Computer Blues

I have downloaded the Cap & Trade bill, Health Care Reform proposal and Stimulus Bill.  My laptop sent me an email yesterday that reads as follows:

“I feel that you don’t appreciate me anymore.  You expect me to do all of the work, yet I feel that I am unappreciated.  I thought we were a team.  Now, you can’t even remember my “Back-up Files” anniversary and my “Spyware Renewal” date went by unnoticed.  What does a Compaq have to do to get your attention?  If you keep piling more on my hard drive without so much as a passing scan, I feel I will not be able to continue this relationship much longer…”

My reply was as follows:

“I am sorry you feel unappreciated.  Without you I am lost.  However, Compaq darling, since no one in Congress seems inclined to read anything other than the Net Income on their paychecks, “We the People” are left to do it alone.  Hang in there and I promise there is a full defrag, scan and back-up in our future…”


“I’ll give you one more chance. But, if the government sneaks in another bill and you download it, I’M GOING HOME TO HEWLETT PACKARD!!!!”

When a computer can’t take it anymore, you know the government has crossed the line.

4 thoughts on “Computer Blues

    • being that I am a techno-tard, I have no idea. If my ancient HP 1315 PSC could handle it, I would print it out and delete it from my hard drive…oh, well.

      • Yes ma’am. Printing out Cap & Trade, Health-care ‘Reform’ and the “stimulus” bill would be quite a task for any printer!!
        Be not discouraged! Save it to disc! But trust me, I’m no “connoisseur” in these matters.
        Heck, I just mastered caller ID on my cell!

  1. Well, gee…maybe with all of the money I will be saving, what with the government rescue, and such, I can buy a Zip drive…hee hee hee, HA HA HA, BWAHAHAHAHA 🙂

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