How DARE They!!!

I am waiting for someone to shake me and tell me that it is time to wake up.  This has to be a nightmare.  After all, our government can’t really be stupid enough to treat the scum behind the 9/11 attacks as though they were just run-of-the-mill criminals, can they?

Don’t they remember how the terrorists made little paper airplanes with the 9/11 flight numbers written on them during the hearings at Gitmo?  Don’t they remember how these paper “effigies” were tossed about the courtroom, how the terrorists laughed as they crashed to the ground?

The government is giving those monsters exactly what they want…a bird’s eye view of Ground Zero.  A chance to spit on the graves of the souls that were tragically lost on that cloudless day in September 2001.  A chance to look across the river and laugh as they think of how we have spent months, no years, sorting through rubble by hand hoping to find just one fragment of a 9/11 victim in order to give a family something more to bury than just memories.

Mr. Obama, did you stage that little Air Force One fly-over a couple of months back so you could figure out where the F*** we might have to put the bulls-eye on the Island of Manhattan?  You may as well have.  NINE POTENTIAL TERRORIST ATTACKS were prevented in New York City alone since 9/11!!!!  What do you think is going to happen when their buddies are state-side?  It’s “Party on, Wayne!” for Jihadist nut-jobs nationwide!!!

I don’t understand how you, Mr. Holder, can classify all of the targets on 9/11 as “civilian”.  Uhm, I think the Pentagon might have a thing or two to say about that. Not to mention that UBL classified the attacks as a War on the United States.  Babe, that sounds pretty f***ing military to me.  Jeez!

Our government refuses to admit that the attack in Fort Hood was a terrorist act, they are bringing 5 of the most dangerous terrorists onto American soil so that they can be “given justice”, members of the Intelligence community will be hung out to dry and the only ones who will truly suffer in the name of “Justice” will be the First Responders and 9/11 families…FOR WHAT?!?!? So the Administration can go to sleep at night feeling all warm and fuzzy about the fact that 5 scumbags were Mirandized.

Well, before your heads hit the pillows, remember this

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16 thoughts on “How DARE They!!!

  1. You don’t need someone to shake you. You are already awake. And what you are seeing is really happening.

    The Washington D.C. Branch of the New World Order has long been in bed with the Pay Masters of Muslim OIL Dollars, since Muslims own most of the World’s OIL Supply.

    And can buy a lot of presidents, prime ministers, politicians, and news media with Muslim OIL Dollars. You can even move a Muslim into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with Muslim OIL Dollars.

    Both the Washington D.C. Branch of the New World Order, and the Muslim Jihad Terrorists are Globalists. And they are both using each other until they no longer need each other, and then one will attempt to wipe out the other.

    However, everything will change when Achmadinijad sends his love to America in the form of a couple Nuclear Bombs.

    While ObuMer was having triplets over a Jew building a Day Care Center in Israel, he didn’t seem to mind a Psychotic Muslim Jihad Crazy person building a Nuclear Bomb in Iran.

    Muslims world-wide refer to America as the Great Satan.

    Muslims world-wide refer to Israel as the Little Satan.

    You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to understand what’s going on.

    • Welcome! Thanks for joining in the conversation. It will really become a New World Order when the “Anointed One” goes to Copenhagen to sign that treaty.

  2. And the best news is now they’re within the reach of the ACLU and if somebody makes a mistake maybe just maybe the whole case will get thrown out of court or better yet under appeal we’ll find the ‘jury’ wasn’t ‘diverse’ enough…It’s not a case of ‘what were they thinking’ but rather ‘are they capable of thinking’.

    • Brother, dear…I fear that half of the evidence we have (including the confessions they made to the Military Tribunal) will be thrown out before their sorry asses even touch down state-side. Since no one in the Bush Administration ever considered trying the monsters in criminal court, they were never Mirandized, nor were search warrants issued for their property. What a pile of bulls**t. I went to and signed their letter to “He who walks on water”. I hope it helped a little. I recommend that anyone who thinks like us do the same. love ya, Bro.

    • Don’t forget they also weren’t Mirandized and they were “tortured” as it is defined by this adminstration. I’d say that drastically increases the chances that they get off scott free.

  3. I am logged into your Blog but it’s a battle to get a comment through. This is another try. Please ignore when you get it because I will be able to see on my side whether it has worked.

  4. Actually what amazes me is the fact that we are now going to give rights to war criminals. What this administration is refusing to differentiate is the rights of someone who is a US citizen and has run afoul of the law vs the rights of someone who was captured OUTSIDE the US and is not a US citizen. I’m sorry but they are NOT due the same process of justice. That is why military tribunals are in place. To provide, to the extent possible, the fairness that our system provides to those that have commited crimes outside of the jurisdiction of our laws. If the rights afforded by the Constitution extend beyond the US citizen then there are a LOT of people that we should be trying in our court systems including a lot of world leaders that Obama has embraced as “friends” (Chavez anyone).

    • They keep referring back to the blind cleric. That was a different time and a different circumstance. What this administration does not seem to understand is that one of the main reasons UBL was able to carry out the 9/11 attacks is because he learned a lot from trial transcripts. We were forced to give up intellegence methods in order to properly prosecute the blind cleric that UBL used against us.

  5. And just think, if Khalid Shaikh Mohammed or any of the others decide they want to represent themselves in court, the prosecution will have to turn over all documents and evidence to them so they can formulate their defense … very dangerous.
    The blantant disregard for the security of America by the Obama administration is criminal in itself.

    • Steve, I’ll take that one step further…The blatant disregard (no, disdain) for anything American by the Obama administration is criminal.

  6. Thanks, Steve…Now I have to figure out how to go to sleep with these freakin’ hip waders on. The barf bags are already on the night stand. 🙂

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