Move over “Slick Willy”…here comes “Slippery Specter”

I am watching a town hall meeting streaming live from Pennsylvania.  Arlen Specter (D-PA) is taking questions from the “Organized Mob” of “un-American” “Astro-turf” radicals.  Not to mention that they are only there because they hate that a black man is President.  What a brave soul.

His sound guy (who looks as though he could take on the entire defense of the New York Giants) has been vigilantly controlling the microphone, protecting the defenseless Senator from this room full of crazed individuals.  What a guy!

One of the questions pertained to medical coverage for illegal immigrants.  Arlen stated that he would not vote for a bill that included health care benefits for illegals.  This drew applause from some in the audience.  Ahem, uh, this is technically true.  You see, Specter and his cronies are in favor of legislation that would give amnesty to illegals.  So, technically, there would be no illegal immigrants because they would all be given a free pass to citizenship if many members of Congress have their way.

Not that they don’t already have more rights and opportunities than some true American citizens.

A very calm, collected woman asked Arlen about Section 1233 and the possibility that end-of-life counseling would include euthanasia.  Specter pointed his finger as though berating a child for drawing on the living room wall, raised his voice and said (I am paraphrasing here) “There is no such provision in this bill.  That is a lie!  People are spreading rumors!!!”…blah, blah, BLAH.  Kudos, Arlen.  You turned the tables on those damned radicals and you told them! Didn’tcha.

This being said, I have now dubbed the Senator from Pennsylvania “Slippery Specter”.

4 thoughts on “Move over “Slick Willy”…here comes “Slippery Specter”

  1. “Slippery Specter”! Good one!
    And ol’ Slippery doesn’t believe in “illegals” anyway. They’re simply ‘undocumented’…

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