The Pill Nazi?

Who hasn’t heard of the infamous Seinfeld episode centered around the much dreaded “Soup Nazi”.  New Yorkers standing in line for hours hoping beyond hope that they would please him so that they could purchase a cup of his amazing soup.  Quaking in their boots when they approached the counter to place an order.  Knowing that if they did one thing to displease this god of “tureen cuisine” they would suffer the humiliation of hearing “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

Is this the future of our Health Care System in America?  Even Obama admitted that if a red pill was cheaper than the blue one, you may not get the blue pill.  Even though the red pill may only be 50% as effective as the blue pill, NO PILL FOR YOU!

Are we going to end up like England or Canada where the survival rate for prostate cancer is far lower than it is in the U.S.?  They have banned the use of a highly effective drug called Avastin because of the high price of the drug.  Since most of the men who have prostate cancer are over 50 (translation – expendable?), those countries have determined that Avastin needn’t be available to them.  NO LIFE FOR YOU!

How about our veterans returning from war?  The VA Hospitals used to be a nightmare.  A lot of work has been put into improving Health Care for the men and women who have protected us with their very lives.  Is our government going to ration out prosthetics, physical and mental rehabilitation programs or medications based upon whether or not the government feels they can be useful in the future?  NO LEG FOR YOU!

It doesn’t seem so far-fetched if you consider the Socialist path we are careening down at lightning speed.  Hell, we have Czars up the wazoo, why not a Pill Nazi?

4 thoughts on “The Pill Nazi?

  1. It’s funny — when polled, Americans regularly rate politicians as egotistical, inept, or lying… or all three. Yet, many think these same politicians should have control over their healtcare (their lives litterally).

    • There is a Murphy’s Law that somewhat applies to government (and the people who voted the current administration into office)…”Those who worked very hard to make a situation fool-proof grossly underestimated the ingenuity of fools…”

  2. Maybe Texans and Oklahomans are just naturally more self reliant than the far right coast and far left coast. Every person I have talked to about Obamacare want no part of it. This thin slice of public opinion ranging in age from 19 to 84 years of age.

    Almost every ‘world’ leader comes to the United States for treatment when they are Really sick for treatment.
    Now under Obamacare governments bureaucrats want to insure that our health care system is at least on par with that available to all Somalians.

    • Funny thing is, this plan is “good for the American People” but not good enough for Congress or the President?!?! Orwellian much?

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