Me, ANGRY?!?! Nah…

They're watching you...

They're watching you...

Since I will more than likely be reported to the new “Disinformation Czar” (not her official title), I may as well go balls to the wall and VOICE MY OPINION AS IS MY RIGHT UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  I am not inciting a riot.  I am not calling fellow Citizens to commit treasonous acts against our government.  I am, however, going to make comparisons that I feel are frightening.

Our government allows racist, ignorant people like Jeannine Garafalo to spew hate and “disinformation” on public television, but I have heard nothing from Barbara Boxer about the expensive shirt Garafalo was wearing when she spoke.

Our government has made blanket accusations against American Citizens without giving anyone the opportunity to affirm or deny those accusations simply because we disagree with their Health Care proposal.  I’m sorry, but don’t you think that an “Organized Mob” would at least have the sense to print professional signs and wear T-shirts identifying the cause they represent.  Hmmm, like ACORN does?!?!

In 1935 Germany, a radical nut-job began his “Social Reforms” in much the same way as the government is doing today in The United States of America.  To his credit (hear me out before you yell) he did get the country out of a severe recession.  But at what cost?  FREEDOM.

In our very own country we put United States Citizens in concentration camps (oh, I’m sorry, Interment Facilities) because they “had Asian features”.  Barbara Boxer is singling out people as part of an organized, nation-wide mob because they are “well-dressed”.  She said this with a straight face.  Uhm, Babs, how much did you pay for the dye job and hair cut?  How ’bout the outfit you were wearing?  The clips I saw of the Evil Protesters looked like an ad for WalMart to me!  Gee, I didn’t know I was one of the “fashion elite”!  Look out you poor, innocent Liberals…I’m wearin’ my Wranglers and a Dale, Jr. T-shirt today!  I might be dangerous!

America, this is wrong.  We were able to fight the proposal to restrict free speech on radio and television.  Our voices were heard when Barack stuck his nose in the Cambridge Police v Professor Gates issue.  Don’t let this “1984” Truth Police tactic shut you up.  Keep talking.  Keep writing.  And, most important of all, keep remembering that The Constitution is still the only thing we can and will be governed by.

8 thoughts on “Me, ANGRY?!?! Nah…

  1. Hussein Obama and his left leaning liberal friends seem to want to socialize America.
    The big news media is following along like a lost puppy, barking Obama’s socialist agenda over radio and TV news daily.
    This guy and his gang of socialist followers are a real threat to the America I know and love.

    • Hey, Brother, do they put family in the same wing? I mean, this way mom & dad can visit us in the Federal Pen when they “get us” 😉

      • And will we have adoptive family 120 strong,4 generations just celebrated 100 years in this country complete with a Family Prayer and singing of ‘America the Beautiful’ and ‘God bless America’..
        when the time comes we’ll all be in the Pen together..

      • To quote my favorite singer/songwriter, Billy Joel, “and we will all go down together, we said we’d all go down together, yes we will all go down together…” from Goodnight Saigon off of the Nylon Curtain CD. Love ya, Bro.

  2. Well put Katrina! Oh yeah, those protesters were clearly making a fashion statement. Interesting stuff happening at the various town meetings yesterday! Those ‘well dressed’ folks were locked out of several of them…

    • I love how some of the Senators and Congressmen/women whine about “organized mobs”, yet they snicker behind their hands when some “grass roots protester” interrupts a Senate hearing when a Republican is making a point.

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