A Note of Thanks

I must thank my fellow blogger, Cmblake6, for posting this link.


After you watch it, keep this painting in mind:

The "Saviour"?

The "Saviour"?

I strongly encourage everyone to watch the video.  Thank you, Cm.

2 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks

  1. The problem is that the audio quality on the video is poor and easily misconstrued. A response by the Gamaliel Foundation can be found at:

    Click to access united_healthcare_statement.pdf

    I don’t deny that there are a lot of sycophantic, kool-aid drinking minions out there hanging on Obama’s every word and action. I just don’t believe this particular video to be the smoking gun.

    • I listened, again and again, very carefully to the audio (ignoring the printed words showing on-screen during the video) and I truly believe they were saying “Obama”, NOT “Oh God”. However, I leave it up to those who watch it to decide for themselves. I would love for one of my techie readers to attempt to clear up the video so we can see the speakers more clearly as they chant their response. Thank you for showing me the link to the Gamaliel Foundation’s response. As I am always willing to study both sides of an issue, I urge anyone who views the video to read the response as well. Come to your own conclusion.

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