Stupid is as Government does…

C.A.R.S. – WOW, our government really, really loves us!  Up to $4,500 for your old Detroit Model P.O.S.!  What a deal!

Not so much…there’s a catch or two…

  1. Many cars don’t qualify for the full $4,500 because the differential between the “clunker’s” gas mileage and a newer “green” car is not as great as many assumed.
  2. The cars being traded in are supposed to be crushed within 48 hours.  I know a bit about scrap…worked for a scrap yard/used parts dealer, my husband is a tow truck driver and hauls scrap about once monthly to a scrap yard…  This program will glut the market and lower the price of scrap tremendously.  I can assure you that many dealers will find a way to delay the destruction of  “clunkers” and hold them until the price of scrap goes up again.  It can be done legally.  Every law has a way to get around it.
  3. In most states you must wait 72 hours to apply for a new title on a vehicle.  Even if that automobile was voluntarily surrendered by the titled owner.  Then, you have to drain the fluids into approved containers and remove many parts because they cannot be melted down with the metal (tires, certain hoses, etc.).  The cost to dispose of the liquids that have been removed from a scrap vehicle is very high.  There are environmental laws regarding storage, transportation and disposal of oil, transmission fluid, fuel, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, yada, yada, yada…
  4. Speaking of tires…what do we do with them?  Some states recycle them to use in road construction and playground mulch.  They can also be used to create coral reefs.  All good ideas formed with the best intentions.  Note-only some states have these programs.  My state does not.  The yard my husband works for has tried to contact many out-of-state companies to see if they can sell them the used tires.  Either they can’t take them because they have too many from their own state, or the cost to transport the damaged tires is too expensive to make it worthwhile.  In an already cash-strapped economy, it will be difficult for many states to start recycling programs of their own.  Uh oh…I smell another government brain-fart (oops, I mean brain-storm) looming on the horizon.
  5. Most of the vehicles that fall within the guidelines for a “green” vehicle are foreign made.  This helps us how?  Many will argue that Toyota has factories in America.  Okay…but, where does the revenue go?  TO JAPAN!  Kia…Korea.  Hyundai, Honda, etc. are not American made vehicles.  Since those companies fall outside of U.S. jurisdiction in many ways, we will see little return on our investment.  Yes, the dealerships are located here.  However, they weren’t hurting in the first place, so how does this “create or save jobs”?
  6. Used parts dealers will be forced to reduce staff.  Since the parts will be rendered useless, they will have at least 40% less inventory.  I know I can’t afford to trade in my 1991 Buick Century because I can’t afford a car payment of any kind.  (Aside from the fact that I have anti-credit…many a computer has blown up or grown horns and a tail when I have tried to apply for credit)  So, where do I go for replacement parts for my car?  I can go to an auto parts store.  And when I look at the bottom of the box my new starter came in, what do I see?  MADE IN CHINA”
  7. Last (but certainly not least)…THIS WAS OUR FREAKIN’ MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! The money you are getting in this “Deal of the Century” is yours.  It’s like busting into your kid’s piggy bank, removing $10 then handing it to your kid with a big smile on your face while you tell him/her “Here’s $10.  Why don’t you get yourself those new Pokimon cards you wanted?”  Children are trusting, so your kid will be so thrilled to receive the “gift” you just gave to him/her that they won’t realize it was theirs in the first place.

America, are we really that stupid? Oh, wait, Bill Maher said we were…so we must be.  😉

8 thoughts on “Stupid is as Government does…

  1. Good stuff as always Katrina.
    Folks need to know that whatever they do…DO NOT go to to get any information; they’ll be compromising their personal information to some…well…possibly ‘unsavory’ people.

    • I heard that. There is a warning that during the course of browsing the website, your computer becomes the property of the Government and any and all info contained on it becomes available to them. I hate to keep saying it, but George Orwell was a prophet…

  2. Well Sis I’ve been at this for the last few days and just add to you fine(as usual) post–the program was to last until the 1 billion was used OR November 1st..on the 31st of July they ran out of money..How did they figure out the health care estimates..and how much will that program really be??

    • As much money as they can print, I guess. Never mind we probably don’t have the gold to back it up…no problem. China and India will never call in their markers. Yeah, right.

  3. Last count I had ‘we’ the federal government dad allocated $3 billion to buy junk cars!
    Not to be whiner but how many miles of Mexico / US border fence will $3 billion build?
    Mexicans just killed another Border Patrol Agent, How much was his life worth?

    • This whole thing makes me sick. Border Patrol Agents are front line soldiers in the war on drugs, potential terrorism and illegal gun running. WHEN are we going to start giving them the same respect as any other police officer, soldier, fireman or first responder? Ramos and Campion were prime examples of how BPA’s are treated when they do their jobs. Just sad….

  4. Hey, I just had an idear as to what to do with them tires. The gubmint scoops them all up. Take them to the US/Mess border. Place them in a way so that even the most athletic illegal wannabe can’t even bypass them. Talk about being green and recycling… I think I saw something like that on one of those HGTV episodes about taking your junk and redecorating your home.

    • Good idea! It would be a pretty high wall cuz there’s a buttload of ’em in scrapyards across the USA.

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