Paying Homage to Climate Change

7 thoughts on “Paying Homage to Climate Change

  1. Climategate heck!! It is a Snow Job and a good one at that!! Al “Clueless” Gore is getting rich and expanding his carbon footprint!! Amazing all these “celebs” like Travolta, Cruise, Dopey Winfield and others are out there”flying” around telling people about the dangers of Carbon, in their “private” airplane(s). Telling us how we have to live to save the planet…what a bunch of bullcrap!!

    • Bro, you are sooo right about MSM.

      The photo is one of my favorites. That is part of my view as I sit here bitchin’ on the computer (we call it F.R.E.D which stands for Freakin’ Ridiculous Electronic Device). Not a bad front yard, huh?

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