had a modicum of respect for this man if he had stuck to his convictions. He sold out for a piece of paper that is basically worthless.

  2. Yes ma’am Stupak was just looking for a justification to vote yes. I posted something that I found at Hot Air just now containing a video clip of Obama lying as usual.

  3. Katrina

    Well, I shall try to be objective.

    You are obviously dismayed’ you are angry and annoyed; you are disappointed; you feel betrayed and you fear for your country.

    I have also followed this debacle and can’t see any victory for America in this monster bill; what I do see is healthcare, which should be for the needy and those who can’t afford to make the pharmaceuticals and their buddies richer, being used as a political toy for personal egos and wayward ambitions.

    But you are not alone; no, not at all. It seems evident that about half of America feels with you. And you have some friends; take them to your bosom, hug them and let them love you. You have your husband and your daughter, you have dear Blogging friends like towp [a good gentle kind soul] and I see Lady BD dropping in now and then [she is strong with a magnificent story of her own].

    Open your heart to them. And if you have a small little space left, do keep it for me.

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