Paying it Backwards…

I watched about as much of that Presidential Infomercial as I could take.  Nothing “clear and transparent” came out of it except for the fact that ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE WORLD IS W’S FAULT.

Most forward-moving machines have 4 gears.  This one only has 2…overdrive and reverse.

Kick it into overdrive to speed up the vehicle so you won’t be able to read the license plate of the political machine that hit you.  Then, throw it into reverse so that the blame lays squarely on the 2008 model.

Funny thing is we still don’t know if the primary driver of the 2009 model is truly licensed to operate this vehicle!  I’m just sayin’ 😉

4 thoughts on “Paying it Backwards…

  1. Of course it’s W’s fault, just like 9/11 was Clinton’s fault. Politicians love to blame as instead of them being bottom-line, goal-oriented, leaders… they self-centered, inept, blowhards. If you blame, you can keep on bumbling and being loud about it. I think they’re the only profession that is errant MORE than a weatherman.

  2. Yep, everything is “W’s” fault! Oh…and racism is alive and well in America…
    probably “W’s” fault too.

    • Welcome back, LOUDelf. Missed ya. Anyway, the only difference between the weatherman and a politician is when a weatherman is wrong, I may get a little wet. When a politician is wrong, we all get soaked 🙂

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