“…an arrogant Crown”

Is marijuana legal in DC?  I only ask because our elected officials can’t possibly think pushing health care reform through when a majority of Americans do not want it is a good idea…unless they are high on something.

Either they are stoned, illiterate, deaf or just plain arrogant.  I believe the correct answer is “all of the above”, but what do I know?  After all, I’m just an uneducated, trailer trash redneck living in the foothills of Colorado…or, at least, that’s what most of the Liberals who have commented on my blog seem to think.

I have been fairly quiet of late.  Doing much reading, listening and watching.  Some days I wonder if the government has forgotten the reason upon which our great nation was founded:

Freedom from an oppressive, arrogant Government

This is not to say that the men and women in office today are necessarily oppressive.  I would rather classify them as dismissive of and condescending towards the very people who put them in office in the first place.

Nearly 234 years ago, Americans attempted to communicate their dissatisfaction with the British in a peaceful manner.  Their words fell on deaf ears.  While reading The Real George Washington by Parry, Allison and Skousen I was struck by the similarities between the sentiments of Americans then and now towards the “Administration”.

Read these quotes and tell me that this is not reflective of the atmosphere of discontent in which we currently live:

When suggested that the Americans write yet another plea to the British government, Washington wrote

“Have we not tried this already?  Have we not addressed the Lords and remonstrated to the Commons? And to what end?  Did they deign to look at our petitions?  Does it not appear, as clear as the sun in its meridian brightness, that there is a regular, systematic plan formed to fix the right and practice of taxation upon us?…”

(Just substitute “taxation” with “health care reform”.)

This one from the authors of The Real George Washington –

“In late May 1774 the House of Burgesses had requested that Virginia’s counties hold citizens’ meetings on the rapidly deteriorating state of Anglo-American relations.  They recognized the vital need for a grass-roots movement, for an increased stirring in the hearts of the citizenry.  Only then could America unite.  Only then would an arrogant Crown – a stubborn Parliament – listen.”

Hmmm…sound familiar?

Even though Harry Reid won’t admit it, Reconciliation seems to be the tactic du jour.  However, unless the real reasons for wanting health care reform are money and power, Reconciliation won’t do them any good.  Reconciliation will only allow budgetary items to be push through, but will not help people with pre-existing conditions, etc.  Those things would have to be passed separately.  So, this being said – WHY NOT SLOW DOWN AND COME UP WITH SOMETHING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN LIVE WITH?!?!

You know, I thought the members of Congress were elected to represent the people of the United States, not the President.  Pretty naïve, huh?  When I heard Pelosi gushing on the Sunday “news” about passing so many items in the Obama agenda I nearly puked from the sugar overdose.  How arrogant of both her and Obama to ask Congress to basically ignore their constituents.  I’m thinkin’ the Anointed One is grooming his daughters for careers in public service.  If not, they will end up with the same crap plan he is trying to shove down our throats.

And, yes, I was one of the nerds who watched the entire health care summit last Thursday.  I have the liver damage from too many Excedrin™ to prove it 😉  Much of it was almost funny.  Almost.  Especially when Obama berated John McCain for “campaigning”.  Seriously? This from the perpetual campaigner himself?  He’s a funny, funny man our President is…

I guess what I would like to see is one freakin’ politician stand up before the American people and tell us honestly why this particular health care reform bill must pass yesterday, admit that he/she is totally ignoring the will of the People and explain the true political motivation behind their decision.  Yeah, right…whose smoking weed now?

8 thoughts on ““…an arrogant Crown”

  1. Hey Katrina!
    Been missing you around here. I’m glad I can always come here and find some common sense.
    I think getting some sort of so called ‘health care reform’ bill is important to Obama and company as they really want the single payer option; plus the $ as that’s alot of bucks when every person in America is forced to buy health insurance from the government; plus what an control mechanism over the people … control over their health!
    Obama realizes he’s a ‘one trip pony’ (one term) so this stuff has to get done now. Just like you suggested they have be high to shove this through knowing the citizens don’t want it … they are high on power and arrogancy. Starting tomorrow here in Texas, (voting day) we’re going to start cleaning the weasels out.

    • God Bless Texas!!!! You know, Colorado is not far from there…need an extra broom? 😉

      I have to get my groove back. Been busy stuffing my nose in books. It’s pretty easy to isolate yourself when you live in the middle of a cattle ranch in the dead of winter.

      Glad to hear from you, too.

  2. Ms Pelosi’s comment to her fellow democrats to vote for healthcare in spite of what it may do to their careers kinda says it all..but I’ll be damned if the Liberals really get it…and truly she, chooses not to get it..(your cartoon will be a HUGE hit with the PC crowd..I can just see the comments now…Welcome back)

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  4. Our leaders have been touting these lies for so long that they themselves are now overdosing on the kool-aid.

    I reside in a “sanctuary city.” Every now and then, running late to work, I’ll call a taxi to take me to the train station. During the past few months, I have had the misfortune of getting one particular taxi driver. Each time, we end up on the discussion of Obamacare. We are on different sides of this subject and the conversation gets ugly fast.

    It’s early and long before I have had my first cup of coffee, so ….well, you get it.

    The driver always tries to convince me of the importance of Obamacare for Americans and how WE need Obamacare and how I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    The conversation quickly ends when I shout at HIM asking HIM if HE is even in this country legally. At that moment, I inform HIM that HE should not even be in the conversation.

    That is just one of many discussions. Another discussion with a soon to be family member: Her sister has some sort of leg cancer and the doctors have not been treating her due to lack of healthcare insurance. These people are sitting by hoping and waiting for Obamacare to come through so that the sister can receive medical care.

    They are listening to all the wrong arguments (CNN, MSNBC) and actually believe that Republicans or from where they come from “white people” are keeping Obama from passing Obamacare. Too darned much kool-aid here.

    I have for patiently for months tried to explain to this woman the downside of Obamacare and how it would affect her sister who is in her mid to late 60’s with leg cancer. Furthermore, if the woman is that ill, can she afford to wait four years to find herself jerked around some more? Obamalogic is based on insanity.

    I am Black American and these people are Jamaican American. Trust me, in their world there is a difference and they see Obama as their savior.

    Even I cannot bring myself to telling this woman that and her sister is hoping against hope. Even worse, they simply REFUSE TO GET IT as they hold on to every word uttered by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, MSNBC and CNN.

    • It is sad that so many people have pinned their hopes and dreams on this government. It would be wonderful if the American people could find a way to have an open, honest discussion with the residents of Venezuela and Cuba – I mean, how’s that workin’ out for them?

      Thanx for your comments and welcome to the conversation. I look forward to seeing you here again!

      • You make a valid point there. It boils down to “be careful what you wish for.” Even worse is that those who are hooked on hopium will suffer the most from its effects.

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