Why is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lowering himself to Ahmadinejad’s level?  The Holocaust deniers have now gotten exactly what they want – attention and validation…

3 thoughts on “UN-believable!!!

  1. I was baffled yesterday reading in the Jerusalem Post that Netanyahu was “satisfied” with the comments of Obama…here’s some more of what he (Netanyahu) said:
    The speech was “good and positive” for Israel and for moving the peace process forward, the prime minister told The Jerusalem Post.


    Personally I don’t get it. I found ablsoutely nothing positive for Israel in the context of the whole Summit…
    I dunno…perhaps I’m very mistaken about it; but I don’t believe for a second that Obama or any Islamic nation has peace in mind for Israel.

    • Don’t worry about the spelling. Just proves that at least one person in this country will take the time to read something that is important to them 😉 Anyway, I don’t get the Netanyahu thing either. My interpretation of the Obama speech was that it was quite possibly the most anti-Israel speech ever given by a sitting US President that I can remember…since Carter.

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