Right-Wing, Racist, Sea-Kitten Hatin’, Redneck Conspirators…

  1. Former President Hillary’s Husband told “Meet the Press” that there is a vast, right-wing conspiracy afoot that is out to destroy Barack Obama.
  2. Former President Jimmy Carter said that racism is the basis for all of the opposition the current administration is facing.
  3. Let’s not even forget Janine Garafolo’s rant about redneck racists being unhappy that an African American man is president.
  4. Then there’s Bill Maher who gives people who spew hatred such as Ms. Garafolo’s a national platform on which to do so.
  5. Maureen Dowd – ’nuff said.

My Gramma always told me to “consider the source”.  So let’s…

  1. Bill Clinton said some pretty harsh things about Obama during the presidential campaign.  Closet racist atoning for his sins?
  2. Jimmy Carter.  He’s done some wonderful things for displaced families in the United States.  Habitat for Humanity has provided homes for hundreds of people who might otherwise be living on the streets.  I wonder how the Corporate contributors to his cause (many of whom have been lumped in with the evil, Capitalist conspiracy machine by MSM and Hollywood alike) feel about his recent comments.
  3. Janine Garafolo – when did this “B” actress/comedienne become an authority on, well, anything?  I believe she is speaking from a platform of guilt.  Is she in the same closet as Billary?
  4. Bill Maher thinks all Americans are stupid.  Really?  Says a lot for your fan base, doesn’t it Billy.
  5. Ms. Dowd – when her little writing gig with the New York Times is done, I think she could make a killing as a Psychic.  Imagine this – Ms. Maureen’s Palmistry and Tarot…flashing neon signs…crystal ball on a tapestry-draped table.  I can see it now…

Some people will do or say anything to divert attention from the true issues.  Heck, Barack and Michele aren’t too worried.  They’re jetting off to Copenhagen!  I can’t understand the President making this trip.  The Olympics are not the most important issue facing us today.  Hmmm, he travels across the ocean to sell Chicago as an Olympic venue, but can’t pay attention Acorn?  Why does the first lady need to go?  Date night in Denmark?

Call me or anyone like me whatever you want.  None of this will change the fact that we have the same right to vote as they do.  2010 may find these individuals rethinking their strategy.  Or, at the very least, it may make them think before they speak.

9 thoughts on “Right-Wing, Racist, Sea-Kitten Hatin’, Redneck Conspirators…

    • Hello, Michael! Sea-Kittens are a concept that PETA came up with to make fish seem more cuddly and, thus, less edible. I would guess that anyone who opens a can of tuna for lunch would be a HATER. Sleep well.

  1. You are making me laugh … thanks for that. I need to go update my mail contact in WordPress… so the autoresponder I have on this email account stops ordering people around.

    Have a cruelty free day!

  2. The Olympics are definitely much more important than our troops in Afghanistan, he sure has his priorities straight, I am so grateful for that.
    Copenhagen, on whose dime?
    So glad we know who is really running the presidency-Oprah and Michelle.
    I wonder how many speeches he will give in Denmark about healthcare.

    • I think we need to start an “apology ticker” cuz I’m sure there will be a ton of ’em. Gee, Roman Polanski is practically next door. Wonder if he’ll make an apology stop over for the U.S. interrupting his Lifetime Achievement Award?

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