WHAT would the Duke say?

McLintock, True Grit, El Dorado, Rooster Cogburn…all films depicting the time in America’s history when the wild west was, well, wild.  A time when men were men and sheep were scared.

Well, folks, now Colorado has joined the “Oh my God!  Guns KILL people!” set.  No, you idiots, psychotic suicidal CRIMINALS KILL PEOPLE!!! They just happen to use guns when they do it.  And, in most cases, they are either carrying a) an illegal weapon; or b) a legal gun in a place where carrying said legal gun is illegal!!!!!!

CSU has now decided to ban guns on both their Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses.  This was done even though the student representatives voted unanimously to allow legal handguns on campus.  I am afraid that the People’s Republic of Boulder has grown tentacles and is reaching its slimy arms across this wonderful State.  Boulder – a place that even my brother-in-law (who is one of the most liberal people I have ever know) says is too liberal for him.  A city (questionable) who was touted as innovative by the Anointed One because they will be adopting smart-grids (but do not allow wind turbines cuz they look icky).

There was a cartoon in a Detroit paper a few years back.  Don’t recall who the cartoonist was, but I do recall the caption…”When fish are outlawed only Outlaws will have fish!”  What CSU did was set up their students to be moving targets for the next Seung Hui Cho or Nidal Hasan.

Have we forgotten the lessons of Virginia Tech (where legal handguns are banned) or Fort Hood (where legal handguns are only permitted to be carried by the MPs or civilian police) so quickly?  If one or two students, or a Professor, had been able to carry a legal handgun at Virginia Tech, maybe the death toll would have been a lot lower.  If the enlisted personnel at Fort Hood had been able to carry their service weapons Hasan would not have killed so many.

Psychotic criminal assholes will always find a way to kill.  It is their mission…their reason for living.  When will we learn?  If we have a way to defend ourselves, maybe we won’t have to bury so many innocents the next time.

“Hey, Maklin.  Good party.  No whiskey.  We go home…”

2 thoughts on “WHAT would the Duke say?

  1. Hi Katrina

    My generation grew up when the Duke was great and ruling on the movie screens. What a pity his spirit is with so few today?

    Thanks for posting this. Even if it is rare to see or to be reminded in the Media, the old memories remain. I needed them today and you brought them on.

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