I just HAD to comment on this.  As anyone who has read my blog knows, I am by no means a Berkenstock wearing, tree hugging, vegan PETA member.

HOWEVER, I love my dogs.  I love dogs in general.

The reinstatement of Michael Vick to the NFL is disgusting.  And don’t give me the “he’s done his time” crap.  When they strap him to a rape stand and let one of his formerly abused pit bulls have a go at him, I will believe that bastard has done any time at all.

I love my NY Giants, but if they sign him to the team, I will never watch another Giants game again.  As a matter of fact, if ANY team signs him, I will never be able to watch football again.

4 thoughts on “Vick-timized

  1. Been way to busy to post on this…should have known you might. I’ve been a dog owner my whole adult life and just believe they’re giving this guy a second chance to make way to much money to pick up another foul vice.. what’s next O.J. as head coach and Ray Carruth as his assistance…country needs a little compassion..not this much..thanks for the post Sis.

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