Graveyard Politics


In 1978 I registered to vote for the first time in my life.  I chose the Republican Party because I felt their ideology most closely represented my own.  Although I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Same Sex Marriage, the Republican Party’s stand on fiscal conservancy and small government, their strong support of our men and women in the military and support of the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans were important to me.  At the time, I believed that the Republicans adhered to the laws as set forth in the Constitution more often than the Democrats.

That was then…this is now. 

Many years have passed and Ronald Reagan is just a name self-serving politicians (both Republican and Democrat) throw around when they want to show “We the People” that they are acting out of true Patriotism and not personal greed.  I’m sorry, but simply donning a pair of boots worn by John Wayne does not make you the Duke, quoting the Bible doesn’t make you Jesus and wearing Dolly Parton’s bra is not going to give me a Triple-G bust line.

The other day I attended a seminar given by the Republican Party here in Colorado in an attempt to better understand the Caucus process.  I had attended a Caucus in 2008 prior to the nomination of John McCain as the 2009 Presidential contender for that party.  Having lived on the East Coast most of my life where we voted in Primary Elections by secret ballot, I found the process confusing and felt that my vote really didn’t count.  The seminar did nothing to change my opinion of the process. 

Being a registered Libertarian, I cannot participate in the Caucus.  Fair enough.  The Libertarian Party does not hold a Caucus.  The thing that struck me was how many people in that room considered themselves Libertarian, yet they maintained their Republican Party status so they could attend a Caucus.  The “instructors” told us how to get yourself nominated as a delegate by not associating yourself with a particular candidate.  Then you can go off to Denver and cast your vote your way once you are there.  In other words, even though a majority of the registered voters in your party want you to vote for Candidate X, you can vote for Candidate Y anyway.  Huh?  Call me naive, but isn’t that the kind of crap that got us into this mess in the first place

I felt decidedly out of the loop because my vote and my opinion are of no importance to anyone until Election Day due to the fact that I am an “undeclared” voter.  Uhm…if either party actually paid attention to what is going on in the world outside of Washington, DC,  they would notice that the “undeclared” voters have been the deciding voice in most of our local, state and national elections for the past few years. 

This is not what I envision as a way to change politics as usual.  If anything, it only serves to plant us in a different hole in the same graveyard. 

19 thoughts on “Graveyard Politics

  1. I want to comment on this one and I shall do so in a while; but Life has taught me to ponder on the difficult ones before you jump. Normally I jump and I like or/and prefer others who do so because I like people who can make up their darn minds for themselves, but I want to chew the cud on this one for a while.

    Watch this space.

  2. Let not your heart be troubled Katrina. Your vote counts. Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents can pull it off … look at Massachusetts. Hell no the Republican party isn’t the same, just like the Democratic Party isn’t the same. JFK would be considered far right now. But geez let’s not be discouraged, as that’s exactly what the left wants. During the voting in Mass. the Boston Globe put it out that Martha Coakley had won 9 freaking hours before the votes were in trying to keep people home. Didn’t work. Hang in there. Hoping you and yours have a great weekend!

    • Thanx for the pep-talk, Steve. 9 out of 10 times I have voted for a Republican candidate over a Dem, but only after carefully checking out their voting record and weighing my options. I guess I just don’t understand why the two big parties don’t allow “undeclared” voters to participate in their caucus/primary elections, too. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for them to do so?

      I think the Boston Glob’s (not a typo) tactics only served to push conservatives and other non-democrats to run out and vote just to spite them 🙂

      Hope your weekend is wonderful, too.

  3. You have been quiet, but so have I been I suppose. But you have not been out of mind or of heart.

    I still want the picture of that tow-truck.

    I have discovered a site that you can visit if you take the odd minute that you want to be alone with yourself and some good reading by a good man in the language of the ordinary person. Just page through and read whatever interests you.

    Do keep well.

  4. Storm – your complaint about this process is right on. A number of states – not mine, yet – have opened their primaries to all voters, which is a good thing. After all, there are only two names on most ballots; the majority of voters should have the opportunity to see that the two best make it to the ballot.

    One of the reasons my area is majority Republican is because Dems register that way so they can vote in the local and state primaries (which is mostly Republican).

    • Moe – I can see how that happens. It really irks me that we are limited to a two party choice in most states and that people of all political bents are not given the same respect as Repubs or Dems. Honestly, I do not think party affiliation should be a requirement for voting in a primary. As long as you only vote once, who cares what your political ideology is? The general elections are run that way, why not a primary?

      • Katrina: You may remember that presidential debates were run by the League of Women Voters for decades. Then, when Ross Perot made such a big splash, the Dems and Repubs got all shook up, created something called the Presidential Debate Commission, which is a joint venture between the two parties. They shut out the League and they shut out third party candidates – which was the point.

      • Moe – I wish they would return control to the League. Maybe the questions would be less customized to the individual party’s agendas.

      • Yeah, wouldn’t it be sweet if we could grab back just some small part of our civic life and have a real national dialogue?

        You see how many people are leaving congress this year? I think they should stay and ‘act up’ right where they are.

      • Moe, I guess blogging is the only national dialogue we can have. Funny how we actually listen to each other. Why can’t anyone else listen? If you and I were in Congress and exchanged ideas as freely and calmly as we do now, we would be ostracized from our respective camps. Oh, well, we were always the rebels of the family, weren’t we 😉

      • Right! Of course, if you and I were in DC, once we’d done a day’s worth of the ‘people’s business’, we would go out and investigate the quality of the beverage industry in that fair city.

        (Bloggers rule.)

      • We could go to Filomena’s in Georgetown for some killer Italian food (if they are still there), then off to find the beer…sounds like a plan to me!

  5. Hi Lady

    I have a need to do this and if you need some solitude with good reading material, do visit:

    There is a lot in there; from some very learned stuff to his own poetry; but all is uncomplicated. Jamie is a gentle soul; he does not look for compliments but will reward you with a gentile smile.

    Don’t try to read everything at first; as I have said you will find a lot, but also, I am sure, something of value to you.

    Bless you while you are thinking; most of us are in the same situation right now.

    PS: this is not a request at all but he is the sort of man who will smile if you tell him where you got the referral. Do as you deem right for you.

    Another PS: I would still welcome a photo of the truck.

    • My computer completely crashed a couple of months ago. Thankfully, I had saved some of my photos on Picasa. I am searching for the tow truck photos and I promise a posting as soon as I find a good one 😉 Thank you for the site link. Will go there sometime in the next few days.

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