Liberal Interpretation…

Americans who disagree with the Obama Administration...

Americans who disagree with the Obama Administration...

If you dare disagree with the Health Care Reform Bill, if you feel C.A.R.S. is an ill-conceived program designed to do nothing but divert attention away from government ineptitudes, if you are chomping at the bit to vote YOUR EMPLOYEES IN CONGRESS out of office in 2010 you will be perceived by the government as nothing more than a mindless sheep easily swayed by the Evil Right-Wing Community Organizers.

The "Saviour"?

The "Saviour"? ("The Truth" a painting by Michael D'Antuono)

If you fall to your knees each time Obama is on television (which means you must have very sore knees), believe that Canada and Great Britain (oh, and Cuba) have awesome health care systems, think the only true Grass Roots Community Organization is ACORN and feel that the definition of “Constitution” should be limited to somebody’s general physical and sometimes psychological makeup, especially the body’s ability to remain healthy and withstand disease or hardship then you need to have this painting hanging on your living room wall.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Interpretation…

    • I couldn’t find a site that shows the entire painting…although I am not sure I want to know what his lower half looks like 😉 I “bing”ed The Truth by Michael D’Antuono and several sites popped up. Good Luck!!!

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