A Blog for Ike

I have received a few requests from a fellow blogger named Ike that I post photos of my husband and his tow truck.  Since Sshock is usually the one doing the work, it was hard to dig these up.  Ike, the selection may be sparse, but here you go…

towingtowing 2

IM000289 IM000300 IM000301 sp001

Towing in the mountains is never “normal”.  The first photos are of a car that was wrecked when the driver was too busy texting to pay attention.

The sign warning about mountain lions is a common site up there.  The last photo shows what happens when you go off-roading in a snow storm where mountain lions may live.  Regular trucks were unable to get back to this jeep, so they brought out a rock crawler and  a small boom truck.  FYI, this vehicle was brand new.  Fortunately, the driver walked away – uneaten 🙂

1 thought on “A Blog for Ike

  1. Thanks Katrina

    I have seen and it brought back many pleasant memories; not of accidents please, but of my motor homing years. I shall pop back and copy the pictures; there are two more of my posts for Joe running in his columns right now and my Gmail is running faster than I can handle it.

    Be happy and give my regards to thank hunk of a man.

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