That’s Not Real Love!

Cartoon by Tim Kelly - originally posted on

Cartoon by Tim Kelly - originally posted on

Yesterday I posted an open invitation to an adult conversation.  The topic was “Are the allegations about some of Obama’s Czars true?”

I was particularly interested in receiving information from the more Liberal bloggers.  I asked for facts that proved commentators like Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh are way off the mark.

Eighty hits were registered for this post.  However, the only comment I received from a Liberal blogger related to the “About Me?” page on my blog.  Here is an excerpt from that page, and the comment he made:

Quote from About Me?

I have only a High School education.  I chose not to go to college and instead attended the University that is Life.  I believe “horse sense” will get you farther than “book sense” (unless your ultimate goal is to do nothing but solve the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle in record time).

Response from blogger –

Funny how so many right-wingers “chose” not to go to college. That explains a lot.

SO, for the reading comprehension impaired, my invitation is as follows:

I would like to hear facts from some of the more Liberal bloggers which prove that the information given by Conservative commentators concerning the Obama administration is incorrect.  I do not want to hear the same old personal attacks, rehashing of past sins, etc.  I am asking for proof.

Let’s give this another shot…

16 thoughts on “That’s Not Real Love!

  1. Dearest Katrina;
    I had a feeling that you’d be somewhat frustrated upon hearing from my liberal “friend”.

    Whenever I begin to have a dialogue with him, I have to call to mind a quote from the bible to:
    “go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest NOT in him the lips of knowledge”…

    But you know … God love him … it’s sad to know liberals are so miserable.

    He did get a bit ‘chapped’ at me when I mentioned that the bible says to: ‘comfort the feeble minded’ … and that I’d try to provide all the comfort I could towards him. 😉

    that’s when he referred to me as a ‘dumb f#ck’…
    gawd I love it!!!

    • I don’t know that I am so much “frustrated” as I am amazed. I wrote a post asking for facts and adult conversation, yet he completely chose to ignore it and go for the jugular. What “Friend Ben” fails to realize is that I love a good sparring match. I am not well versed in the Bible, but I have my own arsenal of WMDs. 🙂 Steve, you’re the bomb. Glad to have you as my blogger friend. And, don’t stop giving “comfort to the feeble minded” – they need all the help they can get. 😉

      • Katrina, your WMD’s are exceptional. I think you’re very articulate and down to earth. Folks like Ben have difficulty tracking the dialogue of a Sunday morning cartoon strip. In a battle of wit, they’re unarmed, and are factually flawed.
        Right back atcha little lady… I’m delighted to have you as a blogger friend as well.

        I hope you and yours have a great weekend! 😉

      • Steve,

        I’m sure he gets “Doonesbury”, tho. After all, it was written for the “Fair and Balanced” challenged.

  2. Perhaps no one wants to argue the “virtues” of Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck.

    Have you ever noticed that whenever adult discourse takes a back seat to insults or personalities, the sane people look for the exits and the loonies rush to the podium?

    Be the libertarian your soul (and about me page) yearns for Ms. Storm… there you will find logic and truth.

    Conservatism has fallen prey to its own tactics… the small number of vocal conservative loyalists are vastly outnumbered by a sea of people looking for honesty and fair play…. and not finding it in conservative politics.

    • I’ll ask you the same question I asked huntc1129 (sort of)…do you have a blog. Your opinions are expressed very well and you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. I would put you both on my blogroll in a heartbeat.

  3. Storm-you got it right again, and sorry I am not a liberal blogger.

    My thoughts coincide with “your page”-the only thing a degree proves is someone can take tests. I find there are too many over “educated” idiots, I think that is what my dad called them. College or university doesn’t equal smart. I suppose if your major is one of the billion curricula one can study nowadays one may believe they are smart.

    Have you ever seen the e-mail about the 1895 8th graders final exam-I do believe the current university student would be hard pressed to be able to answer 15% of the questions?

    It is a matter of how horrid the educational system has gotten.
    They have been programmed to argue empirically (a 101 science class, and all of a sudden they are all Pavlovs or so they would think). “Where is your evidence, where are your facts”? Confusing facts with data and that knowledge (wisdom) is gained:

    on observation and experiment: based on or characterized by observation and experiment instead of theory……

    derived solely from experience: derived as knowledge from experience, particularly from sensory observation, and not …

    And empirical is no more than good old common horse sense. The old school of trial and error, and there are not shortcuts to wisdom.

    That is why they resort to personal attacks and name calling and animalistic responses-degreed with no knowledge or wisdom.

    • You know, I love it when people like Ben make assumptions. I had enough credits to graduate from high school at the beginning of my Junior year. But, I was only 14 and my parents could not afford to pay for me to go – even with the possibility of scholarships. I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor, lawyer or teacher so it seemed useless to go to college for liberal arts. I chose to take the path of learning by doing. I think I have done alright and am truly content with my life. There are many people like me out there. Poor Ben is just lost in his elitist utopia within the ivory tower he has built to protect his true nature. Poor, poor Ben.

  4. I think I just came up with a semi-good joke. How do you get a Liberal to be quiet? Ask him/her to provide you with the facts about an issue. 🙂

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • Or “How do you get a Liberal to change the topic of discussion..(same punch line)..I’m afraid this could go on for quite awhile..”How do you get a Liberal to call you a (pick your own slur)..(same punch line)(see what I mean)..take care Sis..

      • Maybe we should be kind to the Liberals this weekend. The “Anointed One” took a huge hit to his ego in Denmark. (Picture me doing the Snoopy happy-dance 🙂 )

        We could certainly come up with at least as many applications for this joke as we are dollars in debt to China…

        Have a great day, Bro.

  5. I don;t have a political blog. I’m in the process of transforming my persona. Its like playing with a lit stick of dynamite, but thats my usual way of doing things.

    Thanks for the compliment.

  6. Just dropped in to say hello, and I find this. Aren’t those libtards wonderful? Hey, maybe we should start using their own tactic against them!

    I’ve got one on my post about “Specifics”. I love chew toys.

    • I just watched the Klavan video. Soooo true. Thank you for sharing it with me. I urge all who have commented on this post to check it out.

      CM, you always seem to find the good stuff!

  7. I too have sympathy for the Liberals, sure. Love the game of show me the facts. They are always throwing that into our faces, like we cannot have an opinion or a belief system based in the reality of experience. They do like the “oh, yeah but, your side this and your side that” arguments.
    They can’t get passed the “your side” to actually hear or understand what we are saying. It could have something to do with their subjectivism that they cannot understand anyone seeing the world objectively.

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