A “Must Read” Blog

If you are “Constitutionally Inclined” and believe that the inmates are running the asylum in DC, Texasfor56 is the blog for you.

She has done a lot of research on the Congressional Elite.  If you have a moment, click on this link:


You won’t be disappointed.

7 thoughts on “A “Must Read” Blog

  1. Thanks for that information Katrina! Ivisited the blog this morning and you’re correct; I wasn’t disappointed.

  2. You’re right well done and well documented–however Ms Boxer is from California and as sad as it seems do you really think they’ll really do the right thing in 2010?

  3. SStorm,

    A while back you asked about my blog… I have partly entered the realm of my new persona.. the dynamite is still lit… but I invite you to check out “Bike Bells” on Facebook. I am “blogging” there, and its refreshingly devoid of name calling and anguish. Type “Bike Bells” into the search box after you’ve logged on to facebook (or not).

    See you in the ether…


    • If I can log on to FB, I will. That site is such a pain in the butt that I have all but given up trying to go to my page anymore.

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