The attorney for the 9/11 scum bags stated that (and I am paraphrasing) they deserve a civilian trial because they have a right to state their case in open court.

Soooo…flying hijacked planes filled with innocent people into buildings filled with innocent people didn’t quite do it for ’em?

Side note on a completely unrelated subject – Governor Jindahl, you should have told Barack to go f*** himself.  The only reason you were invited to the state dinner tonight is so the Anointed One doesn’t have to deal with the Prime Minister of India and he can concentrate on the truly important people…like Oprah.

8 thoughts on “Puh-LEEEZ!!!

  1. Unless they find an unusually strong judge to hear this case I’m afraid the current administration will have to try something new…apologizing to the American people….and this one they can’t (although they will try) to lay at the feet of G.W.

    • I have got to search for the video of Obama from the Senate floor in 2006 when he extolled the virtues of Military Tribunals for the scum at Gitmo. I guess the “change” in his campaign rhetoric stood for “As President, I will change my mind at the drop of a hat.”

      • Should you find that video pleeeeze post it I’d love to share that with some of ‘those’ people I know…

  2. I agree with the Blog but also take heart from the “side show” part. If I read you correctly, you may add my name to the list of people who would like to see a wee little less of Oprah. Really, next year will end better with her gone from the little pedestal.

    • I cannot understand how a TV show host quite fits into a “State Dinner” featuring the Prime Minister of India. Oprah hasn’t bought India yet, has she? LOL!

  3. My sentiments exactly, when I heard that Bobby Jindahl was invited to this dinner. He should have declined. O doesn’t know how to deal with the PM of India, so he brings in a citizen of Louisiana? Oh well, anything to keep from having to do any real homework, right Barak?

    • You are right on the mark, Pat. If it’s not on VH1 or produced by the NBA, the Anointed One doesn’t seem to pay attention. By the way, welcome to the conversation. Hope you join us more often.

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