I can’t HEAR you!!!

The following letters were emailed to me in response to requests I sent to both Senator M. Udall and Senator M. Bennet – both Democrats representing Colorado.

I explained my concerns to both Senators – that I do not support Health Care Reform even though I have a disability.

If this is an example of how well Congress listens to their constituents, we are in BIG trouble.

Boy, I can’t wait for 2010!!!

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your e-mail message. Hearing from Coloradans is important to me. I will respond to your concerns in the near future. In the meantime, I am especially glad you reached out, because it gives me a chance to briefly introduce myself and share with you some of my priorities for Colorado.

Our country faces serious challenges today: rising unemployment, home foreclosures, and companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Congress and the President have set bold goals for our country to address these challenges and lay the foundation for sustainable, long-term economic growth. We must make responsible investments in health care, education, and our new energy economy, while providing much-needed tax cuts to middle-class families. As we do so, however, we must work to reduce the deficit, because economic recovery will be short-lived if we mortgage our children’s future to achieve it.

It will be my mission every day in the Senate to represent all corners of Colorado and do everything in my power to stand up for the natural beauty and Western values that make our state unique. If you need assistance from my office, or if you need help dealing with a federal agency, please use the link below to access our casework form. If you are not a Colorado resident, I encourage you to contact the U.S. Senators from your state directly.

Please send all scheduling requests to Scheduler@bennet.senate.gov or fax to 202-228-4083.

Once again, thank you for contacting me.


November 22, 2009

Dear Katrina,

Thank you for your recent message to my U.S. Senate office.  Each week, over 10,000 Coloradans send me their thoughts and suggestions.  This unprecedented volume is a testament to the interest that Coloradans take in the issues facing our nation.

Coloradans have contacted my office about the economic recovery bill, energy, the environment, small business, education, health care, and numerous other important topics.  I appreciate hearing from each one of you because understanding your views is fundamental to my job.  Please know that my staff reads each one of your letters and e-mails and keeps me consistently updated on Coloradans’ concerns.

I am honored to serve as your U.S. Senator.  My top priority in the Senate is to provide efficient and effective service to people across our state.  Please know that my Colorado staff is available to handle specific services relating to the federal government (such as help with a passport, claim for veterans’ benefits, or a citizenship matter).  My Denver office can be reached at 303-650-7820.  If you would like to check on a request for services from my Washington, D.C. office, please call 202-224-5941 or toll-free at 877-7-MUDALL (877-768-3255).  Otherwise, be assured that we are reading your comments.

I will continue to listen closely to what you and other Coloradans have to say about matters before Congress, the concerns of our communities, and the issues facing Colorado and the nation.  My job is not about merely supporting or opposing legislation; it is also about bridging the divide that has paralyzed our nation’s politics.  For more information about my positions and to learn how my office can assist you, please visit my website at www.markudall.senate.gov.
Warm Regards,

Mark Udall
United States Senator, Colorado


December 7, 2009

Dear Katrina,

Thank you for contacting me regarding health insurance reform.  I appreciate your taking the time to express your specific views on this important topic facing our nation.

As you know, many proposals have been put on the table for reforming our health care system to make it work for all Americans.  I recognize there are many, often competing, philosophies and ideas on the best way to move forward.  As your Senator, it is my job to listen closely to the various stakeholders involved in this process as well as actively seek out input from across the state to help inform my understanding of what is best for Colorado.  One thing I firmly believe, however, is that the status quo is unacceptable and unsustainable.

As the U.S. Senate continues to debate health insurance reform, there are a number of key requirements which will guide my consideration.  Any health reform must: 1) allow people who like the coverage they currently have to keep it; 2) bring costs down so that all Coloradans are able to cover their families while staying within their means; 3) preserve the critical doctor-patient relationship, ensuring that decisions about treatment are made by those who know the patient the best; 4) call for insurers to provide coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions or medical history; and 5) be fiscally responsible.  By ensuring that these pieces are part of reform, we can provide the stability in health care that is currently lacking for hard working Coloradans – stable costs, stable coverage, and stable quality.  Cost-effective ideas to improve health like emphasizing prevention and wellness programs, early screening and diagnosis, and chronic disease management are just a few pieces of the puzzle that I think can help us get there.

Another important piece to the puzzle is ensuring that health reform expands access to care for those living in rural communities, which is why I recently introduced legislation known as the Rural Physician Pipeline Act of 2009 (S.1628).  This bill is designed to improve health care in rural communities by helping medical schools establish programs to recruit and train medical students who want to practice in rural areas.  The provisions in this legislation are based on a successful program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and there is evidence to suggest that, if similar programs are expanded, as called for in my bill, we can dramatically increase the number of rural doctors nationwide.

Additionally, health reform must include provisions aimed at helping to alleviate the financial burden placed on small business owners who struggle to provide health coverage to their employees.  This is especially true for those small businesses that have seen the cost of coverage grow at such an alarming rate that they are unable to stay competitive in maintaining a talented pool of workers.  Small businesses are the driving force of our economy and we must pass health insurance reform which provides them a pooled marketplace from which to purchase coverage and offers credits to make plans affordable.

Reforming our health care system will not be easy, but it is imperative.  As Congress continues looking for the best ways to meet our nation’s health care challenges, please know that I will always keep the best interests of Coloradans in mind.  Along the way, I will certainly remember your particular thoughts and concerns.

Please visit my website at www.markudall.senate.gov/healthreform to see up-to-date information regarding the ongoing health insurance debate.

I will continue to listen closely to what you and other Coloradans have to say about matters before Congress, the concerns of our communities, and the issues facing Colorado and the nation.  My job is not about merely supporting or opposing legislation; it is also about bridging the divide that has paralyzed our nation’s politics.  For more information about my positions and to learn how my office can assist you, please visit my website at www.markudall.senate.gov.
Warm Regards,

Mark Udall
United States Senator, Colorado


December 11, 2009

Dear Friend,

We wanted to provide you with an update on the progress of health care reform and our efforts to strengthen – and pass – this landmark legislation. We are closer than ever to accomplishing monumental reform.

We are hard at work to provide you with security and stability with your health insurance, ensure you have access to quality, affordable health care, and rein in out-of-control health care costs. The health care reform bill will put an end to insurance company denials for pre-existing conditions and ensure you have coverage you can count on – that can’t be taken away.

This week we joined 9 other Senate freshmen in announcing a package of amendments that will work to lower costs and move our health care system into the 21st Century. This means less paperwork, less fraud and lower costs. And it means quality time with your doctor and better value for your dollar.

This bill will also protect and strengthen Medicare. Seniors will continue to have guaranteed access to their doctors, home health care providers, nursing homes, prescription drugs and hospital care. We will extend the Medicare trust fund, lower premiums or cost-sharing, increase Medicare benefits and improve access to providers. And we will eliminate co-pays seniors have to pay for preventive care – making seniors’ colonoscopies or mammograms free.

Together, we will continue to fight for a bill that gives patients more choices, reduces costs and doesn’t add one dime to the deficit – all goals that we believe can be achieved with the help of a strong public option.

We can and must pass meaningful health care reform because the status quo is no longer an option. If we do nothing, we will be left with a system that puts profits before patients and leaves millions of Americans paying too much for their insurance or without any health care at all.

We’re optimistic that in the coming weeks we can achieve meaningful health care reform for Colorado’s families.

Your Senators,

Mark Udall and Michael F. Bennet

It is obvious to me that neither Senator has any interest in listening to the people who do not want Health Care Reform as outlined by Congress.  From day one, they chose to tow the party line.  Before anyone freaks out and reminds me that the Republicans are doing the same thing, let me just say I AM FULLY AWARE OF THAT.

When I state that I cannot wait for 2010, I am not only speaking about voting Democratic Senators out of office…I am in favor of sending them ALL home.  Term limits are a beautiful thing.

11 thoughts on “I can’t HEAR you!!!

  1. And you expected what from either of them Stormy? Both responses were, as I am sure you are aware, “canned.”

    In fact, the one appears almost a copy of one that Udall sent to me about another issue when I had emailed him while I still lived in Colorado.

    My response to that one was; “Well when you can’t blind people with brilliance baffle them with bullshit…”

    Both are federal positions, and do not come under the term limitations law. I have little doubt though, that both will be looking for work after the next election cycles.

    • Patrick, we can only hope that you are right. I wish just one member of congress had the testicular fortitude to propose term limits for all federal positions. Not that it would ever pass, but it would show us who actually cares more about the country than themselves.

      • I checked out that site. It is a good one. Have you gone to goooh.com yet? (stands for “Get Out of Our House!”) It is pretty interesting, too.

  2. I hope this is not off topic, but I am crazy about cartoons. It’s a special art.

    Maybe I am just a silly ole guy but the detail in the one above is simply spectacular. I will giggle for the entire week.

    • Ike, I love them, too. Go to http://www.cnsnews.com and click on the cartoons tab. They have some good ones I think you will really enjoy. I can’t seem to link it here in the comments, so you’ll have to type it in manually. Enjoy!

      • Thanks for the link Katrina.

        I loved the one from Eric Allie; it’s so good to study every artist’s impression of the eyes and other facial expressions.

        This link is a treasure house and you may send more any time.

  3. Hell, at least you received responses, even if they are canned! I have contacted both of our esteemed leftist Senators here in Minnesotah, Amy Klobuchar and (man it is embarrassing to say this one, even though I did not vote for the little moron!) Al Franken (where is the soap? Need to wsn my nouth out!) and because of their “esteemed stature” have yet to hear anything form them!!
    Sigh….and we have Franken for how many more years?

    • My intention was to show that We The People are not even worth a brief acknowledgment of our existence on a more personal level. If they feel that personal responses are too time consuming, the least they could do is limit their canned responses to the issue at hand, instead of spewing campaign rhetoric. I didn’t vote for either of them. I won’t vote for them in the future and I certainly have placed them on the lower end of my “Congressmen/Women deserving of my respect”.

    • His total disrespect for a senior member was disgusting and inexcusable. I thought John McCain was going to bust a blood vessel because he was so incensed. And rightly so.

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