Dirty Deeds

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap?  Not in Congress!

All of the closed door meetings, back alley deals, not-so-veiled threats and intimidation tactics seem as though they belong in a cheesy spy novel…not within the halls of the Capitol.  Can you imagine the fallout if a major corporation was caught using those methods to sway a Congressional vote their way?  (And don’t start screeching that they have.  That is why “caught” is blue.  We’ll just file it under “DUH!” and move on.)  The New York Times would make that a front page story for months.

If we have waited nearly 100 years for health care reform, a few more months shouldn’t hurt.  Note to Senator Harkin (D-IA) – many of those in opposition to this bill are not fear-mongering, they are being cautious.  Wouldn’t you be suspicious of a bill that was drafted in partisan meetings, a bill that has so far only been read by the authors?  Wouldn’t you be outraged by the payoffs and promises?  Sir, I do not believe Corn Husker’s Lotion was intended to be used to grease the palms of a Senator from Nebraska.

All of the in-fighting, personal attacks, late night sessions and midnight votes would be completely unnecessary if this matter could be settled in the most democratic and logical way We The People know.  PUT IT UP FOR POPULAR VOTE.  Allow us to decide our own future!  Then, there would be no question as to whether the American Citizens (you know, those pesky little people who put your sorry asses in office) want health care reform or not.  You wouldn’t have to up your blood pressure meds, spend money on Advil™ or Tums™, eat Chinese take-out or miss spending the holidays with your loved ones.  There would be no Louisiana Purchase, no bribes paid to Senators from Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc.  Just post the bill online and let us bear the burden of this all-too-important decision.  Sounds pretty cut and dried to me!

So, what are you afraid of?  Whether you pass this bill or not, I can almost guarantee half of you won’t be traveling to DC after the 2010 elections.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Deeds

  1. Hey Katrina!
    Just stopping by right now to wish you and your family a great Christmas and blessings for the New Year. You’re the best!

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