Valium anyone?

Cartoon by Tim Kelly from The House of Representatives (what the f*** they represent is anyone’s guess) passed their 1,990 page “One small step for the Left, one giant leap into Socialism” bill last night.

Does anyone feel better?

The only thing that was accomplished was the alienation of millions of voting Americans.  Not that it will matter anymore.  Normally, I would plead with you to start working on your Senators.  Let them know that you consider this a slap in the face.  Implore them to vote against the Democrats’ bill.  Will it change anything?  Sadly, I find myself looking at this from a “glass half-empty” viewpoint.

Obama and his litter of uber-loyal puppies in Congress have once again looked down their noses at us in disdain.  Just as they did last week on election night.

“Poor, pitiful little Americans.  The Gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey are meaningless!  NY-23 was the race that mattered.”  Really?  Hmmm…maybe they ought to rethink that.  Owens won because the Republicans can’t get their act together.  The method of choosing candidates in NY-23 is archaic and obviously did not reflect the wishes of the voters in that district.  Had the GOP asked their constituents to choose the candidate to run against Owens, the results would have been much different.  So, Obama’s manipulation of Congress succeeded.  McHugh got a cushy administration job and the Democrats gained a seat.  Score one for “He who walks on water”.

There is one bright spot to all of this.  Chances are the Senate won’t vote on their version of the Health Care bill until after the holidays.  That takes us into 2010, a mid-term election year.  Congress will be debating Health Care while trying desperately to get re-elected.  If we don’t waste this opportunity, maybe we have a chance…

Cartoon by Tim Kelly from

4 thoughts on “Valium anyone?

  1. America is the only major country without health-care available to all its citizens. Don’t you think it’s time we at least moved into the 20th century?
    By the way, congressional races are more of a bell-weather for national politics, and democrats won both special elections.

    • If moving into the “20th century” means that my friend with breast cancer will be denied the use of a drug that increases her chances of survival by a large percentage (which she has been advised it would), I welcome a “Little House on the Prairie” existence. Write to me in 2013 when this abomination has taken effect. I’m sure you will have plenty of time while you are waiting in line to see a doctor.

      As far as NY-23 being a “bell-weather for national politics”…the only thing that it foretells is that if the Republicans don’t get their act together, they will lose any ground they have gained in recent months.

      Thank you for joining in the conversation! Look forward to hearing more from you.

  2. Seems to me maybe Ian might have a point here all Americans should have health care under the ‘you want it, you pay for it,’ thats the way I’ve been doing it or the last 30+ years.
    Now if what he really means is everybody gets healthcare but just some get to pay well thats where we part company…
    By the way Sis ever notice that some of these health care responses seem to be ‘copy and paste’?
    (good to see you back now write something to scare the BeJesus out of me)

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