A Turkey of a Different Feather

I’m sorry, but I just cannot let this slip by without bringing it to your attention.  I believe I may have found someone who is more ignorant than Keith Olberman, Janeane Garofalo or Bill Maher.  Following is a “conversation” I have been having with a fellow blogger concerning my post “Giving thanks…sort of”.  I will not comment further.  Read for yourselves and decide:

Blogger’s original comment:

Submitted on 2009/11/25 at 10:15am

[Our greatest national treasure is our Military.]

That’s a big difference between conservatives and liberals. To conservatives, it’s our military that makes our country great. To liberals, it’s things like our national parks, our democracy, our fairness for everyone — including terrorists, our land of opportunity. While we need a military to preserve those rights, saying that the military is our greatest treasure is like saying our police is our greatest treasure. We are not a military junta or a police state. We are a democracy and our democracy — flawed as it may be — is our greatest treasure.

My reply:

Submitted on 2009/11/25 at 6:43pm

One opinion versus another. Hope you have a wonderful, terror attack free Thanksgiving. Oh, and don’t forget to thank the men and women eating in mess tents in foreign lands for that while you are at it. By the way, Ben, I see you haven’t worked on improving your reading comprehension skills. I AM NOT A CONSERVATIVE, HON! I am a Libertarian. Love ya anyway.

Blogger’s response:

Submitted on 2009/11/25 at 8:11pm

[Hope you have a wonderful, terror attack free Thanksgiving.]

A terror attack would be a refreshing break from dinner with the in-laws!

Happy Thanksgiving!

18 thoughts on “A Turkey of a Different Feather

    • Storm – I’m actually with Steve here. Leaving aside the fact that I tend to agree with Ben (gasp!!), I also think his final response was entirely friendly. I think his initial response re our ‘greatest treasure’ was right on. He didn’t denigrate the military – he described the things he thought were our great treasures.

      • Living in Colorado, Teddy Roosevelt and the history of the National Parks system is about as big as Revolutionary War History was to us when we were kids. I love our parks and am lucky to live so close to the Rockies. However, my problem was not with the comment about what is or is not our greatest treasure. I was taken aback by the terrorist attack comment. My sense of humor has limits when it comes to terrorism. (I knew 2 of the people who were killed at Ground Zero – one was a NYC Firefighter.) In-laws, however, are fair game…

  1. My friend ol’ Ben and I have some rather ‘delightful’ discussions sometimes also Katrina.
    I do have to give him credit for the “in-law” come back. That was pretty funny even coming from Ben.

    • I’m sorry, Steve. Yes, I have had “In-Laws from Hell” myself…twice. However, I question whether he would be so flippant if someone had suggested harm should come to Obama. Sometimes you may think a truly humorous thought, but you still have to have the class to know when it should be kept as just that – a thought. That being said, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Steve.

      • Thank you Katrina. My Thanksgiving was acceptable, and I hope yours was okay too. I know Ben would not have been quite a witty if there was any hint of a suggestion concerning Mr. Obama. You’re right about keeping some thoughts to one-self at times. Forgive my oversight there, I must be getting soft in my old age.

  2. I enjoyed your info about your family and Ole Grudge baffles the mind. He seems to have in-law problems [maybe it is because the in-laws are baffled by him, but I do not think that you must take him seriously. Do you know why Liberals are sometimes called color-blind? Because they cannot distinguish between friends and foes, leave alone that some people do mage contented family lives. He should change the name of his Blog to the old Grudge Record.

    • [leave alone that some people do mage contented family lives. ]

      Like who? Ensign? Sanford? Rush? Gingrich? Or were you judging Ben as lacking because he made a snarky comment about his in-laws? Because in-law jokes aren’t as American as apple pie.

  3. Sorry for bad lack of concentration in the second last line of my previous comment. The word “mage” should be replaced by “manage” contented family lives.

      • Not one. Not even Ben. However, I wish he would be as passionate about arguing FACTS as he is about slinging mud.

    • Classless, bottom of the barrel humor amuses you, but sarcasm flies above your head? I thought the Elitist Left walked on water with their noses stuck firmly in the stratosphere. My bad…

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