While you were out…

49% of Americans polled oppose the Obama Health Care Reform Bill.  46% are in favor of it.

Barack, this means more people don’t want it than do.

I know there are people out there who need help.  I know many Americans do bad things to themselves and put their health in jeopardy.  However, in America there is still a little document (you might have seen it once or twice when you were a Senator) called the Constitution.  One of our rights is the pursuit of happiness.  If this means shoving your face into a vat of cheesecake, so be it.  It is not the job of the government to put a muzzle on you and force you to be thin.

How about you put the time, effort and money into better education, better school meal programs and teach kids how to cook healthy meals that are fun and taste good?   Invite the parents to participate in these programs.   How about funding safer school playgrounds and physical education programs that are actually interesting to kids?  Most kids love music and dancing.  Most kids love to color and paint. Teach schools how to incorporate those activities into a physical education program.  This would give kids who are normally not inclined to participate in physical activities an incentive to do so.

How about not taxing and regulating American farmers to death and encouraging future generations to grow their own veggies?  Give schools the funds to begin “Community Gardens” either indoors (hydroponics, maybe?) or outdoors if they have the property to do so?  With a program like that kids would not only learn how to eat healthier, but they would be helping the environment.  It would also show them how science and math can be incorporated into daily life.

Just building a playground does not ensure it will be used.  When children are in a school setting the chances of participation are much higher than if they are left to their own devices and expected to make good decisions on their own.

Invest some time and effort into fixing Social Security.  This is money the American people have already paid out.  Make it easier for people with disabilities to have access to their money. One of the things I object to is giving Social Security Disability to people who are alcoholics that are not required to attend rehabilitation programs while receiving benefits.  Or, people who are on SSDI because they have obesity-related illnesses who are not required to attend some sort of nutrition classes, therapy group or private counseling along with medical supervision.

You see, we have programs in place that we are already paying for and they are not working.  Instead of creating yet another government-run debacle, fix what already exists.  It will be cheaper in the long-run and maybe, just maybe, your supposed goal of a healthier America might be attained.  IF that is really your goal…

3 thoughts on “While you were out…

  1. Very good post Katrina. Your ideas make way too much sense though and they go against the agenda of Mr. Obama and company; I mean actually let “the people” make decisions as to what’s best for them and their children!?
    You know your sense of compassion is in question here when you have reservations about sharing the money you paid into Social Security with alcoholics, and junkies. We should know by now that the government knows what’s best for us; they’re very smart people.

  2. Yeah, I should change my blog from sstorm to Heartless 😉 I do not understand why the qualifications for benefits are so stringent for some, yet others skate by with nothing more than a note from a doctor or therapist. Some day I should post all of the paperwork and requests for test results, etc., I had to produce before I was rejected…but I think I would go WAY over my space limitations. I know Social Security has been around forever and this has always been the way. My feelings are that if our government truly wants to help people, blindly giving them a handout without at least encouraging them to get help for their “disease” is irresponsible.

  3. Sad to say but I don’t the government’s agenda is to help anyone. Only about power and control. But that’s just my humble opinion.

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