Teach your Children…

You, who are on the road
Must have a code
That you can live by.
And so, become yourself
Because the past
Is just a goodbye.

(excerpt from Teach your Children by Graham Nash)

What has happened to us?  What will become of our children?  These questions loom large in the minds of Americans across the nation.

I know, I know.  Every generation is accused of being the worst in the history of mankind.  Every era will be the downfall of our country as we know it.

This time I am not talking about the kids.  I am talking about parents.  In a discussion with a fellow blogger, it became apparent to me that we are taking the easy way out.  I never realized how greatly our political choices and technological addictions affected how children are raised.

How do you teach a child that hard work and good study habits can lead to great things if the President of the United States travels overseas to accept an award that was clearly not earned?  Why should they even try if their efforts go unnoticed because it might be “unfair” to someone who didn’t work as hard?

Why should a child tell the truth about anything if the leaders in their own government couldn’t recognize the truth if it stood naked in front of them?  If you get caught in a lie it is okay to make excuses, accuse someone else, bring up the shortcomings of another or just say “My bad” and move on.

Why do our children find it so hard to embrace the idea of family and how important it is to treat those in your family with respect and compassion?  Because we plant our kids in front of the TV and pop in DVDs instead of spending time with them.  We hand them books with little computer chips  that read to them instead of taking 30 minutes to do it ourselves.   Fast food on the fly and micro-waved  mac n’ cheese eaten in front of the TV is our idea of dinner time.  Some parents have to work, granted, but they don’t HAVE TO go to the spa, or play golf or have girls/boys night out.  What’s wrong with girls/boys night in?   If you didn’t want the responsibility of having children, you should have had a vasectomy or gotten your tubes tied.

How do you instill pride in our nation and respect for the Constitutional Rights of fellow American Citizens when those rights are arbitrarily given out to those who’s very lives are centered around wiping us off the face of the earth?  Why should you love your country if your own President apologizes for her whenever he is on foreign soil?

Why work when the Government will support you?   Why learn to drive if the car can pretty much do it for you?  Why study the geography of the United States of America when you have a GPS?  Why read the Constitution when the very people sworn to uphold it obviously don’t?

I know there are a lot of good people out there who do the best they can to raise their children as good, caring people.   And I am by no means saying that I did everything (or anything) right.  I just see so much crap being fed to our kids through school, reality TV, our government and even ourselves that I wonder…

What has happened to us?  What will become of our children?

5 thoughts on “Teach your Children…

  1. A lot of our problems stem from the breakup of the nuclear family. Don’t take this as sexist, as it’s not meant to be, but when women started going out to work full-time is when our problems started. The problem with women (specifically mothers of children) going into the fulltime workforce was that children got less time with the nurture and authority of a mother. Kids had more time on their hands, and had to figure out things to do. Many parents put them in front of the TV — where the kids picked up values, etc. Long story short: It doesn’t take a community to raise a child, it takes two interested and caring parents.

    Once we get back to this, we will SLOW the problems we face.

  2. Katrina

    You have, the way Blogs go, one of the best ever here! Thanks for the guts saying it.

    I am not saying it because I am pushing the years now; not at all, believe me. If I am saying it for anyone it is for my father who left long time ago. I believe all the good things in me I got from him, and the bad habits were my own negligence.

    And having had him as a father I have managed to get the basics into our children. Glad to be able to say that their ole grandpaw would be proud of a grandson aged 38 and a granddaughter age 36 in the next few months. I am and I tell them so, and I love them more every year that goes by.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Ike. Your father sounds like he was a wonderful man. I’ll bet your children say the same things about you. You should be proud.

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