Hip Waders and a Pitchfork…Priceless

Colorado voted for Obama.  “The People’s Republic of Boulder” had a lot to do with it.  If you go to that city, most cars still have Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers along with the prerequisite Obama ’08 stickers.  It has been a little uncomfortable having a private conversation about politics in restaurants or bars in Boulder because, inevitably, a member of the wait staff will overhear you and chime in about how Obama is going to “Change this country for the better”…really?

Yesterday, my husband and I went into the mountains for a day off from our otherwise busy lives.  For the most part we were still in Boulder County.  At one of our favorite little bars I noticed a lot of conversations about the current economy, health care, C.A.R.S. and Green Energy.  Much to my surprise I was hearing dissatisfaction with the current administration’s policies and the direction our country is taking.  Well, not our country necessarily – but Obama, his Czars, the bank bailouts, taxes, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of our employees in Congress.  I know I had a few beers, but I was by no means delusional.

Many of the comments began with “…I know I voted for him, but now I wonder if I made the right choice…” or “…I really believed he would make positive changes to our government, but…”

The two biggest complaints seemed to be about the C.A.R.S. program and the Health Care Reform bill.  People are getting downright frustrated with our Senators and Members of Congress blowing off our requests to read the bill before you pass it. Some felt that our employees in Congress would do the right thing and actually read it during their summer break.  Many laughed at that saying the Members of Congress weren’t going to waste good opportunities to campaign for their upcoming 2010 re-election bids to sit down and read over 1,000 pages of what is perhaps the most important (and frightening) piece of legislation to cross their desks in 20 years.

I tend to agree with the latter.  So, today I am going to go to Bass Pro Shop and buy a new pair of hip waders, and a pitchfork, so that I will be able to traverse the load of manure that is sure to follow my Senator and Representative as they skip happily along the Rocky Mountains campaigning for 2010.  Thank Goddess we have a 4-wheel drive pick-up.

Hey, honey, wake up!  We’re going 4-wheelin’ amongst the cow pies…

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