Happy FREAKIN’ New Year…

Click on this link, and make sure to read all of the comments.  Thanx, Cm…I had to take a Klonopin after this one.


8 thoughts on “Happy FREAKIN’ New Year…

  1. You’re certainly welcome, my sweetness. Anything I can do to inspire chemically induced relaxation. I meant every damn thing I said there. This is treason. The purpose behind Ronaldus Maximus’ approval was to use them to help us. ObaMao is only using it as a foot in the door to further “oneworldness” to come. v2.0 is just around the corner.
    Dinty Moore stew lasts forever, buy cases now. Bottled water. First Aid gear. Ammo for what weapons you own. Wool clothing, wool blankets.

    • Don’t forget Twinkies, spam and books on dangerous plants and herbs. A must if you mean to survive in the wild. Isn’t it funny, Cm, how each day we learn how he has snuck (sneaked?…whatever) another assault on our freedoms into a bill in the dark of night. First the H.I.T. squad, now this…

  2. Real scary, but then remember that the Anointed One pointed out during the Election campaign [and used FDR to back him on that] that there “is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

    He’s good. You may not like him, but he is a real very good lying sombitch politician.

  3. Good post by cmblake6, and some good points made in the comment section. I think ol’ Chris doesn’t grasp the seriousness of the EO … like it’s nothing if challenged Constitutionally, like that’s really gonna happen. Thanks for the link Katrina.

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