Merry Christmas? NO!…Karl Marx? Well, of course!!!

The Obama Campaign symbol.  A tribute to one man’s ego-driven rise to the Presidency of the United States of America.  Even named his dog after himself.

In schools across the country children are not allowed to celebrate, mention or breathe the Christmas spirit.  The Pledge of Allegiance is “optional”.  But, have the Politically Correct Police gone too far this time?

History Channel has teamed up with far-Left author and college Professor Howard Zinn to produce a “documentary” intended to educate elementary and high school children about how evil our capitalist society truly is.  Before you read the article I have linked below, make sure you have Advil, Pepcid and your blood pressure medication at the ready.

19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas? NO!…Karl Marx? Well, of course!!!

  1. I’m not surprised ol’ Ben would be a fan Howard Zinn. I mean they think exactly alike. Capitalism bad … Marxism good.
    Thanks for posting this Katrina; very enlightening.

    • Between this History Channel crap and the “oopsie” made by the school supply distributor (in which the Anointed One’s campaign symbol was printed on notebooks and pencils), I am beginning to believe my creepy little stories might actually come true. Thanx for visiting, madd. Hope you stop by often.

  2. Of course I have to weigh in here from my commie pinko headquarters where I am trying to see if maybe this year I can get the cookie dough to behave the way it’s supposed to.

    Howard Zinn’s book, considered an ‘alternate history’, was published 30 years ago and has sold about 100,000 copies every year since. Zinn is famous for telling the story from the ‘underside’, the view of those traditionally ignored when history is written. We all know the old adage, ‘history is written by the winners’. He tried to turn that on its head and his work has held up pretty well.

    This country I love for so many reasons, has also got a long and sordid side to its history – of persecutions, bigotry, even genocide. We’re wrong to try to hide those things from our children. We teach them that lying is a bad thing. So why would be lie to them? I believe in truth – and I understand that competing truths are still both truth.

    Zinn does not hold a one-sided view of US history. He says that our history as traditionally
    taught is often whitewashed, and denies too much that is also our history.

    For example (my examples):
    The United States redefined democracy and liberty in the entire western world – for the good.
    The United States tried to annihilate the Indians.
    The United States lifted more people out of poverty than any other nation.
    The United States was a slave-holding nation far longer than its Western counterparts; many of its Presidents held slaves.
    The United States saved Europe in the Second World War and then rebuilt it.
    The United States is the ideal destination for immigrants from around the world, because there is opportunity and freedom here.
    The United States, while historically the world’s leader in most of these fields, is now falling behind – in education, innovation, health care.

    Every schoolchild knows that early Presidents were slave holders. That is absolute mainstream history. In a discussion of the era why ever wouldn’t a teacher ask their students to identify which presidents owned slaves? (Big Hollywood says five year olds are being quizzed on this; then the link he provides does not support his claim; it says it’s fifth graders, who are quite a bit older).

    • Interesting comment Moe. No one excuses the ‘unsavory’ deeds of some of the forefathers. Yes, slavery was a part of U.S. history; and look how far we’ve come since that time. There’s no need to continue apologizing for that. Education is available to anyone that chooses to excel. It’s been the ‘dumbing down’ by liberal folks, so afraid of anyone being offended that’s deteriorated the education system, not to mention the ‘instructional’ programs introduced; I’m sure you know what I mean. One problem we’re facing in America is the exploitation of the sins of the past by those whose only agenda is personal gain in the name of ‘civil rights’. Slavery in America is done. Heck, I’m Italian (2nd generation in America) and my relatives didn’t exactly have an easy go of it in Boston … but I don’t ‘bitch and moan’ about it. Folks should realize that a good life is available here and stop blaming every one else for their own failures.

      • [There’s no need to continue apologizing for that. . . . ]

        Steve – teaching is not apologizing. Observing that something is or was is neither apologizing nor blaming. It just is.

        “My country won WWII.”

        That’s just a fact. I’m not bragging.

      • My dearest Moe;
        I wasn’t talking about teaching; I think all kids should know about it, and recognize that was a part of America’s past. But it is the PAST … and you and I know America is a wonderful country for all races. So, I was talking about the apologies and “reparations” desired from those seeking profit from said past which they probably never even were partakes of.
        My country won in WWII also Moe. We’re on the same team.

  3. [was talking about the apologies and “reparations” desired from those seeking profit from said past which they probably never even were partakes of.]

    Yeah, but that wasn’t what Katrina was talking about. Big Hollywood took exception that this was even being discussed with school kids.

    And I know we’re on the same team Steve. We seem to play different positions though. (oooh, that was terribly clever, wasn’t it?)

    • I did seem to stray somewhat from the subject … gotta get my oars back in the water. 🙂
      Yes, very clever indeed! 😉

    • What I object to is the manner in which all of our past misdeeds are being presented to our kids. I think teaching them about our past sins, then showing them how we attempted to fix the wrongs we committed is fine. As a matter of fact, I think it is necessary to show how our Constitution does work for all of our citizens, but it is never as quickly as we would like. Making kids feel guilty or ashamed for simply being American is what I object to. It seems to me that more attention is being paid to the bad that we have done instead of the great things we are capable of accomplishing when we work together.

      As far as our failures go (education, health care, etc.)…well, how can you repair an educational system if you can’t fire bad teachers? I come from a large family of women who are/were teachers and they simply shake their heads at the fact that the Teacher’s Union is more important than the children. How can we regulate medical costs when the attorneys have health care by the balls? Put an end to some of the outrageous lawsuits, lower malpractice insurance rates and you will see a reduction in the amount of unnecessary testing and exorbitant fees. Also, those who have truly been harmed by a “bad” doctor would see more justice for themselves if you eliminate the fraudulent lawsuits.

      Okay, I feel MUCH better now 😉

      • Storm – you and Steve will be surprised to know that I agree with you 100% about the teachers’ union. They left the kids behind a long time ago when it became all about them. I also agree that we must do something about tort reform because it drives so many costs. I don’t ever want to see caps on $$ awarded in court; what I’d like to see if the use of arbitration, professional boards etc, so that 90% of the cases that are now heard in a Court, would never be allowed to get that far.

        Storm, you say “Making kids feel guilty or ashamed for simply being American is what I object to.” Well, I would hate that too if I saw it out there, but I don’t. What am I missing?

      • Just an example – Being of Native American descent, I understand the anger that is felt about white settlers all but eliminating many Tribes and confiscating Tribal Lands. Still today, the treatment of Native Americans is, in many cases, deplorable. I get it. I really do. But, I feel that the educational system only teaches that part of the whole story. There are many school systems that ignore the accomplishments of our forefathers and the people who came to what is now the United States of America and focus only on the wrongs they committed. Capitalism is treated as an almost evil concept. Case in point “The Story of Stuff”, a short film that has become part of the curricula of many public schools. But, do they teach kids that the compact fluorescent bulb touted by many as the saving grace of our green future are manufactured by one of the biggest beneficiaries of our evil Capitalist Society – General Electric? Do they teach the kids that the bulbs contain mercury and, in many states, must be disposed of through a biohazardous waste removal company? Yes, many long dead Presidents owned slaves. Unfortunately, that was an acceptable practice 200 years ago. Thank Goddess we came to our senses and it is now looked upon as the disgusting practice it truly is. If the only social/historical barometers I was given to gauge the worth of my country and its history are the ones being taught today, I think I would feel guilty admitting that I am a part of a nation that allowed those things to happen even though I had nothing to do with it.

      • You make a very good point Katrina but the trouble is that those who make the laws today don’t talk to you. You have had to come “through the entire process of time and day to day experience” to where you are today. That is why you can identify the “good and the bad” of the past.

        Young children should not be exposed to one half of a story in their formative years and to achieve that government must stay out of education.

  4. Katrina, paying attention to the ‘bad’ is what makes the exploiters rich. You are absolutely right about the teachers union. There seems to be no genuine interest in actually teaching kids academics. When I think about how Obama and his band of thieves are shoving ‘health-care reform’, that the vast majority of Americans don’t want (the government’s plan) … I have to resort back to “follow the money”. Every family pays literally thousands of dollars for health coverage annually. (85% of all Americans have health insurance right now). Considering the amount of money being spent, and considering the government wants more and more of our money, I come to the conclusion much of this is about those in government see big $ signs in store when we’re forced to buy health care coverage from the government (who can compete with the ones making the rules?) …not to mention control over the population it gives them.

    • People will forever differ on this point as long as politicians are allowed to run education.

      Government should provide the infra-structure [buildings etc] but then stay out of education and let every community run the schools in their district.

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