You’re Invited!

I read many, many blogs.  Liberal, Moderate, Conservative…doesn’t matter.  (Yeah, “get a life”…I know)   Anyway, one common thread running throughout the Liberal blogs is the personal attacks on Conservative commentators.  There are a couple of Conservative Bloggers who suffer from the same affliction, but nowhere near as many as the Liberal Bloggers.  Why?

I am inviting anyone who reads my blog to tell me why people like Glenn Beck, Michele Malkin, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity are wrong based solely on facts.

This is an invitation to an open, adult discussion.  I am seriously interested in knowing whether Glenn Beck’s statements are true.  If anyone can prove to me that Van Jones is/was NOT affiliated with Acorn, TIDES or SEIU please do so.  If anyone can prove that many of the Czars Obama has in his administration are not presently (and have not been in the past) connected with the organizations he outlines on his broadcast, SHOW ME.

Dick Morris was a member of the Friends of Bill.  I have read his newest book.  Mr. Morris cites many sources and presents his opinions in a factual manner.  Not once does he lower himself to personally attacking anyone in the Obama administration.  Can someone show me where Mr. Morris is wrong using facts alone?

I will not delete your comments or personally attack you for your ideas. However, I trust that your comments won’t contain extreme profanity or threats against any individual.  The only way anyone can hold an intelligent conversation on a subject is to study both sides of the issue.  I can’t study both sides if the only information I get from the Left is failed attempts to assassinate someone’s character.

Let’s talk…

14 thoughts on “You’re Invited!

  1. Unfortunatly I’m not a liberal, but like you I do try to inform myself on the liberal point of view in an attempt to be intellectually honest by at least considering what they have to say. However I often can’t get through the article simply due to the outright contempt and disrespect shown to anyone who disagrees with thier opinions. Many of the comments following these articles are full of ad hominem attacks particularly if someone posts a comment contrary to the liberal viewpoint by attempting to insert facts and/or logical reasoning into the discussion. Again attempting to be intellectually honest I look for the same thing happening on conservative sites but I have to honestly say except for a few exceptions I really don’t see the same phenomena happing on the conservitive sites. I don’t have a problem with someone disagreeing with me but I would like to at least think that liberals have thought through the reasons for thinking the way they do but it diffucult to come to that conclusion when it appears to be impossible to have a civil discussion with them because instead of arguing the facts and/or logic they simply attack those who disagree with them.
    Gee I was going to write a blog post about this exact thing but now I guess there is no need too. 😀

    • Welcome, Dan. Glad you joined the conversation! I don’t see why you shouldn’t post something on your own site. You have different readers than I do and it would be interesting to see what they have to say. Maybe we could compare notes and come up with some cool results.

  2. There is one very liberal blogger here at wordpress…Ben Hoffman; his blog is the Drudge Retort. His blog is full of the kinds of baseless attacks on the very people you mentioned. It would be interesting to follow a diaglogue between you and Mr. Hoffman. But be prepared to be very frustrated as he is very full of the typical liberal blather.

  3. Hey Steve…I have seen you on his blogs. We have to keep taking the facts to him and others like him. At the very least, we force him to defend his positions, and others will see the light.

      • Hi sstorm, glad to speak with fellow conservatives. Arguing with moonbat liberals start to get to ya after a while! 🙂

      • Oops…I guess I just “attacked” them personally. Moonbat is an affectionate name…like cookie or snuggles!

    • Yeah huntc…I’ve seen you there too. And your right, making him defend his positions is really the only way to demonstrate the weakness of their arguments.

      Ol’ Ben and I have gone our rounds. I think he’s gotten a bit annoyed with me as he finally referred to me as a “dumb f#ck” …. gawd I laughed!!!

      • I don’t get Ben. For some reason, I don’t feel that he totally buys the crap he’s trying to peddle.

  4. Its interesting that Americans continue to attack and insult each other, when they have the opportunity to listen to each other and to learn/evolve from the experience known as democracy. My most recent epiphany on the turmoil of the current political environment is… .. this is the way its supposed to be!

    What makes America great is that we are free to express ourselves, and we are obligated to respect (not necessarily agree with) the opinions of others. Democracy is supposed to be noisy, confusing, heated and compelling.

    Insults, violence and vitriol are the tools of fascists and socialists.

    Democracy stops when the name calling starts. Call me an American and then ask me what I think.

    Tipping my hat to you SStorm, for your invitation to open adult discussion.

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