Giving Thanks…sort of

I have had many things to be thankful for in my life.  A beautiful child who is healthy, intelligent and employed…another day walking on my own two legs instead of being confined to a wheelchair…a husband who is, first and foremost, my best friend…

However, these things would not have been possible without the sacrifices of so many in our military who are spending Thanksgiving away from their families protecting us.

Why, then, is our Government hell-bent on doing everything in its power to demonize them?  Four Seals now face Courts Martial for giving a murderer of American citizens a FAT LIP!!!!  Are they f***ing SERIOUS?!?!

Nearly 3,000 innocent people are killed on 9/11 and the Government is going to put the CIA on trial for pouring a little water up KSM’s nose?  Really?

People, look around you and ask yourselves “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?” Have we become so mindless that we need everything in our lives to be managed by someone else?  We have forgotten what common decency is so we need the Government to institute guidelines?  We are not responsible enough to spend our own money wisely, so we need the Government to tell us what to spend it on?  Failure is so devastating that we have asked the Government to save us from ourselves?

Don’t kid yourselves…the Government does not look at this as a cross they must bear.  Oh, they may act as though this is a burdensome task.  They may portray themselves as unwitting victims of our lack of self-control.  But, once the cameras are off and the office doors close, they are doing a happy dance.  Reality check:

  • Without failure, success is meaningless.   Sh** happens… wipe your butt and GET OVER IT!
  • Your money is your responsibility.   If you can’t control yourself, you won’t have any.
  • No matter how morally bankrupt we appear to be, our common sense and basic humanity always seem to kick in at just the right moment.  We, as a nation, have done some horrible things.  Granted.  However, we have a wonderful history of self-correcting and making right the wrongs we have committed.  And guess what?  We’ve done it without the benefit of “Fairness Doctrines” or the “PC Police” or “Global Apology Tours”.
  • Our greatest national treasure is our Military.  Young people putting their lives on the line for people they have never met just because we are ALL Americans. Yet, day after day they are treated with disdain by the very Government who sends them into battle.

All this being said, I guess I have one more thing to be thankful for…LESS THAN ONE YEAR UNTIL MID-TERM ELECTIONS!

8 thoughts on “Giving Thanks…sort of

  1. [Our greatest national treasure is our Military.]

    That’s a big difference between conservatives and liberals. To conservatives, it’s our military that makes our country great. To liberals, it’s things like our national parks, our democracy, our fairness for everyone — including terrorists, our land of opportunity. While we need a military to preserve those rights, saying that the military is our greatest treasure is like saying our police is our greatest treasure. We are not a military junta or a police state. We are a democracy and our democracy — flawed as it may be — is our greatest treasure.

    • One opinion versus another. Hope you have a wonderful, terror attack free Thanksgiving. Oh, and don’t forget to thank the men and women eating in mess tents in foreign lands for that while you are at it. 😉 By the way, Ben, I see you haven’t worked on improving your reading comprehension skills. I AM NOT A CONSERVATIVE, HON! I am a Libertarian. Love ya anyway.

      • [Hope you have a wonderful, terror attack free Thanksgiving.]

        A terror attack would be a refreshing break from dinner with the in-laws!

        Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. Sister, you know we must maintain the ‘Moral High Ground’ regardless the cost(tic)…you know there are those who maintain our national parks and our democracy are our greatest treasures and yet fail to realize that without our military down through history those treasures would be but a fleeting memory.

    • And when they pray to the Almighty Theodore Roosevelt, do they recall that he was a veteran of our Military? Hmmm… Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Bro.

  3. Thanks to you for posting this!

    I saddened me to find this in a UK Telegraph Blog Site recently:

    Yes. A real hero speaks.
    Do read the comments if you can stomach it. And the Newspaper article on which it was based shook me. There are actually people promoting this kind of drivel. Read it for an education in what we have in the World of today.

    TRUE HERO: Soldier faces 10 years for decision to speak out against war

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