THIS was the Plan?!?!

Just for S & G, I decided to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website.  The following report gives regional and state employment and unemployment statistics for May 2009:

 " In May, nonfarm payroll employment decreased in 39 states and
increased in 11 states and the District of Columbia.  The largest
over-the-month decrease in the level of employment occurred in
California (-68,900), followed by Florida (-61,000), Texas
(-24,700), and Michigan (-23,900).  Arizona and Florida experi-
enced the largest over-the-month percentage decreases in employ-
ment (-0.8 percent each), followed by Oklahoma (-0.7 percent)
and Arkansas, Kentucky, and Michigan (-0.6 percent each).  The
largest over-the-month increases in employment occurred in
Massachusetts (4,900), Connecticut (3,600), North Dakota (3,000),
and Alaska (2,900).  Alaska (+0.9 percent) experienced the largest
over-the-month percentage increase, followed by North Dakota
(+0.8 percent) and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Mexico
(+0.2 percent each).  Over the year, nonfarm employment decreased
in 48 states and the District of Columbia, increased in 1 state,
and remained unchanged in 1 state.  The largest over-the-year per-
centage decreases occurred in Arizona (-7.4 percent), Michigan
(-7.2 percent), Nevada (-6.1 percent), Idaho (-5.5 percent),
Oregon (-5.4 percent), and Florida (-5.3 percent).  Only North
Dakota (+1.4 percent) reported an over-the-year percentage in-
crease, and Alaska (0.0 percent) reported no over-the-year percent-
age change." - source is

The numbers are worse for June.

So, tell me again how the Stimulus is working exactly as planned?

2 thoughts on “THIS was the Plan?!?!

  1. I myself think it is the plan. That being make as many dependent on the government as possible. Then move on with radical agenda’s. Also known as management by crisis. Wasn’t it Eric Holder that said “Never let a good crisis go to waste?” Or something like that?

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