The Death of Common Sense in Los Angeles

There is a true sense of loss flowing through Los Angeles County today.  Mourners will gather, people will cry.  They will wonder why a young man with so much to give had to be buried, why he was on such a path to self-destruction.  How did things go so wrong?  Where were the people who could have prevented this tragedy?  Did they turn a blind eye because of who he was?

If you think I am talking about Michael Jackson, you are sadly mistaken.  I am talking about the young men between the ages of 16 and 28 who died in Compton on or about the same time he did.  The forgotten children of society.  The ones who do not receive a decent public education, who have no one to tell them that they have the ability within themselves to rise above the circumstances of their birth and who see no hope and little change in their corner of the world.

In an already financially raped state, how does it make the parents of these young men feel to see the 1,500-or-so police officers forced to waste their time protecting an ego-driven three ring circus instead of searching for the killers of their children?   How must they feel knowing that the money wasted could be better used to improve education, build community centers that are more than just hang-outs for bored teenagers, put more patrols on the streets of their neighborhoods…

5 thoughts on “The Death of Common Sense in Los Angeles

  1. Sadly, I agree, while Mike was very good at entertaining I to think that society’s worship of entertainers is misplaced. I wish we could muster half the enthusiasm for people that are making real differences and touching real lives in more meaningful ways than simply singing and dancing really well.

    On a lighter note,,,I did hear MJ was spotted in a grilled cheese sandwich

  2. Yes ma’am! And where was one of the protectors of these young people?
    Al Sharpton was getting a standing ovation speaking at Michael Jackson’s funeral. It’s never ceased to amaze me that unless there’s a “spotlight” or something to gain…you won’t see people like “Rev. Sharpton” or the “Rev. Jesse Jackson” anywhere around. Of course they might show up after the hoopla is over concerning Michael Jackson…

    • I highly doubt they will. I have a long history of disrespect for Messrs. Sharpton and Jackson. It goes way back to the Tawana Brawley case. NYC was saturated with Sharpton and Jackson tirades…but never an apology when they were found to be wrong. If you’re going to stir the pot, you should at least stay to eat the soup.

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