This one’s for you, Brother Dear…

Well, you asked for it.  Click the link below to view the video of Barack supporting military tribunals for 9/11 terrorist currently being held in Gitmo.

Sorry, you will have to fast-forward to the part where Obama addresses the Senate.  Or go to:


2 thoughts on “This one’s for you, Brother Dear…

  1. I asked for it, you found it, now all we’ve go to do is get the AG to ‘get it’…thanks for digging that up I know a few people who will still say FOX doctored up the video but at least they’ll have to watch it first…thanks again

    • Yeah, better get a butt-load of organic popcorn ready for them 🙂 Hard to accuse Fox of doctoring something that is posted on CSPAN, but you know they’ll give it that old college try! Good to hear from you, Brother.

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